RODNEY:  Somebody who is demonstrating that He is alive. That when you are Exhibit A that Jesus is alive. When you walk in the door something is going to happen. When you walk in the door something is going to take place. Not because of you but because of Him because He lives on the inside of you and He’s wanted to flow through you and you’ve got to learn to yield to the Spirit of God. Regardless of what you’re feeling. You might feel tired. You might feel… I remember we were going down to preach in Auckland New Zealand and you know, to get there flying out of Tampa you’d fly into L.A. and you’d take the overnight flight and I would leave on Sunday afternoon after the morning service, get into Los Angeles, then get on the midnight flight and land there Tuesday morning cause you miss a day. One year my son was turning, I think 8, and he lost his birthday. He was very upset about it because we’d crossed the date line. You know, he said Dad, when’s my birthday. I said now son, for about an hour.




RODNEY:  He wasn’t happy. I tried to make it up to him but he… anyway when you cross the date line that’s what’s going to happen. You lose it. So I landed there on Tuesday morning and I had an hour to shower and run to the meeting. I get there. There’s about 3000 people in there. I am tired. I’m jet lagged. How many have ever had jet lag? Your head feels three times the size of your body. You’re tired. You just want to put your head down. I can still remember I gave the altar call hundreds of people came forward to receive Christ. And as I was praying with them I could hear my voice trailing off. Have you been driving down the road and you start dozing off to sleep? That’s what was happening to me. You know I’m praying over the people. I’m leading them in the prayer to accept Jesus and I hear my voice trailing off. I’m going on. No! Don’t go to sleep now.




RODNEY:  Like I’m busy praying Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart, forgive me of my sin but I can hear my voice just going off in the distance. I think what if I were to start praying and blessing the food or something stupid. I mean that’s embarrassing. You know you were leading people to Christ then you bless the food.




RODNEY:  I mean what good is that? I just said that to say how tired I was. So now they line everybody up. So I’m walking down this line. And I’m just laying hands on people. Well I’m so tired. Somebody said what did you feel? I felt nothing. I felt like going to sleep. I want to sleep but the people are lined up. Lift your hands. I walk around the line. In the name of Jesus. In the name. In the name. Just walking down. Feel, touch, whatever. No long prayer. You know. People always want you to pray this long prayer. Like if you just touched them it’s not good enough. Meanwhile the woman with the issue of blood just touched him. Nobody prayed for her.

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