SID: Randy, you said it’s vital for us to know that healing belongs to us. What did you mean?


RANDY: Well I believe that healing and deliverance is the children’s bread. It belongs to the covenant people, particularly, but God will also heal even people who are not Christian as one of the ways he evangelizes. He’s a great evangelist. It’s the children’s bread, but it’s also in the cross, the same words that is used for sickness and disease was used to bear our sins and our iniquities, exact same words. So at the cross, he took not only our sin and our iniquities, but our sickness, our pains. St. Jude says our diseases. And so I want them to know that healing is yours and it’s not only healing is yours, but the ministry of healing is yours as well. It’s in the great commission. We’re to teach you to obey everything Jesus commanded his disciples in healing and deliverance was at the top. So I actually believe right now God wants to do some healing in here, and those that’s watching. Before I came in a while ago, my right kneecap hurt so bad I could barely walk. There’s nothing wrong with my kneecap. It’s one of the seven ways you can get a word of knowledge, and usually when they hurt that bad it’s something big. So I don’t know if it’s someone here that has a problem in the right kneecap or if it’s somebody that’s going to be watching, but it’s going to be either a lot of people or it’s something very, very big. So I believe the Lord is going to heal that. I was talking to my intern who’s here, Brian over there, who’s 25 years old, he felt like God is going to heal somebody that has something wrong with their neck. And I feel like there’s going to be some people healed that has even an issue of metal and surgery in the neck. As far as that goes, I just feel like every time we do a meeting, we just go for metal and several other things. Lately, we’ve been seeing, five out of the last six women we prayed for who had psoriatic arthritis were healed. So if you have, those that’s watching, if you have, and those that’s here watching, if you have any of those things or you feel the heat of God come on you or the power of God beginning to go through you, and as I said with Sid a while ago, you don’t have to feel that to be healed. And a lot of people don’t know they’re healed until they try to do something they cannot do. So I’m going to ask if any of those things apply to you, for you to stand right now and begin to do something.


SID: And oh by the way, you stand. You’re not Swiss cheese. You stand at home. I’m looking at you. More important, God is looking at you.


RANDY: Yes. I want to give you—


SID: Excuse me, add stroke. We talked about that earlier.


RANDY: Yes, we talked about stroke, anything dealing with the brain, MS, Parkinson’s, mental illness, stroke, learning disabilities, whatever it may be.


SID: Do you have much results with cancer?


RANDY: Yes, we’ve seen several people healed of four stage cancer, so whatever it is that you have.


SID: Let’s stand up right now.


RANDY: I am going to ask that you try to do something that you can’t do, that you actually do something, test it out. And at home, you do the same in your living room, wherever you’re watching the TV at.


SID: Let me add one more thing, because every time I minister, this happens. If you have a pain in your neck or back you’d better stand up unless you want to end up being a pain in the neck. No.


RANDY: Even as you were saying that I felt somebody has got pain. It’s above the left ear in the head and it starts right behind the ear, and it kind of goes through the head. Now check out your body. Now we’re not asking if you’re a hundred percent because we’ve had only a few, it hasn’t even been a couple of minutes. But if you’re at least 80 percent improvement or function restored, I want you to wave both hands over your head to your wrist cross, like this.


SID: There are a few who are waving.


RANDY: One, two, three, four. Just stand and wave if that’s you. There’s about five people already. Now if you’re not at least 80 percent, but you’re getting better, you’re improving, would you wave one hand at me. Okay now, I’m going to pray. We haven’t prayed yet. Father, I just want you to see God heal people before we pray. Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you for the ones that you are healing that are least 80 percent or more. But these, Father, the last ones that just raised one hand, we’re praying and agreeing, and saying amen to what you’re doing. And in the name of Jesus we speak to their pain, and we invite the power of your Kingdom to come, the Gospel of your Kingdom, the power of your Kingdom, establish your reign over sickness and problems. We thank you for your miracles, miracle power. I command pain to leave, conditions to be healed, the energy of God to go through your body for the Glory of God in the name of Jesus. Now, check it out again, all you watching, whatever you’re watching, whatever you’re watching, whatever room you’re in, check it out. Those who waved one hand, now if you’re at least 80 percent, you couldn’t wave your hands a while ago, but now you can, wave them high over your head. There’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten more. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Now I just believe, I actually believe, because we’ve seen God do this, not only will there be people healed the first time you run this, but there will be people get healed in the reruns.


SID: Oh I’m sure of that.


RANDY: It could be a year from now this thing is being shown and God will use the Word and use the testimony, and bring healing.


SID: Okay, one last word. Pain in the hip area, you’re being healed or even a new hip. You just stand up and walk around a little bit, you’ll see it’s gone. Now the healer is not Randy Clark and it’s not me. The healer is Jesus, and in Hebrew, Yeshua.



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