Francis: I haven’t told Sid, but I’m going to tell him very quickly. But I just came from South Africa in March, invited by a guest, that I was one of Sid Roth’s guests by the name of Rita McPherson. Her testimony is that one of her boys was in a car accident, his name is Aldo, and he lost consciousness for a while– but while he was in a coma he was in heaven being schooled by the Lord Jesus Christ.  And the Lord Jesus Christ gave him, I mean this boy is supernatural, he has never missed one prophetic word in since ’98 he is now 21 years old. But in any case the reason I bring this to you how I end up in her house is because this young man has Jesus appears to this boy almost every day and gives him word for the church. And one day, he wrote,  he writes letters, because he can’t speak, he goes ‘rrrr’ but he writes and everything he writes, he predicted the Presidency of Barack Obama says that the black a black man three years before it happened, he predicted the Tsunami in Asia, and told the mother, she was Miss South Africa, and told her, hello, there will be Tsunami just came to me, how he was grieved because there will be Tsunami, will kill many people in Asia, but he says to me tell your mother to get her passport ready, the government will call upon her she will be right there in the middle of this, I want her to pray for the people. I said in three weeks the Tsunami happened and the South African government called her and he said Rita you’ve got to go– and she ended up right there just like the son described. Anyway, to cut the long story short, the son one day wrote a letter and he said, she said through the mother, and says this morning Yeshua come to me and He was sad, and He said to me– ‘Aldo, the reason why thousands of my children are not walking in their inheritance is because they are operating in the mixed order, they are not operating in my eternal order. And so the mother said I didn’t know what he was talking about, I asked him, I said, ‘Aldo, what is the order of heaven?’ And he slowly, because he kind of shakes, he’s still getting healed, He writes down in Afrikaans he writes down ”the Order of Melchizedek.’ And then he said to her, ‘Jesus said, Mom, you need to enter into the Order of Melchizedek.’ He said we didn’t know how to do it, so she got staff members they got together, let’s pray for God to send us somebody to teach us about the order of Melchizedek, and in three weeks– Patricia King sent her an e–blast with my video with Patricia King talking about breaking generational curses under the Order of Melchizedek and the Holy Spirit says that’s the man whose is to teach you about the Order of Melchizedek and that’s how they brought us to South Africa and I end up meeting the boy. And that kind of stuff. But when I was there, I got delivered because another piece was added to this that finally fueled it for me. Because even after I jumped the line I had amazing breakthroughs in my life when I jumped the line things changed in my life. But I had nightmares– very strange dreams. And most of my dreams were filled with witchcraft. Flying on brooms, it was the most weirdest dreams which I could not relate to my life. And I would wake up and I would say, ‘Lord what is it, I love God, what is those dreams,’ and I would just pray them off, pray them off. And when I went over there, the day I went over there the young man wrote a letter for me from the Lord, and said give this to the man who was coming, he couldn’t even talk to me, just gave it to the man who would come, and in the letter the answer came.

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