Sid:  My guest by way of telephone at her center in Augusta, Georgia, that’s the Whole Life Ministries Healing Center is Sandra Kennedy. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that she was the first woman in the nation to be ordained Southern Baptist Church. But she almost got kicked out because she’d had a call since 6 years of age by God to pray for the sick.  And in the dormitories every one of them that was getting sick she was praying for and they were getting healed but that was against their theology.  She did graduate but they did force her out of the dorms by the way. And she bumped into a guy by the name of Harold Bradeson and he prayed for a bunch of people to get baptized in the Holy Spirit she was disappointed she wasn’t.   She walked up to him and said “How come?”  He said “You have a spirit of rejection.”  She remembered her parents had been divorced at a young age in the name of Jesus he broke that she still didn’t pray in tongues.  And one day she’s driving her car and all of a sudden what happened Sandra?

Sandra: All of a sudden I was caught up in the Spirit and in the throne-room of God and I get in what some people would call an open vision. Now I was caught up and I saw whom I knew to be God the Father but I never saw His face.  I saw from like the bosom down and I saw over in the corner a small child 4, 5, 6 year old and I recognized it to be myself. And I’m watching this and He reached over and clapped his hands like a daddy would clap his hand for a child to come jump in His arms.  And that young child who was me went and jumped in the arms of my Father my heavenly Father.  And when that happened it was no longer that child it then became me and I began to speak in tongues.  And I mean I spoke I believe I spoke in every tongue known to man.  I’ll  never forget it I mean I just talked and talked and talked in my language kept changing and I talked and talked. And then the next thing I know I’m sitting in front at my house in my car in front of the garage door which happened to be 22 miles away from the incident.

Sid: Now do you believe the Bible talks about being translated in the Spirit?  Philip was translated in the Spirit do you think that was what happened to you?

Sandra: Either that or either again what people call like an open vision where you go of course that was exactly what I thought when I had the same similar experience when I started the church here Whole Life Ministry the same identical type thing happened to me.  As a result of that I had was driving outside of Dallas, Texas and was caught up and was standing with the Lord again I don’t know who drove the car I was coming down I-20 the car was no longer there and I was standing with Jesus looking at the front of a building that said “Whole Life Ministry” with Jesus looking at it.

Sid: Now of course that building it did not it did not exist at that time.

Sandra:  No it did not it did not exist and He took me by the hand walked me through it showed me the components of the ministry, told me what to do and what not to do.  How to set up boards of the church and all different kind of things that I knew nothing in the world about and I was at that point wasn’t even Spirit filled when this happened.

Sid: Now you know the Bible says “Jesus only did what He saw His heavenly Father doing.”  I imagine that’s the way Jesus did everything He was instructed and just acted out what He was instructed that’s the way it should be.  That is so wonderful…so you saw this whole thing.  Just of curiosity from the time you had that vision of having this whole center and how to set it up and being told how to do it did you have a fight to get to happen?

Sandra: (Laughing) It took me 10 years to act on it as a matter of fact I had that vision 3 times. Because of my background, because of me being Southern Baptist, because I’m here in southern Georgia Southern Baptist was birthed here in Augusta, Georgia.  I had never met another woman minister, I did not know of a woman minister. And the 3 different times of degrees that I have from Southwestern Seminary I had never heard about Aimee Semple McPherson, I had never heard you know I had seen maybe something on TV about Kathryn Kuhlman but I’d never known of any woman minister it’s pathetic but I hadn’t I never knew. So in my mind I could not do this thing and it was one of the greatest battles and there were people I knew who to ask were my friends who were Southern Baptist and the pastors who I knew who were Southern Baptist of course they all told me I couldn’t.

Sid: So you had a bunch of Job’s friends.

Sandra: Yes I did (Laughing.)

Sid: And so it really toke you 10 years.

Sandra: Ten years.

Sid: You think you could have started it the next year if you had moved?

Sandra: I believe if I did not have so much religion in me.  I believe if I did not have so much so much of man’s interpretation of God’s word in me. If I had just had the faith to just move on it without asking everybody and asking everybody’s opinion but just doing what God had said and realizing the God’s not a man that He should lie and just walk on what He had done in my life I believe in all honesty I could have started it so many years earlier.

Sid: Now at that time did the Lord…He showed you the future as to what it would be but what did He tell you did He tell you what ultimately what your ministry would be?

Sandra: He just simply when He pointed out again He name it “Whole Life…W-h-o-l-e Life Ministry and said basically that the church could teach the fullness of God.  We should minister to the whole man spirit soul and body.

Sid: Now why did you have such extraordinary miracles happen and such high percentage of people being healed at your place?

Sandra: Well I think there it’s pretty clear because it’s so scriptural if we teach the word of God we do not try to give you our opinion. All we do is take you and walk you through the Bible and let you decide for yourself what the Bible has to say about healing.  And so all we really do is I take this wonderful book and I do my very best to make you fall in so love with Jesus that He is so big in your life that you see that He so loves you and the goodness of God that it becomes almost a normal response to say “Well my goodness I see where He wants me well, I see the provision that He’s made for me.”  Sid I’m convinced that this ignorance of the word of God and religious teaching that make us miss the simple things of the gospel.

Sid: And now I’ve been looking over some of the things that have happened there such as 6 brain dead individuals that have come back to life that were healed. That’s brain dead 6, 7 women with total hysterectomies have gotten pregnant. Tell me about this woman whose eye was disconnected and the eye was dead tell me about that.

Sandra: This was a woman that had the eye died well she had an eye transplant and then the transplanted eye died and became disconnected from the socket. This woman when we prayed for her and told her about the word of God I did not know what was totally wrong with her eye.  I assumed that she had glaucoma or that she had cataract something I did not know all of the information that we now know. We just prayed and believed God and taught the word of God about healing.  And the woman then began to shout and scream and carry on and then call forth colors there were banners around and she began to say blue, green, gold, yellow and began to red.

Sid: Now let me say the transplanted eye was disconnected and you didn’t connect it back all you did was just pray.

Sandra: All I did was pray and out of the dead disconnected transplanted eye she began to see.

Sid: Is anything impossible for God?

Sandra: Not a thing!

Sid: I mean you really believe that.

Sandra: I believe that with all of my heart.

Sid: So how come I know people you you know people everyone listening to us knows people that were strong in faith, believed God’s word, had good teaching and did die?

Sandra: Well you know I don’t know that I know all of the answers there’s some things that I can’t give an answer to but I do know this; I know that you can have faith and have tremendous faith in your life and not understand faith for healing and I think that’s very important. I have people say to me go visit so and so in the hospital and say to me up front these are wonderful Christians and they really have a lot of faith, they really believe God and they know that God is the healer and understand what I said “They know that God is a healer and they know that God is a healer would you go to them and talk to them and pray for them?”  And many times I go and what I find out is yes they do know, yes they are wonderful people, yes they do love God, yes they are born again and yes they do know that God can do it. But they don’t have the assurance in their heart that God has already done it that’s a major difference.

Sid: I’ve been listening to your 2 audio cassette series titled “Genuine or Fake (F-A-K-E) Faith” and you nailed things to such a degree.  I understand that that’s required listening for your healing teams and then you wrote a booklet called “Preparation for a Move of God.”  Do you really believe that there will be a move of God?

Sandra: Oh I believe it I believe we’re already in it.  I believe we’re in it you know the Bible talks always about remnants that God talks about remnant. And God deals with a remnant and I believe that there’s a remnant throughout this nations who’s hungry for God. I mean they all ready to lay down all religious teachings…

Sid: But I don’t see how most people can be satisfied where they’re at; if someone tells me they’re satisfied I’ll tell you there’s something wrong with them.

Sandra: I agree 100% I mean there’s such a hunger to see and to know God better and to understand  Him and I believe with all of my heart that the church should be the powerhouse of God.  I believe the church should be the stronghold of community; I think the church should be the authority center of the community.  That we should be the place that understands what living a godly life is about. We should be the place when people are in need…I’m not talking about financial time to get all of your bills paid on but I’m talking about wanting to be fulfilled wanting to find your destiny, wanting to find your purpose knowing the blessings of God, the goodness of God. The church is the place to come we should be the powerhouse of God.  There’s not anything too big for God and the church should be holding up that banner. We should be holding elbows with the community.

Sid: Sandra I’m sorry we’re out of time.

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