Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is Ella Brunt. I’m speaking to her at her home Texas City, Texas. On July 2, 1997 she went with her 2 children at that time 6 and 8 years of age and at her little boy Cody. There was a gush of wind the sailboat tipped over and Cody went into the water. He was under the water for a good 10 minutes. He had all the vital signs of being dead. So the helicopter came they took him to the hospital. Her husband wasn’t there she called and left a message on the answering machine. When he got it what a report to hear, so he is riding to the hospital with his mother. In the meantime Ella is on her way to the hospital because Cody… the helicopter had taken him to the hospital. The doctors really gave him no chance to survive, but supernaturally Ella was standing on God’s promises. You told me that God spoke to your husband on the way to the hospital and gave him a strategy or a game plan if you will, but there was one thing that he heard that I’ve got to repeat again because it’s so important. This is what he heard from God as he was praying and driving to the hospital: “Faith filled words dominate the laws of death. Faith filled words dominate the laws of death.” What was the game plan he got that he told you when he came to the hospital and met you for the very first time?

Ella:  Okay whenever I got to the hospital he had beaten me there actually.

Sid:  Hmm.

Ella:  He had some things that he knew that through the “Faith filled words dominate the laws of death” that we had to guard whatever we spoke in this situation. Whatever came out of our mouth would either be life or death for our son. So he told me “Ella we’ll only speak words of faith and the desire to end results. Number 2 we won’t let anybody around him that won’t agree with us. We won’t let anybody around him speak death or we will… if they can’t agree with us that’s he’s going to walk out of this hospital a 100% restored we’re going to keep those kind of people away from Cody and we’re only going to speak faith filled words over him.” So that’s what we chose to do. Even though the reports were coming at us that his lungs were completely full of fluid, of saltwater and that he had brain damage. The doctors looked at us and he said “Your son is a very very sick little boy that if he lives through the night his brain will start swelling. We’ll have to drill holes in his skull. There’s massive brain damage and we won’t know for a couple of days just how severe it is. But that’s not his real problem…” I thought “Well my goodness that’s bad enough.”

Sid:  That sounds like a problem to me.

Ella:  Yeah but he said “That’s not his main problem. The main thing is his lungs from the saltwater is hemorrhaging and we can’t stop the bleeding.” So that’s one thing that they couldn’t fix. They couldn’t have medication or anything like that, then with brain damage you can’t reverse what the oxygen… whenever it’s dead it’s dead. So that was report and it was like we could hear what he was saying but it wasn’t registering for one thing and soon as he got through my husband looked him and said “Doctor I thank you for everything that you’re doing for Cody but I want you to listen to my report.” He proceeded to say that we were believers in Jesus Christ and we just wanted to go in see our son and lay our hands on him and pray the prayer of faith that we believe God to raise him up and that he would walk out of that hospital 100% normal.

Sid:  How did the doctors react?

Ella:  He just looked at us like “Bless your darling heart you’re in denial but that’s just our report. That’s what the medical facts are and as soon as we get Cody stabilized and up in ICU, PICU you will be able to see your son and we’ll allow you to go in and see him.” So there was quite a while that lapsed before we could actually see him. The news reporters were already there in the hospital so they were keeping us hidden from them. I was in a bathing suit, my daughter was in a bathing suit so they got hospital scrubs and put us in those because we were kind of giveaways for that. So we got up to the PICU floor and I looked over there and there was a group of people from our church that had already gotten there. There was about 20 people there waiting and I just kind of looked at them and they ushered quickly into the PICU unit and again the doctor up there told us the same story. Again Ted said “I thank you for your report but I want to tell you our report.” So he again said that we wanted to lay hands on our son and pray. He said “Okay you can do that.” I said “There’s about 20 people out here could they come in too?” He just looked at me and said “Okay.” I thought it was the favor of God that would let us do that but later on I found out that they did not expect him to live through the night. So whenever they do that they relax some of the rules which it was a rule in PICU that only 2 people can be beside the bed at a time. So they said “Sure they can come in they have to wash their hands and go through the sterilization procedure.” At that point I went out and told that they could come and what they would have to do. So they came in and if they couldn’t lay hands on the bed or part of Cody they laid hands on a doctor or whoever was by them.  One of our care ministers were there and Ted actually asked him as an authority in our church to pray for Cody and we would agree with him in prayer, so we did that night. Then we had to leave and they had to do some more procedures on Cody with some catheters and things like that for their life saving things. So there was time where we were just waiting for a good part of the night. We and Ted whenever we came back out told the people exactly what we were going to do. We weren’t going to speak any negative report, we were only going to speak faith over Cody and not allow anybody else that couldn’t and only speak the desired end results. We were here at the hospital they didn’t believe Cody would make it through the night and so we were just right outside the PICU doors just in a waiting pattern. People were starting to come and just show their love and concern and some other people went home to get us some clothes and take Britney and Grammy home so they could be settled in for the night.

Sid:  Now you were you… tell me the truth now, were you at this point having heard the reports from the doctors knowing what’s going on backing down some in your faith stance?

Ella:  If I would allow my mind to think of him all I could think of is getting a picture of him reaching out to me in panic. My heart went out to him knowing that he hates anything medically and if he would wake up to see all this stuff on him, but also there was just a supernatural peace, that’s all I could say, is a supernatural peace because I usually faint at the site of needles and that sort of thing. So all the paraphernalia that was on Cody at the time it was just supernatural for me to even to stand beside that bed and look at my son at this point hooked up to all this.

Sid:  Ella we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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