SID: Karen you’ve been bathed, drenched, I love that word, drenched daily in the love of God. Were you fearful of the Mafia listening to your conversations, following you everywhere, trying to poison you at that point?


KAREN: No. I was laying on my bed meditating on just how beautiful and how good God was. I was no longer afraid of anything. I just wanted to keep being drenched by the love of God. The Lord gave me a vision and I saw the Lord and he had these very large clopping shears. He was cutting wires and I knew that it was finished, that the Mafia would never follow me again. That day there was a white van outside, a big guy got out of the van and he threw a football in the air and he said, “Touchdown.” And they took the wires off my house.

SID: I’ll tell you what if God is for you, who would dare be against you. Your son Blake prophesied to you one day and says, “Mom I think we should help the hungry, the starving, the needy people of the world.” That sounded right to you and then you started moving in miracles. Tell me about the lady in the park that was dying from cancer.


KAREN: Oh it was just wonderful. Her name was Mary and she had cancer all over her. I think she had seven cancers if I remember right. The doctors told her there was no hope for her, to not come back any more. I told her, I said, “Well I serve Jesus.” I said, “Cancer’s no problem for Jesus.” And I said, “Let me pray for you.” So I prayed for her and she said the next morning there was a lump on her and it was gone. She went back to the doctor and it was so funny, she said they bought a new machine, $100,000. They couldn’t figure out, thought there was something wrong with their equipment and she was giggling. She says, “Now they want me in there all the time. They want to know what I’m eating and everything else.” She was a poor woman, they wanted nothing to do with her. Now that the Lord was healing her and the cancer was getting smaller and smaller and smaller, she said they want her in there all the time. They’re asking her all these questions, “What are you doing? What are you eating?” I said, “Tell them Jesus.”


SID: So you get a call to go to Israel. Tell me briefly about that.


KAREN:I got the call to go to Israel the first time with the Samuel Howells Bible College in Wales. The second time I was, every time I heard the word Israel I would … The spirit of God would fall on me and it was like he gripped me and he told me, “You must go to Jerusalem.”


SID: And you do that?


KAREN: I did.


SID: Faithful.


KAREN: Of course.


SID: And then you were directed to a refugee camp in Jericho and you started going through horrible persecution. What did they do to you? Because she’s a witness. Tell me the type of persecution you went through.


KAREN: Well when I moved into the refugee camp I was the only one in a Palestinian refugee camp. It was a militant refugee camp. You know the Israeli army tanks would come in and it was very edgy during the Iraqi war, so I’m in the camp talking about Jesus and they blew up my car, they threw Molotov’s through my windows, all kind of things happened. They talked about me on the mosque. It was war.


SID: Did they talk about you on the loudspeakers?



SID: What did they say about you?


KAREN: They said, “There’s an American here going to steal our children.” And they said, “She’s giving out food. Don’t go there.” And the more they spoke about me on the mosque the bigger the crowds would get around our house.


SID: Tell me about the Muslim man that had the incurable eye disease.


KAREN: I remember this guy. I mean he was just, we were trying to help him. He had 10 children. He came to me one time and his eyes were all infected and running and he said, “Mohammed’s power is greater than Jesus.” I thought, “Well have Mohammed take care of you.” The spirit of the Lord just gripped me, and said, “You pray for him and you tell him if Mohammed’s power is greater he will never be healed but if Jesus’s power is greater he’ll be healed immediately.” I prayed for him and the next day he came and his eyes were totally healed.


SID: Tell me about the last big fire bombing.


KAREN: This is fire number 7. Like 7 years of famine, 7 fires. The fire came in, they used 100 plastic chairs, put them up against the house and made an explosive that every window in the house blew out when the explosive went off. I heard Thomas scream, “Fire!”. The kids, I had two volunteers then, not many. Now we have closer to 50 but back then it was hard to have volunteers because the persecution was so high. They run out so I started crying out to the Lord. I said, “Lord, what? Around this mountain again? Buying more furniture again? The house all full of flames?” At that point I knew I could walk through fire and not get burned. At that point, I mean, I was convinced God would rescue me but I was tired of fires. And the Lord said to me, the Lord said, “If you would just lift your hands in the air and you will praise me and you will give me glory,” God said, “I’ll carry you into the next realm.” I told the kids, they were worshipers, I said, “Come on we’ve got to worship. We’ve got to praise the Lord.” We just lifted our hands in the air and began to praise. I just want to say if you’re out there right now and you’re just being crushed, every wall is caving in, if you would just give him glory, if you would just lift your hands and praise him, God is going to carry you through.


SID: You’re doing such a marvelous job there that you get called to Jerusalem. What did the Israeli army say to you?


KAREN: The Israeli army called me in after about 5 years. They said, “We’ve watched what you’ve done.” They said, “When you first come into Jericho we thought you were crazy.” But they said, “You’ve accomplished much.” And they said that terrorism has fallen in the city of Jericho. They said, “There’s 27 more refugee camps out there. We want you to move into Jerusalem and take an office in Jerusalem because you’re a partner with Israel.”


SID: Did they give you the office?


KAREN: No, no. We rented the office but they gave me a political status and they registered us sovereignly as an NGO.


SID: Alright, everything now, she’s at the height of her ministry. She has success in one Palestinian camp, Jericho. The Israeli army takes note of it and says, “We want you to open up an office and manage over 20 Palestinian camps. Do the same thing.” She’s so excited.

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