ADAM: Yeah, and the reason with people who don’t, who can’t dream, we do, when we do the conferences, and some people say, “Look, I don’t ream, can you pray for me?” We actually impart; and Paul says in Romans, the apostle says, “How I long to impart my gift into you.” So there is and impartation of this, and we have people contact us and say, “I can’t stop dreaming. I’ve never dreamed, but now I just can’t stop dreaming. What have you done to me?” And when Adrian was joking around about slapping around, we do actually lay hands on people. But in a nice way, we impart the gift.

SID: Can you impart as effectively by speaking, because you can’t lay hands on people that are watching.


SID: Or listening to us on radio. Can you impart with the spoken word’?

ADAM: We can—someone can touch the screen, or touch their I-Phone, or whatever it is. We can pray and decree. We believe that can happen. God can do anything.

SID: Well then, when we come back with Something More I would like to impart two things. I want you to impart so that people that don’t dream, will start dreaming. And I want you to impart revelation of dreams. And I’m almost, you know I read this in the notes, that what you want to impart; is it so important for us to not miss this, that we need a hunger? I have to tell you, just talking to you guys, I can’t wait to go to sleep. [laughs]

ADRIAN: [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

SID: [laughs] No, I’m teasing, but no, I’m serious. I can’t wait to go to sleep. I want to dream. I want to hear from God; with all these defenses gone. Tell me things that God does in dreams, you said; warnings, what else?

ADAM: He can give you warnings, he can show you the promises of God. He can show you what He has for you’ because we’re His children and we’re heirs to God and his kingdom. One case with a vision that Gods, because visions are pretty much a dream while you are awake. We could probably talk about that later, but I actually got a brand new $45,000 car through having a vision in the night of the Lord showing me, because I needed a car at the time. And I just celebrated that before I got it; faith is actually celebrating that and getting excited.

SID: right. But you got excited because you saw it in a dream; you couldn’t have gotten excited if you hadn’t seen it.

ADAM: Because I see that as the word of the Lord. Now you can get the word of the Lord in dreams and visions, and with the apostle John in revelation, chapter 1, he says. “He turned, and he saw the voice of God—”

SID: [music] Hello, Sid Roth here with Something More, and I’m going to tell you something [music ends], there are people here that want to know; what is the difference between a dream and a vision’?

ADAM: Well, a vision is pretty much having a dream while you are awake. So when you’re asleep, most of us sleep to about 6 to 10 hours a night, and when you’re asleep, you subconscious mind is awake. But your mind and brain. is resting, but you dream. And around about the 4th watch of the night, you have lots of dreams right before you wake up. So that why fasting is good, because when you actually go do sleep, you’re only actually on a short fast. That’s why they call it break fast when you eat.

SID: Mm.

ADAM: So when you go on a short fast it’s the longest period of the day when you don’t eat, it’s when you sleep. So towards the end, you start to dream more, and in the new covenant era, I believe when you fast, it’s not a protest to God. I believe you become more sensitive to the spirit man.

SID: I like that.

ADAM: And when you listen to the word, over and over and over, I listen to it day and night. The Word divides soul and spirit; it gives you discernment. So, when you fast, like during the day without sleeping, you can have visions. You can open yourself up to visions.

SID: You told me during the break that you had was it a vision or word of knowledge for someone.

ADAM: I did. When I was sitting here, I saw a young girl.

SID: So that was a vision.

ADAM: It was a vision.

SID: Would you pray it right now for that person?

ADAM: Well, I want to pray for a “Jessica”. And I saw this young girl, she was in school, and it’s quite traumatic for her because she had cancer behind the eye.

SID: Mm.

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