SID: You know, Isik, you appear to be such a joyful person. You’re always bubbly. You’re always excited, but if people only knew the background you came from. It’s almost like that was a different person. I mean, I already told them your dream would be worthy enough to be a suicide bomber. You just got back from Israel. Tell me what happened when you went to Israel. What was it like?

ISIK: Well I had another encounter with Jesus there and I was weeping every step when I was walking to Jerusalem, and I just fell in love with Israel, and I felt like I belong there for all my life. And even when I was an enemy of Israel, when I wanted to wipe Israel from the face of the earth, as a radical Muslim, and I saw Lord Jesus towards me when I was in Israel, it was such a life-changing experience.

SID: I want you to see the contrast. I’ll take you back as a young girl in a Muslim family in Turkey, radical. What was your life like as a young girl?

Well I grew up in civil war years, so I was very accustomed to bombed, hearing gunshots, people killing each other. We had a terrorist training center next door. So I was four or five years old. I was seeing machine guns, dynamite going in and out of the body, and I developed PTSD at an early [age]. I was being beaten up, abused, and molested later on by a family relative. I’ve been through a lot of physical, sexual and emotional abuse when I was a kid and later on when I was a young adult.

SID: But even in Turkey it’s the same as America, the women think I’ll get married and that’s going to be my solution, and I’ll be just like they show in Hollywood. How old were you when you were married?

ISIK: Nineteen years old.

SID: Okay. So you get married.

ISIK: Yes.

SID: And it was actually worse than the beatings you were taking at home.
ISIK: Absolutely. The only difference, at that time, I was bleeding. My first husband was doing writing as a Muslim man. He was disciplining me to become a better Muslim woman.

SID: Is he allowed to do this, according to their holy book?

ISIK: Absolutely. Absolutely.

SID: Just out of curiosity, there’s been a phrase in America used often about Islam.

ISIK: Yes.

SID: This is the phrase that we have been sold as Americans: Islam is a peace-loving religion. What would you say to that?

ISIK: Well whoever says that has Antichrist spirit because this is a fake peace of Antichrist. And if there’s any peace in Islam, who says that needs to show me one Muslim country in the world that has peace. And it is a very fake and very deceptive statement that Islam is a peaceful religion.

SID: Okay. So you have a horribly abusive marriage and you decide you’re going to get education. You study. You’re good. You get a good job and then you figure a way to get out of Turkey to America. You get a transfer. You divorce your husband. I understand it took a miracle. You come to America. You live a very wild lifestyle and there’s another man who is involved in drugs, you get involved with, and he was acting crazy towards you. It was like you were a magnet to attract problems for yourself.

ISIK: Absolutely. And I believe through a problem, God can speak to many people. Maybe there’s a pattern in their lives and there’s an abuse pattern. They feel stuck and I was one of those people. I was a victim before Jesus Christ. I had this thing on my forehead, come and abuse me, come and rape me. And people, abusers are attracted to victims. So I had another horrible marriage, but the good part of it, I have a 20-year-old daughter today who is a missionary, and two months ago I led my second husband to the Lord, gloriously.

SID: Okay. I want to take you, you get a good job in America. However, because of the abuse, there’s a point you can only take so much, and because of this abuse, even with her daughter, life isn’t worth living. She’s going to commit suicide. She goes into work and her employer says, “Isik, I want you to come to my office. I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.” When we come back let’s find out what he did.

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