SID: Stephanie, what would you say to someone that says, “I don’t dream?”

STEPHANIE:  Well, first of all, we don’t want to repeat that over ourselves. We want to declare the truth of God’s word, which says I will dream.

SID: Why don’t we want to repeat that?

STEPHANIE:  Well, because it’s a lie. We all dream. We may not remember our dream and, you know, I’ve even met people who have said, “I remember in my life when I said I don’t want to dream anymore, ‘God, take every dream away from me,” and that has happened and actually even for a good reason. The Lord was probably allowing them to see something that was happening that terrified them. But if we can ask the Lord for an answer instead of discounting it, especially when our children are young, we will train them up in a way that they will hear from the Lord without anything else. The Bible says in Matthew 13, “We will receive progressive revelation from Heaven when we ask.” The thing is we don’t ask, and many times we don’t allow Him to speak to us the way He wants to. We want to declare the truth over us. You said I will dream, Jesus. I want to dream.

SID: For someone that is saying, “I don’t dream. I don’t remember my dreams,” you suggest we repent.


SID: Would you lead us in a prayer right now?

STEPHANIE:  Absolutely.

SID: Have any of you ever said that? “I don’t dream. I don’t remember my dreams.” Or even the third, “I’m too pragmatic. If it’s not literal, I don’t want to fool with them.” Would you pray for all three of those groups?

STEPHANIE:  Absolutely. I’ve done this myself, so I can fully repent on this even right now. I’ve already repented 100 times. Father, we just thank you for how you speak to us. You’re so precious to give us your word, to give us dreams. Now, Lord, right now we just remember the times when we’ve said, “I don’t want you to talk to me that way. I won’t hear it. I can’t hear it. I can’t understand.” Father, forgive us for that because you said if you give us something, you’re going to help us with it. Father, we ask right now that you forgive us and, Lord, would you help us to hear your voice in whatever way you want to speak to us, whether that be even smelling the things from Heaven, tasting the things from Heaven, hearing, sensing the things from Heaven? We just bless how you speak in dreams and visions and in wisdom and revelation in the night season. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Audience: Amen.

SID: Why should we not disregard a nightmare?

STEPHANIE:  Well, the Bible says a nightmare can save us from several things, making a bad choice– In fact it says–

SID: Most of us think if it’s a nightmare it came from a demon. I don’t want to pay attention.

STEPHANIE:  Right. It can keep us from making a bad choice, but it also says it can keep us even from an early death. A nightmare, guess what. The enemy’s strategy against you is terrifying. Now, do you think for a second that the enemy will show you his plans? No. He will not. But guess who will. Jesus will show this bright spotlight on the enemy and it’s just like when the cockroaches are exposed and they run for cover. That’s what happens. Many times, not what we’ve seen in nightmares, is that God is giving strategy to defeat the enemy’s plans against– We watch this with children and the Lord is so good to give them dreams that will expose what the enemy is doing in their homes or around them.

SID: Tell me one real case, a real person.

STEPHANIE:  My own son had a dream. He had wanted to go to a skate park and this man had invited him to a skate park. It was a man I didn’t know, but him and his friend had been invited to go down to this skate park. He called me and asked and I said, “No, I don’t know this man. No, you may not go.” He was saying that and he was downtown Denver, a long ways away from home. It wasn’t close. I said, “No, you can’t go.”

STEPHANIE:  That night, my son has this dream that he’s going to an amusement park and in the dream, thank God he told me this dream in the morning, in this dream he walks up to the desk. He said, “I was paying to get into this amusement park. I looked up and there were storefronts up there. When I looked up, I realized the storefronts were fake. I looked back behind and it looked compelling, but when I looked back to pay my money, this man came over the desk and attacked me and tried to beat me up.”

STEPHANIE:  This repeated two or three times in the night, but when he got up in the morning, he told me the dream and I said, “Oh, honey, this is a strong warning. Do you remember what the invitation was yesterday?” He said, “Yeah.” I didn’t say anything else. I just said, “You need to know that this is a warning from the Lord.” That day, sure enough, he got an invitation again to go and you know what his answer was? “No, I am not going.” I didn’t say a word. I didn’t have to say anything.

SID: You said before you go to sleep at night, you close doors.


SID: Briefly explain.

STEPHANIE:  Yeah. We want to close off– You know what? We want to dedicate our sleep to the Lord. We dedicate our day to the Lord, and actually our day begins in the evening. As you know, when you go to Israel, it starts in the evening. That part, how much more that beginning part of our day should we give to the Lord and just begin to ask Him to fill our evening and our night with the things of Heaven so that we can get this progressive revelation right straight from Heaven and be ready for it? I want to dedicate my day to the Lord, but I also want to dedicate my sleep.

SID: You have such an anointing for people to understand their dreams. Would you pray just a brief prayer for us to understand our dreams?


SID: I want to receive it.

STEPHANIE:  Me too. Jesus, we are so blessed to have the huge gift of dreams and visions. Forgive us when we’ve neglected that gift. Father, we ask that you will teach us daily to understand more, to read the word of God, to begin to steep ourselves in the holy word of God, and may we understand that when we have a dream, you’re speaking. You’re giving us immediate revelation for our own lives. Father, forgive us when we’ve disregarded you. We want to honor our dreams and visions. Help us to write them down so that we will be able to interpret what you’re saying to us. Father, we thank you in advance. I believe everybody that’s listening to my voice right now will begin to dream in a new way.

STEPHANIE:  Father, right now we just thank you that as those dreams come down, we’re going to write them down. Lord, we just commit to honor what you give us. We’re not going to disregard it ever again. We’re going to honor it and we’re going to pursue you for the interpretation. Father, we ask right now for the gift of interpretation of dreams and supernatural happenings that we don’t understand. We want to lean heavily upon the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit, to help us understand. In Jesus’ name. Make the word of God so real to us that it is our life breath and just our daily food, our manna, our bread. In Jesus’ holy name. We love you, Lord.

SID: I want everyone to say, “So be it”-

Audience: So be it.

SID: The short version of “so be it” is “amen.”


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