SID: So, TL Osborn, who I’ll tell you, this man walked in such miracles and so many salvations that- He’s in Africa, and he used to go to foreign countries, and that’s why he isn’t as well known in the United States, but he was in Africa having a meeting and he keeps saying at the end of his meeting, “The rabbi is coming. The rabbi is coming.” Well, guess what. I got the rabbi here that was coming, Rabbi Curt Landry. Rabbi, take me to this. You go to, where was this in Africa?

CURT: We went to Togo [pun].

SID: Oh. Well, no place.

CURT: Yes.

SID: So you went to To-go. You get there, the expectancy level had to be sky-high. He kept saying, “You think this is good? The rabbi is coming.” So Rabbi, you come. What happened?

CURT: It was so powerful that when we were there, we knew that if we brought the one new man that the Apostle Paul was speaking about in Ephesians 2, that God would do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think. We knew. We had great expectation, but at this point, we had never done it in a large healing environment like this. There was probably 35,000, 40,000 people in this soccer field. This was the first night. It grew to 50,000 by the third night. Christy and I got up, we did the repentance. I spoke the blessing over them. They received it and I mean, it was being translated into three languages and I was speaking it in English. It was drowning out the next two languages, Toganese and French. It was just absolutely so powerful.

CURT: Dr. Osborn purposely hung back and he says, “I’m going to come up on the platform once you have set the atmosphere according to what we had discussed. As soon as he came up on the platform, he was not speaking any longer than five to seven minutes and then off to the left, I’ll never forget it, this was life-changing for him and for myself, off to the left probably about 10 or 15 people back, there was a woman and she was screaming. Dr. Osborn was very sensitive. He taught me this. He says, “Any time you’re doing an outreach, always look for God’s trigger. Let God choose the trigger point. Don’t get ahead of God. Preach your message.” But he didn’t even-

SID: I mean, what a privilege you had. He mentored you on the secrets so they didn’t go to the grave so you could release them. But go ahead.

CURT: But he was so sensitive, that lady was the trigger. I’ll never forget. He looked over, Sid, and he said, “Mama, mama, mama, come on up here.” He had some of his people bring her up on the platform and at this point, Dr. Osborn was standing on the platform and I was sitting down with all the pastors around the back. They gave us strict instruction. You know me, I’m a man of honor. I’m under authority. But as soon as he started to speak to this woman, I jumped up out of my seat and I literally stood right here, right next to him. I shouldn’t have, but I was just standing there and I looked into this beautiful woman’s eyes and she had glaucoma, just white all in her eyes. The reason she screamed, because her eyes miraculously opened and she could see. Praise the Lord.

SID: You know, we’ve had lots of testimonies of this happening, but what’s it like to watch it happen right before your eyes?

CURT: Well, this is the thing about Dr. Osborn, is he didn’t want any phony miracles. He wanted to make sure, so of course he did the fingers and she could count the fingers, and that was great. But he asked her how she went blind. Evidently, it was her second pregnancy. She had a spinal injury and she had lost her sight. Dr. Osborn, very wise, he said, “Well, do you have children?” She says, “Yes, I have five children.” All this is documented. He says, “Yes, you have five children.” Then he said, “Well, you mean you have children you have not seen.” She says yes. Dr. Osborn said, “Is there any of her children that are here that she has not seen? Would you bring them up on the platform?” Sure enough, here comes this beautiful young man-

SID: So the first time in her life, she can see her own children.

CURT: Yeah. So I’m standing there and I’m not supposed to be standing there. I didn’t think about it until afterwards, but I’m just standing there like, “Okay, now we’re going to see.” The Scripture says, “The Jews need a sign,” so I’m standing right there. This beautiful young man comes up and stares at his mother and no reaction from her. She’s looking at him. You can tell she does not know who he is. She went up and she took her hands and went and grabbed his face and started to feel his features from the top of his head, around his eyes, his cheekbones, his lips, and she broke. She just fell to her knees and started to praise the Lord. As soon as she did that, a wave of glory went out from that platform. The Royal Rangers who were around keeping people 15 or 20 feet from the platform, that all caved in. People rushed the platform. Wheelchairs were flying in the air. Crutches were flying in the air.

SID: But here is the point I want to make. This man of God was used to see miracles, but what did he say the difference between what he was used to and what occurred was?

CURT: On this experience, what he was saying is that, “I’ve never seen healing and miracles, signs, and wonders without me even preaching.”

SID: You know, it’s the chemistry, if you will, of the one new man. I mean, God has been waiting almost– The saints in Heaven are looking over the balcony of Heaven. “When will the Gentile Christian and the Jewish believer be one in my body so my body can have and release the full power of God?” Rabbi, that’s what you’re saying you witnessed–

CURT: Absolutely.

SID: –the release of the full power of God. Rabbi Landry says, “Just as the identity of the church was hijacked, so was his. Find out what happened when his identity was stolen and how it changed his life when it was restored, and how it will change your life. Be right back.

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