You see nothing’s changed with me as far as the message will never change. It’ll never change. The reason God gave me this vision, this recent vision is because He knows my message will never change. I won’t take it, tweak it, make it my own and turn it into a money cash cow, a money machine. He knows I won’t do that. He knows I’ll share it just the way it was given. So everyone bow your heads. Everyone at home I want you to bow your heads. There are people here that you’ve drifted away from God.

You’re not where you should be with the Lord and you know it. You’ve allowed sin to creep into your life. It can be anything. It can be jealousy. It can be hatred. It can be adulterous thoughts. It can be pornography. Sir, there’s always three witness. The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. There’s no such thing as one o’clock in the morning on the internet no one sees you. There’s always three witnesses. Ma’am, God knows if you’re more interested in that other man than you are your husband. He knows everyone in this room. He knows everyone watching at home. If you need Jesus Christ to forgive you, you know you’re not where you should be with Jesus.

You’re going to be totally honest. You’re going to be totally honest. And that’s where this sword that I talked about a few minutes ago, that’s what’s going to happen. A sword’s coming down. And what the sword does it separates honesty from lies. It separates light from darkness. It separates truth from heresy. It’s sharp. It comes down and people’s hearts are split wide open. They’re undone. The other day I had to stop someone from coming forward in the crusade because I hadn’t given the altar call yet. Think about that. Couldn’t wait to get saved. Couldn’t wait to get right with God. Why? The sword came down. Pierced his heart. Everyone bowed, no one looking around. If you need forgiveness, you know you’re not where you should be with Jesus. At home and in this room. I’m going to count to three.

When I get to three you put up your hand, put it right back down. And this day, this day, on this day everything’s going to turn around. And you’re going to make a concerted effort to live for Jesus all the days of your life. If you need forgiveness on the count of three put your hand up and put it right back down. It doesn’t matter who you’re here with. You could be a pastor, you could be a layperson it does not matter. If you need forgiveness put your hand up put it right back down on the count of three. One, two, three. Up and back down. Up and back down. Up and back down. I’m not going to have anyone come forward right now because two thirds of the crowd raised their hand. Thank you. You hear me? Thank you. You say, “Well Brother Steve, I’m not getting saved, I’m just getting right with God.” Thank you. Thank you. Who’s worse off? Someone who’s right, who, who knows the Lord but is in sin or someone who’s never known the Lord?

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