Sid: I have on the telephone Sandra Kennedy I’m speaking to her at The Whole Life Ministries by way of telephone in Augusta, Georgia. Sandra you were telling me on yesterday’s broadcast it sound wonderful before you started Whole Life Ministries you had a visitation from the Lord 3 as a matter of fact.  He showed you exactly what you’d do step by step things you had no way of knowing. Now that you sit back and see the center you see the teaching center that you have you only allow incurables to come there for the full time ministries.   You’re getting even when you go out to minister 60 to 80% of the people get healed. You’re seeing this all happen now how do you feel?  I mean you’ve see the vision and now see the vision transferred from the invisible realm to the visible realm.

Sandra: Well overwhelmed overwhelmed at the mercy of god the goodness of God and yet very excited, excited of how wonderful God is.  I love knowing that God is really God today do you understand what I’m saying?

Sid: For sure there’s nothing more exciting for me than to see a miracle, to see 1000’s of people saved. There’s nothing more exciting for me than to see God show up.

Sandra: To see that He is still God He’s on the throne, He’s in the healing business, He’s in the saving deliverance business and He’s wonderful. He’s not mad with us He’s on our side He’s just a marvelous God. And to see that in action and see it working out in the church and here at the church we have not only do we have a healing center where people are coming across the nation and across the world are coming to our healing center.  It’s only been in operation for about a year and a half or a little better than a year and a half. And the kinds of healing Sid we’re asking at this point that people that the doctors say they cannot do anything else with you you have a life threatening disease.

Sid: Tell me about what happens with…alright tell me about some people with cancer that have shown up at your doorstep.

Sandra: Oh my goodness this one it just blows me out of the saddle every time I think about it. There was a lady who was in Hospice program sent to Hospice to die.  And cancer by the way is the number 1 percentage wise of cures that we have.

Sid: What type of cancer did this woman get that she had to get Hospice?

Sandra: This woman had bone cancer and it was in all parts of her body and to make a very long story short within this kept building we kept teaching her, teaching her and teaching her and it appeared that nothing was happening. You know a lot of people get discouraged they want…miracles are instantaneous but healing are progressive and people are ready for an instantaneous healing but yet when we go to the doctor we don’t get instantaneous healing we get progressive healing.

Sid: To me a healing means time a miracle is instant that’s the way I separate it.

Sandra: But see that’s exactly right but what happens is you have noticed a lot of people that they want God to do everything instantaneous even though they don’t require that of the doctor.

Sid: Hm.

Sandra: And so we kept ministering to this woman the word of God. Again the heart of all that we do is taking the word of God and letting the word work in your life. There’s not anything on the face of the earth more powerful than the word of God. I mean it will work and it will work all of the time.  And we kept pumping the word in this lady and pumping the word in this lady.  And within finally a doctor, her husband and her children came and said to her “Momma go on home to be with the Lord we release you to go home with the Lord.” And they all left and walked out of the door and left her in the hospice bed and when they left she turned to the nurse and said “I learned at the healing center that I could live and not die and my God is in healing business and what He did for me 2000 years ago still works today I want you to get me out of this bed and set me in that chair.”  And the nurse said “I can’t do that if I pick you up your bones will break.” And the lady said “They’re my bones and I’m not going to die anyway I believe that God has started a work in my body.” To make a long story short they picked her up and moved her.  This lady today is cancer free back on the job working.

Sid: And what about the ones that are not healed?

Sandra: Well the ones that are not healed we teach them to get ready to meet Jesus. We make sure people get saved every single day in the healing center. We make sure that at least they know that they are saved and that they are ready to meet God. We make…

Sid: Kathryn Kuhlman used to say the thing that would break her heart is to see not that it was wonderful the ones that were healed but to see people in wheelchairs that came believing that they were going to be healed and then go back in the same wheelchair. How do you handle that?

Sandra: Well that is that’s heart breaking at times what it does for you you want to go in there and  jerk on and act like you can do it but I can’t heal anybody I can’t heal gnat I can’t heal a fly I’m not the healer. Jesus is the healer but Sid I’m a firm believer that if you get past religion.  I believe that religion is probably the number l thing that stops us from moving and accepting what God has for us and I believe religion gets in our way. And if I can get you passed religion and get you to believing and trusting God I really believe that if you’ll give me enough time, and that’s really the criteria for the healing center is time. And by the way we insist that people keep plugged in with their medical doctor.

Sid: Now why do you do that?

Sandra: Because when you are healed the doctor will see it he will know it. We don’t tell people to throw away medicine, we don’t tell people to not take their therapy or whatever they’re going through. We do many times to ask the doctor to go and run new tests if they know that they have been healed.  And people know you can get a knowing inside of you and when you know that you are healed not based on how you feel, not based on what it looks like but a knowing inside of you. Sid that’s true with people who are when you get saved.

Sid: Now let me ask you a question I’m really pondering this thing Sandra.  I just read a book by Smith Wigglesworth and he had kidney stones I mean horrible condition I mean here the greatest healing ministry the world has ever seen and he’s in agony of pain and it wasn’t for a month it wasn’t for 6 months. The doctor said “Well look all we have to do is operate on you and we can solve this problem.” And he said “No I’m believing that my manifestation will come without a doctor completely by God.”  After a period of suffering for years which could have been alleviated by going to a doctor he was healed. I don’t understand why someone like him didn’t receive it instantly.

Sandra: God knows I don’t know.

Sid: Oh!

Sandra: Laughing I really don’t know but what I try to do is build people’s faith.

Sid: Well you teach in medical schools.

Sandra: Yes and the doctors in this city refer people to us and we have doctors in my church who are on our healing teams and who are part of the healing center nurses and all across the medical profession they’re very much involved in what we are doing. But what I tell people is live and not die; get inside of you that you will live and not die and give God glory. And if you need to go to the doctor and you need to have surgery then go but don’t go out of faith make sure that you’re in faith.

Sid: Now if God tells you to go then you have faith that the doctor will heal you is that what you’re saying?

Sandra: I mean you’re a believer and make sure that you have prayed and make sure that when you’re taking your medicine if you need medicine. Again Sid if I need medicine I’m going to take it, if I need a doctor I’m going to go.  I don’t believe that the doctors are against…I don’t believe that the doctors are doing one thing and the God’s doing another I believe that they’re working together. And so I do not in any way suggest people do not go to doctors but I do suggest that you learn to use your faith even when it comes to the medical profession use your faith. Pray over your medicine your medicine say all of these evil side affects no you pray and put your faith out there. When you take the medicine it’s going to work for good in your and all of this evil stuff is going to come to you and what we try to do is teach how to develop your faith to try to receive faith.

Sid:  Now you did not you told me you don’t have the actually statistics but on the meetings where you go out you see about 60 to 80% people healed you have statistics but at your healing center where you at this point your only taking in people with incurable diseases are you seeing high percentages of those people manifest.

Sandra: Very high percentages.  I mean we’ve had people who’ve had stokes gone back and when they take tests they can’t even find that they have even had a stroke.  We’re seeing all kind of cancers, cancer of the throat, bone cancer, cancer in the blood, breast cancer, colon cancer you name it.

Sid: You’re seeing tumors fall off of people.

Sandra: We’re seeing tumors fall off of people, we’ve had blind eyes open, deaf ears open, dead ears pop open. We’ve had people on kidney dialysis and they’ve come off of the dialysis. We’ve had people with diabetes be totally completely cured of it.  I’m not talking about anything but the word of God.

Sid: You know I’ve seen people that get into alternative medicine and I might add I’m ready for regular medicine and I’m for alternative medicine but I see people get in it and I shouldn’t be a judge but it almost appears that they have…with the faith that they have in the alternative medicine if they have the same faith in the word of God they’d get their healing.

Sandra: Oh yes I agree it’s seeing. The word most people don’t even know what the word teaches. Most people don’t even know that the Bible proclaims that on the cross of Calvary that Jesus not only took care of our sins but died for our healing.   Most people don’t even know that.

Sid: But most people I mean you really nailed me in a couple of areas things I knew but they…

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