Larry Sparks: Well hello, this is “Something More” and I’m your host Larry Sparks. Now today, we have an exciting program. [music ends] I want to talk about, what does it mean, to walk in the power of the age to come, in the here and now. You heard me, the age to come. Obviously, we think of Heaven, we think of, “I’m going to go to Heaven when I die,” but I want to tell you, the power, and the authority and the glory of the heavenly realm is accessible to you now. Yes, now! And I have an exciting guest with me, Adam Thompson. Adam, a joy to have you on the program.

Adam Thompson: It’s great to be here.

LARRY: And what I love about you Adam is that you, in a very practical way, but with great revelation, you have taught the body of Christ: listen, there’s this whole realm of Heaven, there’s these heavenly resources that are available to every believer, but they’re accessible now. It’s not just a matter of when I go to Heaven, it’s how I can live in the here and now. So I want to, I want to ask you this question because you have this great book called “Living from Heaven to Earth” and you talk about a concept of being a spiritual highlander. Can you explain, I mean I know a little bit about what that is, can you explain though for my benefit, for the audiences benefit, what does it mean to be a spiritual highlander?

ADAM: Okay. Well, through the power of the cross, the revelation of Jesus Christ through Calvary, we actually have access to the kingdom, as sons, we’ve been adopted as sons. And uh, for me, I live in two realms and we do actually need to function in this world with our earthly passports. We do have a citizenship of Heaven which we access. But in principle, it says in Ephesians 2:6 that we are seated in heavenly places.

LARRY: Yeah.

ADAM: And we operate out of that realm and we can access that through worship.

LARRY: Yeah.

ADAM: Like for me, when I worship, I come into that place of being intimate with the Father, we come to the gate of the kingdom, and Jesus is the gate, and out of that realm, we can actually start, to decree. And we see so much from that realm and we can actually decree heaven to earth.

LARRY: Yeah. I want to stop right there for a moment because you’re talking about worship. Worship is something that so many of us do. I even sense right now just the Holy Spirit saying…you know, so many churches, I mean remember back in the nineties when praise and worship…there was the praise and worship movement?

ADAM: yeah.

LARRY: And it was kind of limited to the charismatic Pentecostal world at the time, where you had more mainline denominations who were a little bit, you know, skeptical and they called it the worship wars, but now we look at all these different denominations, mainline denominations, Baptist, Presbyterian, and they’re all enjoying the kind of worship that we saw released in the earth in the nineties. I want to ask you what happens in the…I don’t want to say what happens. I want to ask you what’s potential in an atmosphere of worship because again, so many believers come together Sunday after Sunday and we sing some songs, what’s the potential though? What can happen in an atmosphere of worship when we actually press into the presence of God?

ADAM: Okay. So what happens with uh, it’s very interesting when you read John chapter 4, when the woman was at the well and Jesus was waiting for this woman to come to the well, eventually she was drawing water, and she asked a question. She asked Jesus a question, she said that our forefathers, our fathers go to the mountain to worship God and you Jews go to the temple to worship God. And Jesus said that there’s a day coming where we can worship the Father in spirit and in truth.


ADAM: So what actually happens in the spirit, when we worship we access the throne room of grace. We actually come to that high place of the mountain, in the spirit, and we can actually access the temple of God in the spirit. And that helps us to have authority when it comes to decreeing and releasing the miracles on the earth. It helps us. When we come into that place of worship and we’re intimate with the Father, we actually have the authority, to decree, from the gate. And it says in Jeremiah chapter 7, verse 2, the Lord spoke to Jeremiah and said, “Go to the house of the Lord and declare the Word of the Lord from the gate.” And so what happens is that many Christians are begging God in the valley. Right? They’re begging God in the natural realm and that’s quite a religious prayer when you actually begging God, but the reality is we have everything already. We have access, through the power of the cross. But when we worship the Lord, we go into that place where we, in the spirit, we worship the Father in spirit and truth, we access the throne room of grace, we enter the courts of praise, and then we can actually have authority to see and decree.

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