JIM:  Uhhh… I mean different kind of crazy! You know what I mean? You know what I mean! You know, you know people… and so people would show up at my house. I’ll never forget a guy shows up at my house in the middle of the night. He’s so big he like blocks out the moon. You know, you know what I’m saying? And he comes to my door and he says are you that guy that’s been down there talking about Jesus? And I’m like umm, uh, maybe, uh, uh, could be. And, uh, he comes in and he says, uh, and, and he shows me he’s packing heat, you know. He says, uh, well, uh, I’m getting ready to go kill my mother and kill my wife and tomorrow morning I will be on the court house square and I will kill everybody that moves and I’m going to start with killing you if you can’t get me help. Man, I got news for ya. That’s when you go what is the most important thing around here? I’m want to tell you something. We have so missed the most important aspect, two most important aspects of the gospel. And we’ve done what people do… and I see this in when I go into a consulting, you go in and, and these companies will teach people how to do stuff. Now, and, and it works for a while and when it starts not working instead of going back to what did work, then they started adding something on. And in a year or two years what they’re doing isn’t even close to what they were taught to do. That’s what we do as believers. We come to Jesus in such incredible simple faith and it works. Everybody know what I’m talking about? You, you remember. You remember how when you first got saved it’s like man, getting a prayer answered was like falling off of a slippery rock! There was nothing to it! You… I mean it just seemed like everything worked. But what happened? What happened was we started… when something would go wrong instead of going back to what was really working we started kind of adding new things onto it and it started getting more and more complex. And before long it wasn’t even about Jesus anymore. Now it’s about us and our performance and what all we do and what all we feel like what we deserve. And we’ve left behind the most important factor. Let, let me say this first. You know THE root of the gospel… your faith is all about what you believe about the death, burial and resurrection. See most of us look to the life that Jesus lived when He walked planet earth. I go okay, my faith is going to be rooted in what He did. You know I’m thankful for what He did while He was here. I mean I could spend hours talking about the value that we have by Him emptying Himself, becoming a man and, and yielding to the Holy Spirit and all of those kinds of things. But you know what? That has nothing to do with my salvation. That has nothing to do with how or why the power of God would work in my life. That has nothing to do with me experiencing this thing we call “salvation.” And you know this thing we call salvation: “Sozo” [the Greek New Testament word for salvation] …saved, healed, delivered, blessed, prospered, protected, made whole, set apart. It’s not just about getting born again. It’s about    every aspect of quality of life, of dimension of life that Jesus obtained for us through His death, burial and resurrection. And so we need to know what happened while He was on the cross. What happened while He was in the grave. What happened so that He was raised up. And then what happened after He was raised up. Now, I… that’s the, that’s the root of the gospel. And you know what? That’s what you hear preached less than anything else. I mean you might hear a reference to the cross, but you don’t hear people talking about all the things that the Bible says happened. Just like this concept of, of being delivered from the curse of the Law. See if you can read you go back and read Deuteronomy or anywhere, and you go okay, this is a curse, this is a curse, this is a curse and you know when that comes into my life, if I recognize it as a curse, that’s when I have said, “No! I don’t accept you. You’re not from God.” And then not only… that’s when you know guilt’s going to rise up and you say but you remember that thing that you did the other day. You’re like you know what? That’s right. As a matter of fact I’ll just deal with that right now. Father, I thank you that I’m forgiven. I don’t… you know and you know you deal with it, but still I have authority. Even though I might have failed, even though I might have problems with it I still have authority because of what Jesus did! And you got to realize. See when Jesus rose from the dead, because you died with Him then every aspect of you that opposes the ress… who, who, who Jesus is resurrected?  [He] died. And you, you were raised up with Him. New creation. Now the Bible tells us that when we come to Jesus that we got to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. Now not just believe that He raised Him from the physical death. But do you know what? There had already been people raised from physical death. Jesus raised people from the dead. People were raised from the dead in the Old Testament. But do you believe God raised Jesus from the dead based on His account of what happened? And what does that have to do with you? And that’s where it starts getting interesting. Because the Bible says you got to believe that in your heart, not just your mind. See when you believe something in your mind, intellectually, when you’ve gathered the information all you have done is renewed your mind. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. You can even put some of that information you know into practice and it’ll benefit your life. But you, that doesn’t mean you’re experiencing transformation. That doesn’t mean you’re changing from the inside out. It just means you got some information that you can try really hard to put into practice. But the Bible says you got to believe this in your heart. Now the heart, and, and I, I don’t have time to go into all the dimensions of the heart. We could, honestly, I could, I could talk about the heart, its functions for a week nonstop, every day for hours. We can’t go into all that. But I want you to understand some of the basics of the heart. First and foremost, the heart is the real you. As near as I can understand from, from over 40 years of, of diving into this the heart is part spirit, part soul. Now the spirit part of your heart God has already written all of His truth on that part of you. But the soul part of your heart that’s why you got to renew your mind so that, so that they will be in harmony. So that what, so what you think and what your emotions are saying are harmonious with what God says and with the reality that God has, has established in you. Now the heart is the real you. And one of the… the two most interesting aspects of the heart are this. Number one, when you believe a truth in your heart it changes your sense of self. It changes how you see and experience who you really are. Now some of you have heard me talk at different times and teach at different times about, uh, uh, about prosperity or about success or this sort of thing. You know one, one of the reasons success works for me is this. See I can’t see myself broke! One of the reasons I get healed… You know I’ve overcome several life-threatening diseases. You know I was a, I was a, uh… after I stopped being a street preacher then I started being a jungle preacher and I used to do jungle crusades in other countries. And man I’m telling you I was, I was in other countries sleeping in huts, eating stuff that would make a goat puke. That’s, that’s a real missionary! If you can eat something that would make a goat puke you’re a real missionary! You know what I’m saying? And so man, I’m off in the jungle doing these crusades and uh, you know, uh, every phenomenal thing… uh, I’ve seen every miracle in the Bible. I mean, uh, I mean we would see, we’d see so many blind people get healed. This would be the honest truth. They would stop taking testimonies of blind people getting healed because it was boring. Because we had we already had so many of ‘em. You’d see cripples just get up and run around everywhere, all these kinds of things. You know thank God for it! But you know what? There’d be lots of times I’d be back in that jungle eating what those people eat, drinking the water they drink and I’d come home nearly dead! I’d… honestly, there have been 2 or 3 times since, uh, I started doing that kind a stuff that I would come back from some country somewhere and, and they, my wife or the doctors would not think I would live past the week. And, and these truths that I’m sharing with you these are the things that I used to walk out of those life-threatening illnesses. These are the things I used to walk out of financial disasters. It’s all about what Jesus did on the cross. But it’s not just the fact that He did it. I’ve got to believe that in my heart. Not just have this mental agreement. Not like, okay, yeah, let’s me see. God give me enough information and if, if I, you know if I see that I agree with you and I think you’re smart enough then what I’m going to do is I’m going to pass a judgment about You and say yeah God, you’re smart enough. I’ll kind of go along with that. And we think that that’s believing. I say believing in your heart is when you believe something to such a degree you can’t separate who you are from this reality. Now stop and think about it. Your whole life, your, your  mind is gathering behav… is gathering information. Your whole life. Parents are saying things to you. School teachers are saying things to you. Uh, you’re having failures and successes, embarrassments. All of these things. Well see we think that we are the sum total of our lives’ experiences because we’re living out of this. And so your mind serves to protect your ego. So your mind is always going, I mean in a nanosecond, every time an opportunity comes to it, before you realize you thought about it your mind’s going to say “uh uh, uh uh, uh uh.” And you’re going so that’s the Holy Spirit saying no. That’s not the Holy Spirit. That’s fear!

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