SID: She was so traumatized, understandably so that she’s weeping even as she tells this story. But what did Jesus tell you as to why He took you to hell?

LAURIE: When the Lord spoke to me and finally healed my heart, He said, “I took you to hell, because I love you.” If God had not shown that to me, if I had died without Him showing that to me, I know I’d be there right now. He loves me and He’s mighty to say it, and in that instance, that’s what it took.

SID: What do you believe is the biggest lie of the devil out there?

LAURIE: I think, once saved, always saved. It’s understanding as I bump into people, I think that is a hell conspiracy. I think it’s the biggest lie. Because the idea behind that, Sid, is that I’m going to give my life to Jesus today, he’ll wipe away all my past sins, and it doesn’t matter how I live anymore, I can—

SID: But that’s the new revelation of grace, not the biblical revelation.

LAURIE: Correct.

SID: What about something like the major Christian sin that I see, that I’ve participated in, gossip.

LAURIE: It grieves Jesus, it should grieve us. Inside of gossip, why are we doing that first? Until you heal that you will constantly do that. Really, you need to go to Jesus and get your identity first. Then, inside of gossip, you have just murdered a person’s reputation. This is very, very serious. For myself, I’ve made a salt covenant with my tongue with the Holy Spirit, because that is one of the first sins that I was guilty of. We think, well, it doesn’t matter. Of course, every sin matters, it’s recorded.

SID: When you go to bed, you do something, tell me about that.

LAURIE: I do. Before I go to sleep, I talk to Jesus and I tell Him how much I love Him, and I ask Him, “Lord, how did I do today?” Sometimes, He’s like, “Laurie, you do this and you need to go fix it.” And other times He tells me, “You did this and I don’t want you to do that anymore.” He uses it as a learning because there’s a difference between immaturity and rebellion. When I’m rebellious, he needs me to fix it. If I’m just immature, He just trains me in a new way of doing things.

SID: Do you, and can I have assurance of salvation?

LAURIE: Absolutely. The blood of Jesus Christ saves us. Absolutely, exclamation mark. As a born again believer, we obey Jesus.

SID: I’ve always lived my life. I repent so wide. I find that if I’ll do it instantly, rapidly, it’s easier than if I let it get infected in me.

LAURIE: Right. Well, and I try and teach repentance in four parts; one, agree with God that what you’re doing is a sin. Two, have Godly sorrow over that sin. It’s more than just being sorry. Sorry, you’ll do it again. Godly sorrow hurts you. Three, you confess your sin, one to another, and the Bible says, you’ll be fervently healed. And step number four, you have to put something in place in your life that you will never do that again. I teach that and I help people figure out what number four do you need so that you don’t sin against God again.

LAURIE: Sometimes we have to put a few number fours there, and God completes that work for us because He loves us so much. But repentance is the only acceptable sacrifice for my sin.

SID: Would you lead us in prayer for repentance?

LAURIE: Oh, Jesus, I love you. I love you, Father, I love you Holy Spirit. Thank you that you came to pay the ultimate price. You say we’re worth it. Oh worthy, worthy, worthy Jesus are you. We come asking, God make us holy. Give us a hunger and a desire for holiness. God, come right now and convict us of our sin that we need to be free. We need to be set free from the ways of the devil. And God if the hell conspiracy is in any of us, Jesus, set us free. Every sin that I commit needs to be brought to you repented of. God, make me holy, and with that holiness comes more of your presence.

LAURIE: Let me rest in the assurance. You said to be holy, as your Father in Heaven is holy, I desire that, we want that, God. Would you come and rest that, wrap that around us and make us fully yours. We don’t want any part hiding. Every part of us that is dark, Lord, shine your light. We love you. We love you, Jesus. In your name, we believe you’re changing us. Hallelujah. Amen.

SID: If you have anything against anyone, it’s not an emotion, it’s a choice. It’s not a process, it’s a choice. I’m going to follow God or not. Yes or no. You release that person, you say, “Hell is not going to be worth my own forgiveness to you.”

SID: I’ll tell you something else, forgiveness doesn’t mean you trust someone that’s done something wrong to you. They have to earn their trust again if they want to, but it means that I am not touching that cancer. I am not touching that stuff. I don’t want to touch it because that’s separating me from God. God, I don’t want anything separating me from you.


SID: When we go off the air, you choose to forgive the people that don’t deserve forgiveness. Because what did Jesus say about his coming back?

LAURIE: He told me recently, I’m coming back much sooner than you realize.

SID: Did you get that? I’m coming back sooner than you realize.

LAURIE: Hell is worse than anything that I can give you words for. Even Jesus told us that there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth and God doesn’t want us there.

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