RODNEY:  Really? You want to be dignified? It ain’t going to happen! Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Just lift your hands right where you are.




RODNEY:  Some people ask me you know they say so what do I have to do, how many hours a day do I have to pray? How many chapters of the Bible do I have to read? How many days must I fast a month? It’s a relationship, man, it’s not a ritual.


AUDIENCE   That’s right!


RODNEY:  Some people are walking around trying to wear Saul’s armor to get the job done. How can you wear Saul’s armor? No wonder you’re so burdened down. No wonder you have no joy, no peace. It’s those five smooth stones. David had a relationship. He ministered out of that relationship. And you and I are to minister out of that relationship that we have with Jesus. He fills us up to pour us out. He fills us up to pour us out. If you don’t let him pour you out something’s going to be missing because you’re going to reach people I can’t reach. Just even coming from this meeting we have today. Do you realize in a matter of seven days thousands of people can be reached just out of this meeting right here? Can I pray with you? I know you’re busy working there but I feel, I saw the hand of God come on you. Just bring her over here. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Come. Come. Lift your hands. Thank you, Lord. FIRE! The fire of God. I’ll tell you on all of the people that are used in this ministry greater creativity is going to come. Greater creativity. New ideas. New ideas. Things that have never been done before. Outside of the box. People will say, oh, some will say it won’t work but it will work because it will be of the Lord. It’ll be of the Lord. When I first came to America the Lord said to me find out what everybody else is doing do the opposite it’ll be me. Because everybody copies each other. God’s got originals. He don’t do copies. Are you kidding me? Amen!


AUDIENCE   Amen! Amen!


RODNEY:  Glory to God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. I see Brother Sid moving over this way. (waits for Sid) I just feel to pray for more of the people here today whatever else you want me to do but…


SID:  Only if you pray for the people watching by way of video as well.


RODNEY:  We can do that right now. Why don’t you and me join hands?


SID:  You have a deal!


RODNEY:  And we’ll do that.


SID:  Let’s make a deal. No. That’s another show. (laughing)

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