SID: So Jennifer had the dead places in her heart awakened and that allowed her to feel again all that God wanted her to feel, to have the compassion for all the people, to host the glory of God, easily. And there’s so many people that the world, the flesh and the devil has just gotten you. It’s almost like Lazarus, you know, when he came back alive, but he was all wrapped up. And I believe Jennifer’s going to get you unwrapped. Teach a little bit about this?

JENNIFER: Absolutely. Preceding that event that happened to me, the Holy Spirit began to lead me into a prayer. Psalm 51 verse 10, created me a clean heart. I wasn’t a bad person. I didn’t have a double life, but he was preparing me in prayer that my heart needed to be changed. And so I was praying that prayer, created me a clean heart. And I began to realize I can’t change my own heart. He has to change it. And so out of this experience, I began to focus on the heart and all about it because Jesus concerns himself with the condition of the heart. And I began to learn that out of the heart flow the issues of life, that our whole life is determined by what’s inside of our heart.

JENNIFER: I began to read the scriptures where the prayer, Psalm 1:19, where the prayer is, “Enlarge my heart so I can obey your commandments.” And so what happens is we have a small heart, a fearful heart, a cold heart, a hard heart. We can’t obey the Lord, it’s not that we don’t want to, we just don’t have the heart for it. And so I have to surrender my heart to the Holy Spirit so that he can architect what he wants to architect. And in a journey together he begins to re-craft my heart so that I can obey him and love him and feel what he is feeling and do what he is doing.

SID: Well, you’ve talked about the major changes that have occurred in your life as a result, you’re just more sensitive toddlers and more importantly sensitive to God.


SID: And have you prayed for people where this has happened to them just like it happened to you?

JENNIFER: Absolutely. And I’ve had many testimonies where people say, the Lord is healing my heart. They’ll literally grasp their heart in front of me, they’ll hold it, because they can feel it coming alive. And then afterwards they’ll say things like this, “I can care again. I can cry again. I can feel again.” One man, a respectable man, when his heart was healed from a father wound, all of a sudden ministry awoke in him. He wanted to go to the nations and be a father to children in the nations.

SID: Would you look in the camera and pray this prayer?

JENNIFER: Absolutely.

SID: And I don’t know about you that are watching me on TV, but I’m going in on this prayer myself.

JENNIFER: Absolutely. I just want you to go ahead and lift your hands right now as just an act of faith and an act of surrender. And I’m going to pray for you. Heavenly father, I just thank you that you are the resuscitator of dead hearts. Holy Spirit, begin to invade every person’s life. Every person that is receiving this prayer right now. I command your hearts to wake up in Jesus’ name, every dead place of your heart to come, alive for your stony heart to be turned to flesh, for a resuscitation, for every feeling that has died to come back to life, you are going to feel again. You’re going to care again. You’re going to have compassion again. Most importantly, you’re going to flow with the glory of the spirit of God because you can feel where he’s going and know what he’s doing from the inside out in Jesus’ mighty name.

SID: And you know Jennifer, there are people watching us right now that say, “I don’t know if I really know God. I don’t know if I’ll be in heaven. I don’t know this experience they call born from above.” I promise you, if you want to know God, God wants to know you better. Repeat this prayer out loud with me and mean it to the best of your ability out loud, at home I’m talking to you, as well as studio audience.

SID: Dear God, I’m a sinner. I’m so sorry. The one that I’ve hurt the most is you and you’re too good. I believe the blood of Jesus has washed away all of my sins. Thank you lord that I’m clean. Thank you Lord, that I can be close to you. There’s nothing separating me from your love. And now that I’m clean, Jesus come inside of me. Take over my life. I make you lord of my life. Amen.

SID: Now, while I was praying that, someone’s back was healed, if you’ll stand up and bend over, you will see you have no pain, whether your studio audience at home now, you do this unless you want to keep that pain in the back. I didn’t call you a pain in the neck. I called you a pain in the back. Jennifer, five seconds. Look in the camera and prayed the glory of God come on everyone.

JENNIFER: I just released the glory of the Lord upon you. Wherever you’re at right now, there is fire coming on you. Some of you are feeling the fire of the Lord upon you in you’re shaking right there. That’s the glory of God. More Lord, more fire on you.

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