SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I’m in the most supernatural land in the world, Jerusalem, Israel, the place that Jesus came at his first appearance, the place that Jesus is about ready to return, and the most important thing for you to know is you can have yourself experiential knowledge with God. God wants you to have experiential knowledge. And my guest is supernaturally equipped by God to help you just have experiential knowledge with God, but she operates in what is known as creative miracles, Katherine Ruonala. I’m going to tell you something. Get ready for your experience with the Living God.

You know the Wuest’s translation of the Bible says, “This is eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge of the Messiah.” Katherine, I don’t know how it happened, but at 12, your heart said, I’ve got to have more than religion. What did you pray?

KATHERINE: You know, I believe you need to be, we need to be real with God. And I was at a youth camp. Everyone was worshiping God, lifting their hands, and I just got real with him. I said, “Lord, I believe in you, but I can’t see you and I don’t know you, and it’s really hard to worship somebody I can’t see and I don’t know.” And I just said, help, and you know, right there in the middle of worship the Lord made himself real to me. I can’t explain it any other way than I was blind but now I see. He made himself real and from that day on I was different.

SID: But you know, Katherine, many times people have an experience with God, but then they get sabotaged along the way, called life. It’s like the devil knows something good is in your future and he tries to sabotage you. So the first two people that Katherine prays for that are dying from cancer, what happened to them?

KATHERINE: Sid, both of them died. And I tell you, I was so discouraged. I actually thought, you know, Lord, I love you, but I think I’m going to put this miracle healing thing in the too hard basket because it didn’t seem to, it seemed to be too risky to me.

SID: Besides that, you know what, you can get by without the supernatural.


SID: The words she said is true. It’s too risky and most of you don’t understand the definition of biblical faith is spelled R-I-S-K, risk.

KATHERINE: That is so true. It’s so true. But you know, as I was just putting this whole thing in the too hard basket, suddenly I had a vision. It was an open vision and the Lord spoke to me, and he said, “Katherine, you must believe.” You know, God’s ways are better than our ways and he said, “Lay hands on the sick and you’ll see them recover. Heal the sick.” And this was the way Jesus did it. He performed miracles and people then would listen as he told them the Good News.

SID: You know, this may be hard for you and maybe hard for you to believe, but when I first started praying for people, I had met Kathryn Kuhlman, I saw all these miracles, do you know the first at least 200 people I prayed for no one was healed, no one. One person died on me. The elders of the congregation said, “I don’t like the way Sid is praying for so many people.” But something in me would not give up.

KATHERINE: Well you know, I believe if you don’t change the subject, if you don’t quit, you win. And now we have seen so many people with cancer, incurable diseases healed.

SID: But this is ridiculous. Let me explain something to you. Jesus said, “You’ll do the same things I have done and even greater.” You told me that you absolutely expect God to heal at least one deaf person when you speak. You really have to have faith.

KATHERINE: Absolutely. Well you know, the Holy Spirit, it’s the Holy Spirit who does it. And pretty much every town I go into one of the first miracles he does is someone with a completely deaf ear gets their ear open.

SID: All right, what about something really amazing like someone with no eardrum? How do you get someone healed with no eardrum?

KATHERINE: I’ve seen four.

SID: Tell me one. Tell me about one.

KATHERINE: Four of those. Just recently in South Korea we had two people, one lady was born without an eardrum, instantly got her hearing restored. Another lady at the age of six had had a terrible infection that didn’t get treated and her eardrum was completely deformed and damaged. She had no hearing whatsoever. The doctors have just confirmed she has a perfectly formed eardrum. She instantly heard. God does this and then as soon as people can recognize, wow, that person couldn’t hear, now they can, they release their faith and amazing miracles happen without hands even being laid on.

SID: Now you teach that worship is the key to everything in life to the supernatural, to miracles, to solving family problems, to solving financial problems, just living this life in this crazy thing called life. Why is this worship so important to you?

KATHERINE: Well you know, how do you trust somebody you don’t know? When you know him, when you know how good he is and how much he loves us then it’s easy to trust him. Because I know him, because I know his love for me, his love for people, because I know his will is to bring life and healing, then I’m not putting my trust in a concept or an intellectual idea or even a theology. My trust is in somebody I know, God himself.

SID: When we come back I want to find out how you were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

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