SID: All right. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to ask Perry Stone to break the code of the last three Biblical feasts.

PERRY: Now, when we go into the book of Revelation, or we go to second Thessalonians chapter one and also chapter two first Corinthians 15, here’s the basic order of what I believe is going to happen. We do know there’s going to be a return of Christ for the called out ones, the ecclesia, the church, the overcomers. Those who have followed him faithfully.

Now, the term we use, and it’s out of the Latin translation of the Bible which is no problem, it’s just the word rapture, okay? So, we have the rapture.

Now, we do know also in the prophetic future is the tribulation period. We then know in Revelation chapter 19 in Zachariah chapter 14 and other places in scripture, we do know that the Messiah, Christ, at the end of the tribulation, returns with these saints of God and the armies of heaven to the earth to rule from the city of Jerusalem.

Now, here’s what I want to tell you. Here’s the real code right here. We talked about this just a little bit earlier, and we stopped, got into some other things, so pay attention. You cannot break the order of the festivals. It is impossible. God will not allow the order to be broken. You cannot come from Pentecost to atonement and then tabernacles and then throw the trumpets in there. You have to maintain the divine order. The next absolute festival that must be fulfilled, which has not had a fulfillment yet, is the festival of trumpets.

Now, here’s what important to understand. Of all the festivals mentioned in the five books of Moses called Torah, the blowing of trumpets is the most mysterious. There’s only two versions about it in the whole Torah.

SID: Right.

PERRY: I mean, it’s really weird and it just says, here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to have one day that you’re going to blow trumpets. It’s going to be a holy convocation. It’s going to be no work, and then he gives you this detail about the Day of Atonement, which is 10 days later. Then he talks to you about Tabernacles, which is five days later.

Here is what I want to tell you. If you believe, and I’m not fussing with people about this. I’m not in a disagreement. We’re just going to make a point. But if you’re mid trib or post trib, you have this problem. You’re already into the tribulation when the trumpet sounds, and Atonement, Trumpets is the rapture. Atonement is the judgments of the tribulation, and Tabernacles is the 1000 year rein of Christ on the earth.

That is the order in the book of Revelation. Now, some would disagree with me, but in chapter four verse one of Revelation where John says, “I heard a voice of a trumpet, and that voice said come up here and immediately I was in the spirit,” there’s your trumpets. There’s your blowing of the trumpets. There’s the festival of trumpets.

You come later on and you start seeing the sealed judgments, the trumpet judgments, the vial judgments, and there’s always the number seven connected with them. There’s six judgments, but the seventh is always a transition, but the number seven’s connected with them all, there’s your tribulation period.

Then at the end of the tribulation, Mystery Babylon is destroyed, the city ruling over the kings of the earth, and then we read that the heavens open and the Messiah Jesus comes back on a white horse and the armies of heaven are following him upon white horses.

So, this is real important you hear this because if people would understand the order, the coded order of the festivals, it would do away with a lot of the confusion and controversy we have on are we mid trib or are we post trib because you have to have the blowing of the trumpets and the, and I hear people say, well, you know, the Bible says that the sound of the last trumpet will be changed, and we know what the last trumpet is. It’s there in the book of Revelation. It’s the seventh angel sounding the seventh trumpets. No, that’s the trumpet of angels. This trumpet’s called the trumpet of God in first Thessalonians. It’s two different things.

The interesting thing is in Jesus’s day, and here’s the phrase, no man knew the date or the hour, because it was a 48 hour window for the festival of Trumpets. It’s the only festival that you did not know the day or the hour.

SID: Well, that gives us all sorts of clues

PERRY: Yeah, these are nuggets. These are clues connected.

SID: You said something interesting. As a traditional Jew, as a child, growing up, I never could understand it all together. But I knew one thing. I had to be there for the blowing of the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah.

PERRY: Exactly.

SID: My father said, you don’t have to know anything else. You just have to be there.

PERRY: Because that is the great celebration. Now, here’s good news for all the Baptists and Pentecostals who love to go eat on Sunday after church. You know we do, you know we do. The merry supper of the lamb based on the patterns and the code is going to last one solid year, and here’s the reason why. Every seventh day is a Shabbat of rest, every seventh year is a Shmita year, and so it will be a heavenly Shmita in heaven, and we have to have celebration, a celebration festival and rest for that seventh year.

So, for those of you who enjoy eating, you have a whole year.

So, the point is, one of the things that the Lord has had me do over the years is he’s had me to delve into the mysterious of God, to tie it together. This verse with this verse, this history with this history, all of that happened, I didn’t know that, tie it in and to really show people that God is so detailed but he’s easy to understand.

Hopefully, and I get comments on this to God be the glory, you know, I read your book, it’s so detailed, but I could understand it. Or the CDs, they’re detailed but I can understand it. So, that’s what I try to do. I want people to understand because you will really believe there is a God. You will really believe this is not an accident. This Bible is not just a fake book. This book really was inspired by a being from another world, and it’s the almighty God Yahweh.

So, that’s what I want people to learn and know.

SID: There is so much that I want to cover with Perry, and we’ve prepared an extended version of this program. If you want to see the extended content with Perry, all you have to do is log on to S-I-D-R-O-T-H dot O-R-G.

When we come back, Perry, you had recently an angel appear in a service that gave you revelation on the glory and what it is and I have to tell you, I’m kind of an expert in this area, I have never heard this before. Be right back.

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