SID: Okay, you teach on pursue, overtake and recover. What do you mean by that?

KERRY: Well it’s actually about redemption. I call it the power of redemption. And redemption simply means that which was lost is reclaimed and brought back in. In the Old Covenant, what Adam lost in the garden that Jesus through the New Covenant, the resurrection, has restored us back into that place where we can recover all of those things. So in First Samuel 30, we have the story where David had been having conquests with his men. They were having real success with that. He comes back into his home base in Ziklag and he finds out all of his family had been taken, robbers had come. They had lost everything. And here are these men that he had gone to battle with, they loved each other, they were like a band of brothers. And when they lost everything grief fell on them and David is even hearing them talk about killing him. So here’s a Davidic anointing for you, is that David got a long way away from them, and the Bible says, “he called for the priestly garment, the ephod,” which is a single piece outer garment going over him.

He takes off his battle gear, all of the armor, and now he takes on this position of being a priest. And hearing in the background all of these men saying we’re going to kill him, he wanted to be able to still his heart and inquire. And the word “inquire” doesn’t mean ask questions. It literally means coming into a place of worship, that’s when he’s in the priesthood, and asking the Lord, and then the Lord tells him, “You will pursue, overtake and recover.” In other words, if you believe in the overtake, but you haven’t pursued then it’s not going to help you any. So the idea is pursuing, you got to go after it, chase after it and then look for it, and once you see it then you adjust yourself, how do I, when I recover, how am I going to live with this new found ministry or gifting?

SID: So tell me a practical situation where this, your car was vandalized and you operated under that principle.

KERRY: Yes, it was the very beginning when we were kind of understanding this principle. My wife and I were in Houston getting ready to do a conference. We went into a restaurant, had been there for a few minutes and the waiter came over to me, there weren’t many people in the restaurant that day, and said, “Did you drive in here with a busted window in your car?” And I said, “No, I didn’t.” So he said, “Well you got one now.”

Man: Let’s check this out.

KERRY: Went out there, glass all over the ground. They had taken my briefcase thinking there’s probably a computer in it. I had notes that I was working on for a book. My wife had things there and they just took everything. I didn’t have a Bible for the conference the next day. We went back to the hotel feeling violated, feeling like God, how could you allow this to happen. We were here on your mission and this is taking place. So in the time of prayer we were thinking, I guess go buy new Bibles and just cut our losses and move on. And so in the course of that we heard the Lord tell us, “Pursue, overtake and you’ll recover.” And so we wouldn’t give up. We kept pressing and called an answering service, and on the answering service was a man in another part of Houston, far south Houston, saying “So I went out to the trash to empty the trash and I looked in and saw a Bible there, and I pulled it out. I cleaned it up and it had a note in there with your name on it and number, and I called you.” And he said, “If it’s okay with you, I copied some of your notes. I’m a lay preacher and I enjoyed reading your notes there.” And so we realized then God didn’t want us to just say well cut your losses, forget about it, he wanted us to go after that as something that he really has for us.

SID: You know, how many times we give up just before we’re going to get an answer to our prayer.

KERRY: Yes, exactly.

SID: Tell me a bit about this word “redemption” from a Hebraic understanding. You know, I’m convinced most believers don’t understand that very important word.

KERRY: Well it means the fact the price has been paid, it’s there and I’ve had the opportunity to bring it back in to its original pattern. What was lost in the Garden of Eden under Adam, First Corinthians 15 tells us Jesus is the second Adam. What Adam lost in the Garden of Eden, which is the place of his presence, the place of his pleasure, Jesus overcame in the Garden of Gethsemane, when he said, “Not my will, but your will be done.” After the resurrection he takes his blood into the Throne Room, the Holy of Holies, the real one in Heaven, places it on the Mercy seat. At that point, the price has been paid, my redemption price has been paid and everything that has been lost in my family, finances, even my health, all of those things I have a right to recover, but I have to pursue them and call them back in through the name of Jesus.

SID: You know, there are in many lives, there are families where, maybe not you, but maybe your grandparents, your great-grandparents had somethings stolen from them. Do you know you can spiritually and legally call that back to you? He heard something from God and I think everyone should hear this. You said that God told you he was going to give you a new tool to solve every problem you have. I’d like to find out what that new tool was. Be right back.

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