SHAWN: And the Old Testament it was about you know all information. If you could get your information right that?s how God loved the people but in the New Testament it?s about we?re each justified by our own relationship and to hearing God. So we bring each other encouragement, comfort, edification. So if we miss it we just take responsibility and say I?m sorry that I missed that detail and we move on. We don?t have to stop our ministry. We don?t have to, we may decrease in our authority if we continually miss in certain areas. We need to like reevaluate how we?re getting those words but that?s part of learning how to be accountable to growth but you are not disqualified because you missed details. As a matter of fact before I go back into the Bill Johnson Australia story I was at Starbucks one day and I ran after this guy and I said hey, is there a Steven, like a brother or a cousin or something? He goes, no! and I thought ah-ha-ha. Okay. Bye.




SHAWN: And he goes why did you ask me that? And he laughed. And I said I?m a Christian. I?m learning how to hear from God. This is just a few years ago. And he laughs and he goes I?ve waited my whole life to talk to somebody who believes God?s really going to talk to them. Do you have time to sit down with me? Producer in Hollywood. We sit down at Starbucks for 45 minutes. He gives his life to Jesus through a wrong word of knowledge!




SHAWN: See if it?s about love, love never fails! So if you take responsibility, oh like I?m just trying something. I?m sorry. I?m not giving and a lot of people criticize me because I?m not giving demonstrative words most of the time. I?m not saying ?God told me? unless I know! There?s a certain level where I know God has told me but if I?m just trying it by the measure of my faith I?m saying does this make sense to you? Is there anybody with this? Because I?m just trying to walk in faith. And some people say that?s ?cold reading? or that?s whatever. But no. Jesus would say ?hey is that Zacchaeus in the tree?? And He just called out and he came. And these kinds of stories are the stories we need to focus on in the scripture. Back to Bill Johnson. So I gave five words in a row or four words in a row but there?s five of them. I didn?t give the fifth one I was so nervous and I just said like okay, bye everybody.




SHAWN: The next night God blew it out of the park. He awed me. He awed them. It was beautiful but not with those words. So I just I had this list of notes in my Bible, I mean in my I-Pad which is also my Bible. I had a list of notes and a year later, you guys, I was in Las Vegas Nevada and my daughter had been really sick with RSV which is very serious but she was getting better that day. And so I actually went to Las Vegas even though she was sick, she was getting better and my wife, it was in my wife?s home church she said you have to go to Las Vegas because this is our home church and Harper?s better now and you need to go. But I was so tired from being out with the family, just so worried about RSV so serious and we were praying and so I had been out for two days. It was like I don?t know if I can give them anything. I have nothing! So we get in the car and drive their cause we missed our flight so we get in the car and we drive there. I drove with a new believer who wanted to tell me everything about his whole life which is really fun but I was exhausted by the time I got there. And so we get to the meeting and [laughing] and I get there. We got there late so we got there two-thirds of the way through worship, almost at the end of worship. And I think God, I don?t know what to do. They?ve already heard my life message. I go to the regular one. They?ve already heard everything I have to preach. I have nothing new because I had no time because of Harper?s being sick for a couple of weeks. I don?t know what to do here God and I hear the Holy Spirit deep inside of me. He says pull out that list from Australia. And I go, no!




SHAWN: And not only did I think you know I didn?t even think I had the list from Australia it was like I think I keep my notes but I?m not sure. This was the first time I knew that your notes stay in your system. I was like this is awesome. I have all my notes. So I look and I pull out the five, the five words for different people and I get up after worship and I go you guys, I have to try something cause I have nothing for you. I?m so sorry. My daughter was sick and I?ve had no time to prepare. But Jesus has a lot for you. And I really love you and I came out of love you so I know He?s going to do something but it?s not through a teaching this time. And I said I?m just going to ask. Is there a Shannon and I forget his wife?s name but this couple, is there this couple are you here? And this couple stands up from the front row over here and they say that?s our names. And I said did you just have a grandson? And they said yeah, two weeks ago. And I said is his name ?Grayson?? And they?re like ?YES!? And I?m like we?re all freaking out because I?m like do you realize? And I tell them the whole thing about a year ago I got this. I knew about your grandson a year ago but not really. But God did!


SHAWN: And He knew Him by name a year ago!





SHAWN: Now picture that! The God of all the universe knew us from the beginning! And this is a proof. That a year before, He wasn?t even conceived yet. His parents hadn?t picked his name till about a month before the meeting, two weeks before he was born or whatever, and yet I had his name on my I-Pad for over a year!


SHAWN: Now every other skill set you try you give yourself a lot of time. If you?re going to draw the first couple of times it may be stick figures! But wait! Once you start to school yourself in it or you go to classes eventually you start to draw something that has a real form and substance. Words of knowledge you?re going to make a lot of mistakes. It?s going to feel like a guessing game sometimes. That?s why you have to use your friends and like unsaved people so you don?t get in trouble.




SHAWN: Cause the church sometimes you know gets really mad about you for trying the prophetic but run after trying and it?s trial and error. Because when you get it right you?re going to go ?Oh!? And in your spirit like all of a sudden you?re praying for somebody like I just sense your father is sick. Can I pray for him? And they?re like yes and you?re – I know how to feel that now! So when I?m around somebody else I know what?s authentic but sometimes it feels like guessing when you?re trying cause you?re just, you?re revving up your engines. You?re trying to figure it out and the church hasn?t allowed us to have a love, you know, judgment-free zone in this area! And we need to have a ?judgment-free zone? so we can take risks! And it?s trial and error. So try to and use lesser language cause if you start out strong or if you?re in a camp that says, “The Lord has told me” and it?s wrong. The Lord has told me March 8th and like and nothing, Oh, like sorry. You know that?s really high stakes. So lower the stakes and say hey, I?m a Christian. I?m getting a spiritual sense from God from His heart that maybe this information means something to you. So lower the stakes. If you don?t feel like God told you don?t say God told me. Lower the stakes and just say I have a spiritual impression inside my heart for you or that may be for you. Can I share it with you? And I?m telling you people cannot wait to hear from you when you get a spiritual impression so just try out something and give yourself lots of grace. So people come to me after five times of trying and say ?it doesn?t work!? And I?m like I tried hundreds of times before I built my own confidence in this. So if you?re going to give up after five times you?re done. Okay, if you?re going to give up after five times it?s like I want to be a pianist. How come I can?t be a pianist? I played six times?



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