TOM: California Democrat Brad Sherman. He was picked by the way to chair these HFA hearings because of his known expertise in the spread of weapons of mass destruction among terrorists. But what were these HFA hearing’s about? A writer for Congressional Quarterly, a writer by the name of Mark Stenzel attended the HFA hearings, listened to ‘em and then went back and wrote a special report for CQ Magazine in which he described that listening to the HFA meetings is sounding more like a pitch for a Hollywood sci-fi movie than it did a sober discussion of scientific reality with all of its talk of super animals, super intelligence, and super humans on the near horizon against which mankind is not prepared. All right. With science, government and occult societies foreseeing the emergence of new forms of humanity for the immediate future, I believe that we could be witnessing the unfolding of Biblical prophecy. I don’t have time to go through these examples. But the bottom one there is I think this could be a fulfillment of Matthew 24:37: “As it was in the Days of Noah.” Why? This was the day when the Watchers came down. All of the ancient records both biblical and extra-biblical tell us that they tinkered with the genetics of humanity. They did exactly what we are doing in laboratories all around the world now. They crossed over the species barrier, and ladies and gentlemen, it didn’t end very well. I’m going to bypass all of that and go right to this. However, how do I know that we can prevail? Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all of the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you and we can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth us. Do you believe that?


TOM: Thank you for letting me come and present.

SID:  I want to pray a special blessing over you. Would you please stand up, please. I’d like to just pray a quick supernatural prayer for anyone that wants to know Him. Raise your hand if you want to know Him. Okay, put it down. Say this prayer out loud. There was someone that didn’t raise their hand and I’m telling you in the name of Jesus you’d better say this prayer right now. You’d better! Repeat after me. Out loud. Out loud.


Dear God/ I’ m a sinner/Against you/and you alone/have I sinned/and I’m so sorry/I believe/the blood of Jesus/washes away my sins/I make you Lord of my life/Amen.

SID:  Now that was a supernatural prayer but here comes the prayer in the Bible for God’s name to be sealed upon you. You just receive and I’m going to tell you something. In the faith realm it’s receiving. It’s not just oh, que sera sera, whatever’s going to happen. You receive, just as if I had a baseball and I threw it right at you. If you don’t receive, boy are you going to have a lump there! Now you receive this! Okay? The Lord is blessing you right now! The Lord is smiling upon you right now! The Lord, now you receive right now, the Lord is gifting you, just receive from heaven the gifts. The Lord is gifting you, it’s falling right on you right now! The Lord is surrounding you with a hedge of fire and a hedge of favor right now! The Lord is giving you His Shalom. In Hebrew the word “shalom” means “completeness.” The Lord is giving you His completeness in your spirit, in your soul, and in your body right now! In the name that is above every name, every thing in heaven and earth and under the earth. Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Tsidkenu. Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness! And all God’s people said, “So be it!”

AUDIENCE:  So be it!

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