SID:  Next question.

QUESTIONER 5:  The Bible tells us that many signs would come upon a generation that would see, these things that we see so many times things that are coming to pass. My question is as you have investigated Bible vision, actually not Bible but a vision by Saint Malachi, that we’re seeing coming to pass in this generation, do you believe that as they gather in Vatican City at this very hour, do you believe that as you’ve investigated this prophecy and vision that as they name the next pope he will indeed be the pope who will usher in, as you’ve stated, the time of tribulation?

CRIS:  You know I think that there’s really good reasons to think that that’s the case. You know that one example that I gave of the fulfillment of the Malachi Prophecy with Benedict the 15th, the religion depopulated thing. I mean that seems to defy coincidence to me. Because we can prove that this Malachi Prophecy, I mean it was published in 1595, okay, so that no one disputes that. So we know that it was in print then. So hundreds of years later, you know we go up the sequence, pope after pope after pope, it says “religion depopulated.” That’s a falsifiable claim. What I mean by that is you wouldn’t expect that to happen. All things being equal, you’d expect the church to remain about the same, you know it might grow a little, go down a little. But it says “religion depopulated” and then “boom,” we have the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution at the same time. Now you know some of the other prophecies are pretty remarkable as well. The one for John Paul the Second was from “the labor of the sun,” okay, you know, in the Latin the “de labore solis” —and that could, some people would interpret that to mean “the eclipse of the sun.” But it’s really interesting that John Paul the Second was born during a solar eclipse, okay, and now that doesn’t seem like a coincidence, but what makes it even stranger was that he ended up being buried during a solar eclipse. The day that he was buried, we have a picture in our upcoming book, “Exo-Vaticana” there was a UFO over the Vatican, and it was caught by a security camera and it was even on the news in the United States.

SID:  Let’s go right to that question. I’m curious. Do you believe that we are looking at the last pope?

CRIS:  Okay. Yes I do, I mean for these reasons.

SID:  That was it. Next question.


QUESTIONER #5:  Yes, back to Sid’s question to you. Did Benedict in fact resign because of health reasons?  I tend to believe that he did not. And as the second part to my question is there is speculation that the new pope will come from either Latin America or Africa and yet the name is Petrus Romanus. How does all that fit together?

TOM:  Okay, I thought she was asking him. Sure I can talk about that. The first part of the question was what? —Oh, did he really step down—

QUESTIONER #5:  Did he really in fact, it was so quick, did he really step down because of health reasons?

TOM:  Yeah, well I think you could make the argument that he was certainly having health issues, but popes don’t step down for health issues, popes die in office, that’s what popes do, and a pope had not stepped down for 600 years. And we’ve gathered a lot of evidence that shows that the cardinals had been following the prophecy of the pope like a roadmap, meaning that either it’s divinely inspired and it  pre-predicted every pope by, by marking something that would be notable about that pope, or the cardinals only elect somebody if they think that somehow they can be seen to be a fulfillment or they’re going to take a name that will show them as being a fulfillment of that prophecy. And that raises a different question. Why are they following that prophecy so closely? And I think that’s why, even Rene Tebo, 61 years ago, he was a mystic for the church, he was a code breaker, he was an anagram solver. He found all kinds of astonishing anagrams hidden in the prophecy of the popes, like popes being names Pius. And there’s an anagram in the prophecy about him that says “Pius, Pius,” like mayday, he’s here, right? Just astonishing stuff that he found that would show that this was going to happen. So it shows you that the Catholic mystics put a great deal of emphasis on this prophecy, they believe it secretly, they kept it hidden in the Vatican for 500 years. There have been popes that have advertised their fulfillment of this prophecy. We know that among their academics there are those who also believe that it’s true. So that raises a different kind of question: Why are they following this script? And I think it’s because they connected it to end time events. And that it’s very important that each pope play his role. Even their, even their own apologists throughout history have said that this final pope would be a pope under the control of Satan, that he’ll be a fake pope, and he’s going to help in the rise of the anti-Christ.

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