Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is Ella Brunt. I’m speaking to Ella at her home in Texas City, Texas. On July 2, 1997 she went on a family outing, her 2 children and her nephew went on a sailboat and suddenly there was a big gust of wind and the boat rolled over. Her son Cody 6 years old at the time went under. He was under the water for a good 10 minutes. When they got him out of the water what did he look like Ella?

Ella:  He was blue in color, he was just a limp dishrag I mean there was no life, no action, no anything. The off duty police officer who helped assist us, finally, took his vital signs which there was no breathing and there was no pulse. So going off of that information he started immediately to give him artificial… well CPR there on this boat that had come up to help us. So that was vital time that we needed also that we didn’t have to wait till we got back to the dock, they could start CPR right there.

Sid:  What were you doing while all this was going on once they started the CPR?

Ella:  I was still in the water just watching you know. So whenever they started CPR and I saw that first gush of water come out of Cody’s mouth I started going, I started swimming towards the boat and then miraculously got up on the boat. Then we started going back to the shore. The off duty police officer was just a God send because he knew just how to give CPR and worked on him all the way up until we got to the dock. They had already called 911 some people out on the pier at that time and they were delayed getting there they went to the wrong place.

Sid:  Hmm.

Ella:  So here we are we’ve got him up on the dock and they’re continually because he hadn’t started breathing at this point on his own so they’re continually giving him CPR. My nephew is just exhausted he’s just leaned over, and slumped over on one of the pier pilings. I could see that he was having just guilt all over him. I knew that we needed a miracle on both hands my nephew had bipolar manic depression and he was under medication. I knew in my heart that if anything happened to Cody that it would really be the end of Wallace because with bipolar you have suicidal tendencies and all that sort of thing with that. It was not just one victim here there was 2 victims in this particular accident. So finally the paramedics did arrive they took over the life saving process with CPR. They actually incubated him there before they left there on the dock which I was not around during that particular thing. They were making progress to get the Life Flight helicopter to land over in the parking lot so whenever the paramedics came I thought “Well I certainly can’t do any good.” While they were working on him I was standing over him saying “You’ll live and not die and declare the works of the Lord,” just praying over him then some in the spirit and some in my understanding of prayer. Britney was over towards the side and I just kind of looked at her and just kind of gave her a thumbs up because we were too far apart to converse or anything. I had to go and re-park my car and I felt like I could do that once the professional paramedics got to the scene. So they were working on Cody and we were making way for the Life Flight to land. The news helicopters were already up in the air there was about 3 helicopters over and those were news helicopters from Houston. Whenever I did move my car I called my husband at work, well left him a message at home in case he had got there, he had already left work. Then I also called my pastor that I knew that I needed support here and so I called him up and I got him at home. He immediately agreed with us that he would live and not die and he prayed the prayer of faith too and agreed with me. I went back to the dock and the Life Flight helicopter had landed and they started working on Cody and taking him to the helicopter and letting me know that I couldn’t ride to Houston on the helicopter because that’s just the way it was and there was not much room in there to work anyway.

Sid:  Where was your husband?

Ella:  My husband was at work during all this incident and when I did call work he had already left. So that’s not a pleasant thing to call and leave a message on the phone recorder for him to get whenever he got home. All I could say was Cody had been underwater for a while and they’re transporting him to Herman Hospital in Houston and that’s all I said.

Sid:  You know it seems to me that most Christians if they had a vision that there son was dead and their son was underwater for 10 minutes and he appeared for all practical purposes dead, you were still holding on to something higher than that vision and something higher than what you were seeing with your eyes. How could you do this?

Ella:  It’s just the supernatural of God I really can’t take any credit as far as being calm and everything. It seems like when I made that choice in the water to believe God and trust God regardless there was a supernatural calm and a peace that passed all the understanding in the natural realm. It just consumed me and it just comforted me to know this is not the final outcome even though Cody looked awful from all outward appearances I just believed God for a miracle from the very start that we needed a miracle and that was our goal. So my face was set for nothing less than a 100% son just like I had him.

Sid: Okay your husband hasn’t gotten back to you, you left a message on the recorder, you’re driving with your brother to the hospital. What’s going on in the car as you’re driving?

Ella:  In the car we were praising God we would sing choruses and then I’d get on my cell phone and I’d think of different people to call. Whenever I’d call up their number and they would answer I’d say “Now I want you to believe with us that Cody will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.” Which is just a scripture out of Psalms, and I said “He was under the water. We had a sailboat accident and we’re on our way to Herman and we just need you to pray with us.” That’s all I’d say I wouldn’t go into any great detail because this time was of the essence. It was rush hour traffic so we actually had about an hour drive to get to the hospital but instead of using that time and just thinking “Oh no you know what’s going to happen?” I wouldn’t allow myself to go there I would just continue to keep my mind on the things of God and the word of God and sing praises. That’s totally opposite of what you would naturally do, but we were just in a situation. I just believed God that whenever He performed miracles that He raised people from the Bible and that’s what I had to stand on. So that’s where I was.

Sid:  Okay, you’re headed to the hospital in the meantime your husband headed home and he doesn’t know what’s occurred and he gets home and he goes and he gets his messages and he gets the message from you. What happened to your husband?

Ella:  He relayed to me the story later whenever he touched the doorknob there that afternoon he knew that something was wrong. He immediately went and checked the messages which is uncommon for him he just doesn’t care about telephones. So he got the message and he said he could even hear the helicopters in the background. So he listened to it then he replayed it another time and he listened to it, and so he called his mom and he said “Mom I got this message from Ella and I want you to listen to it.” So he played it and let his mom listen to it and she said “Oh they just had that on the 5:00 news, but they said it was a little girl that drowned.” Ted told his mom “No that’s not a girl that’s Cody and will you ride with me to the hospital with me I’ll come by and pick you up?” So that was his, that was what he did. So he went and picked his mother up and while they were driving to the hospital they were praying in the Spirit and God spoke to him a couple of things on the way up there to where by the time he got to the hospital it’s almost like God gave him a battle plan.

Sid:  What did God say to him as he was driving?

Ella:  He would drive along and all of a sudden he heard these words “Faith filled words dominate the laws of death.”

Sid:  Someone needs to hear that would you repeat that again.

Ella:  Faith filled words dominate the laws of death. He looked even over there at his mother thinking “Well maybe she said that.” There was nobody else in the truck but her and Ted. So he just kind of paused for a minute and again he heard only this time it was stronger “Faith filled words dominate the laws of death!” So he remembered immediately that that was a message that Kenneth Copeland had preached and he had heard it over the radio probably 25 years ago it was even Kenneth Copeland’s voice. So it just strengthened him because it was just a word from God at the right point…

Sid:  Now you didn’t know this at the time.

Ella:  No.

Sid:  But what had the doctor decided about your son in the hospital?

Ella:  Well whenever he got to the emergency room he had no pain reflex, he had no even deep pain reflex which is more severe. That he was not reacting to any of their tests. The x-rays showed that his lungs were a complete whiteout, in other words they were full of water. Also whenever he did that initial eruption of saltwater that was in his lungs they didn’t turn his head so he took that back down in his lungs with also some contents of his stomach. There was foreign matter, there was saltwater now…

Sid:  Did they expect him to live?

Ella:  No.

Sid:  I tell you what we’re out of time Mishpochah come on back tomorrow.

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