TONY: Come. Come, come, come, come. Yeah, sister you can, you can go and give us some room. But you… listen, you’re actually going to get looser tonight. What, sister, what has happened?

WOMAN #11:  Right here, it’s starting back here.

TONY:  It’s looser?

WOMAN #11:  Yes, yes, back here.

TONY:  Is it a little bit looser or starting to get quite a bit looser?

WOMAN #11:  Uh, well it could be looser. Let’s pray…

TONY: You want it to be more looser? So it starting to loosen up? You’re kind of like that guy over there, things are breaking…

TONY:  You ready? Jesus. Okay. There it is. There’s the anointing. Take it. There it is. I release the miracle of supernatural weight loss into my sister’s body. Now when I take my hand off of you the Holy Spirit’s coming upon you. Yes, sir. What has happened?

MAN #4:  You made a comment a minute ago and I just felt some pressure leave right here. (laughing)


TONY:  Look at somebody and say “Pressure is leaving.”

AUDIENCE:  Pressure is leaving.

TONY:  Look at somebody and say “Supernatural weight loss by the loss of pressure.”

AUDIENCE:  Supernatural weight loss by the loss of pressure.

MAN #4:  Humble is the way!

TONY:  Humble is the way, man. Humble is the way. So you’re feeling pressure.  Heh, Heh. All right. You ain’t right man, you are not right!

MAN #4:  No, I’m with my brother.

TONY:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Humble is the way, though. So you’re feeling…

MAN #4:  Yeah, I did. I did. I felt something when you said something.

TONY:  Yeah. Father, we thank you that you’re doing this thing. And I appreciate, Lord, my brother’s humility. He’s got true humility. Umm, do you pray for the sick?

MAN #4:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  Do you see some healings?

MAN #4:  I intercede.

TONY:  Yeah. Do you pray for the sick and do they get healed?

MAN #4:  Not in your capacity.

TONY:  Well we ain’t talking about my capacity.

TONY:  Have you prayed for the sick and have you seen some healings? Put your hands up man. Have you? Have you? Yes or no?

MAN #4:  Yes.

TONY:  Is he your brother? You know him? Has he had some healings in his ministry? You don’t know him that well? Listen, listen. Listen. Listen. You going to have more. You’re going to have some healings. Have you been wanting to see some?

MAN #4:  Yes.

TONY:  Okay. In the name of Jesus I release gifts of healings into this brother and I thank you for it Father, in Jesus’ name. Give the Lord a hand clap!


TONY:  Is there anybody else? Anybody else? Yes, sir. What is happening?

MAN #5:  I’m dieting and, uh, my stomach’s smaller.

TONY:  From?

MAN #5:  From, yeah, when we prayed over there, I stood up, and uh, my stomach’s smaller. I got to tuck in my shirt to actually, because I couldn’t like see it to check it, but yeah, it’s actually smaller.

TONY:  Look at somebody and say “I’m being provoked to jealousy.”


TONY:  Look at somebody and say “It’s for whoever will take it.”

TONY:  C’mon, so let me pray for this brother and after this we’re going to close. Father, I thank You. Give him his heart’s desire God for Your glory. In Jesus’ name and everybody said:


TONY:  Give the Lord Jesus a hand clap!


SID:  Okay. If you’ll stand up I want to pray over you. And this is not a cosmetic prayer. I think you know that by now. First of all I heard in the spirit that there are fingers being healed from pain. Or anything you need in the fingers. Thumb. Any, any finger. Anything you need. It’s yours. Just start moving it. If you only knew everything Tony prayed is yours.  If you don’t stop swinging, you cannot strike out. If you don’t stop swinging, you will not strike out. Never give up. The Lord is blessing you right now. The Lord is keeping you right now. The Lord is smiling at you right now. The Lord is gifting you. Just hold your hand to receive those gifts. Right now! The Lord is surrounding you with His favor right now. The Lord is giving you His Shalom. His completeness. In your spirit, in your soul and in your body. Right now! In the name that is above every problem in this life. Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Tsidekenu. Jesus the Messiah, Our Righteousness. Right now! And all God’s people said, Amen!

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