Sid: We want everyone everywhere to care for orphans, widows, poor and oppressed.  We want everyone to care for these helpless people like God cares for these people like God cares for these people. I was telling on yesterdays broadcast we’re making available this week a booklet perhaps the most important book that Derrick Prince has ever written it’s called “Who Cares for Orphans and Widows and the Poor and the Oppressed? God Does.” Do We? And he brings out truths that I just never seen before that Old Covenant Prophets the New Covenant Prophets with a heart of God.  I believe that there are many listening that are calling out to God saying “God give me a ministry.”  I believe that as you read this book God’s going to give you a ministry we’re such a blessed country.  And if there’s ever been a time to meet this mandate it’s now. …I’m speaking to a couple that took this message seriously Joan and Bob Nast.  And they had a vision from God they had such a supernatural burden for children that were either seriously ill or dying. And God directed them they bought a farm and they’ve had 1000’s of children AIDS victims, seriously ill children and they give them joy.  I mean more important than joy I mean these children see angels.  Many are healed, many experience the presence of God coming from every background imaginable.  So one day Joan you are traveling with Benny Hinn’s Ministry because you love to see miracles you love to see people saved. But one meeting in 1995 there were a lot of witches present and they were praying against the meeting. And I imagine you didn’t think much of it but what happened 5 days later?

Joan: Well I got deathly sick leaving the crusade so sick that I could smell the dampness almost the death smell in the taxi cab. I was literally starting to throw up, Bobby had to carry me up to the hotel; I stayed up all night on the bathroom floor deathly deathly ill.

Bobby:  It just came on her instantly.

Joan:  And he knew that this was spiritual even though we weren’t that knowledgeable about it.  I stayed sick for 3 days very very sick. By the time we got back to Florida all of a sudden coming out of the shower we noticed this huge lump on my breast within 5 days of the crusade.  We immediately called the surgeon, no my gynecologist and at first he didn’t think it was cancer I went for a mammogram and when I came out from the mammogram the technician said to me “Oh my god you have cancer and you better get to a surgeon immediately but look at this it’s an actually shape of a witch on your mammogram,” and there surely was. Long story short fear panic came over us in the beginning and we went to Benny Hinn’s Church and…

Sid: Did it really look like a witch?

Joan: Yeah.

Sid: I mean I’m still thinking about that.

Joan: Yes in fact there’s a magazine we’ve been on television with it but there’s a magazine one of Benny Hinn’s he put a picture of my mammogram in there and it went out to 250,000 people. And no one ever even questioned that this is a definite shape of a witch exactly where the cancer was.

Sid: Hm. So what happened next?

Joan: Well I believe that the miracles started by the word of God getting down in my spirit. We went up to a service up in Orlando at Benny’s church and Lester Sumrall was there.  And actually I think it was one of his last meetings.

Bob: It was it was his last.

Joan: It was the very last time he spoke because he died shortly after that.  Benny said “For all of you people who will listen to the Holy Spirit at this moment I’m not taking up an offering for our church I’m taking up an offering to feed the hungry. Now you know that Lester Sumrall feeds the hungry around the world and so whoever will listen to the Holy Spirit come up and give to that ministry not ours.”  We immediately got to our feet and ran forward and God spoke to the both of us that we must plant a $1000. Well we sat down.

Sid: At that point how difficult was $1000 to plant?

Joan: It was difficult, it was difficult.

Bob: It was very difficult at that time.

Joan: It was very difficult at that time.

Bob: You just know that you know that you know that you just had to do it just God gave us a $1000 right now right in our head.  And I looked at her and she looked at me and we just knew.

Sid: You both heard a 1000.

Bob: We both heard it yeah.

Sid: Okay I’m glad because that first vision that Joan had she just saw it not in the vision.

Joan: But Bob tell him real quickly what God told you 2 weeks after we wrote the contract on the ranch.

Bob: Well 2 weeks after we wrote the contract on the ranch I was still not sure if she really heard from God.  And I said “Joan you know we’re putting our house; we’re going to be putting our house up for sale I said “We were going to stay here until Jesus comes  back this is the house desire of our heart we have been looking at this house for 10 years that we were going to live in this area.” And I said “Are you sure?” She just said “Bobby I know that I know that I know.” So one day I was in prayer in the morning and I’m saying and I was travailing that’s what I was doing I said “Lord am I doing the right thing here and I making the right decision how come You haven’t spoken to me You always speak to both of us how come you didn’t speak to me yet?” And I heard Him say loud and clear He just said “You just follow the leading of your wife she’s doing everything that I’m telling her to do.”

Sid:  Was it almost like an audible voice?

Bob: Yes, yes it seared so far into my heart that I burst out in tears.

Sid: For those that are just tuning in for the first time Bob and Joan had a half a million dollar home.  The home of their dreams and they have no extra money and Joan has a vision to set up a farm for seriously ill children and give them a little joy in this life. And so she goes to buy the farm and she didn’t have money for down payment and she takes her jewelry off and there’s another man that’s giving a nice check for down payment and the owner says “I’ll take her jewelry I want to do something for God.”  And what God is saying he didn’t get conformation he went along with her and then God gave that confirmation.  Let’s go back right now you’ve got cancer and you’re giving $1000 to feed the hungry and what happens next?

Joan: Well after we gave $1000 Benny said “For all of you people that just gave to feed the hungry…

Bob: In fact what impressed me was he stopped other people from coming up because he says “Stop.”  He said “A lot of you people are just doing it out of emotion now he said the first people that came up here were the ones that heard from the Holy Spirit and he said “Everybody else sit down.”  I was very surprised at that.

Sid: In other words he’s turning down money.

Bob & Joan: Yes he said “That’s it he says only the people that heard from God are supposed to get up here, when everybody jumped up at once that was the move of the Holy Spirit.  He said “Now you’re just doing it just to be there” and he stopped it.  And I was really taken back by that.

Joan: So he said “All of you just gave you will be able you don’t know what’s coming around the corner you don’t know if attacks are coming against you but what it does and when it does you will be able to stand on Psalms 41. Psalms 41 says “For those who feed the hungry or take care of the poor God will sustain them in their time of sickness, He will turn their bed of languishing around and they shall live and they shall not die.”  He said “People I know that maybe this means nothing to you at this moment” which it meant nothing to us at that moment but it was that week I found out I had cancer. And the fear that came over us was tremendous we went home we’re sitting there I would cry he would cry back and forth back and forth. After going through this terrible battle with fear for 2 days before I went in for the surgery all of a sudden Bob grabbed a hold of me one night and he grabbed the Bible and opened up to Psalms 41 pull he off the couch started shaking me “Joanie you’re not going to die you can’t die, he said “We feed the hungry and take care of the poor.” He says “Psalms 41 says that “You shall live and not die and all nations shall call us blessed.” He said “Do you understand that, get it down in your spirit you’re not going to die.” And at that moment it went down in my spirit and that night fear actually left and I felt it come from my stomach and a black cloud came right out of my mouth at the service that night.

Sid: Wait, wait wait. You imagined this you saw this?

Joan: No I saw it, I saw it I started praising God that night at the service because of fear I felt it going.  And I said “Oh God forgive me for doubting forgive me I know that I’m going to live now I know that I’m not going to die.”  And all of a sudden as I started praising God from the pit of my stomach I felt something moving up through my chest.  And out of my mouth I actually saw a little black cloud go “Puff” and it was a spirit of fear left me and it’s never returned.

Sid: And you know the people that really keep in the spirit tell me that people die from this fear more than sicknesses.

Joan:  I asked the cancer specialist that when after she operated on me she said to me “You don’t have any fear do you?”  I said “No I’m a child of God I’m not going anywhere.” And she said “That’s amazing.” I said “Well spirits of fear you know.” And my doctor was Jewish and I said to her “Well God loves me and has a plan for me” and I said let me ask you something when you see people fearful do they die quicker than others?” She said “Most definitely she said they’re consumed with the fear.”  And I actually asked her if she knew what the spirit of fear was and she said no. And but the prognosis with me got worse after that week because after they operated and took out the lump…

Bob: Joan I hate to interrupt you but just tell them what you did to the doctor before you went into the operating room this is really neat Sid.

Joan: Well my doctor was Jewish and she was a fabulous surgeon and I trusted her with all of my heart. And I was going into the operating room and it was 6:00 in the morning and the Lord spoke to me to open the Bible to Isaiah 53 and write down all of the verses down.  So when we were going into the operating room she said “Well kiddo are you ready?” And I said “Well not exactly.” She said “What do you mean?”  I said “Well on the way down I have a piece of paper Isaiah 53 you are not going to operate on me until you read it I’ll know so you better not.” She said “I promise I will, yes I will.” So I went on to the operation you know praise God greater is He that’s in me and every word of God that I ever put in was coming out.  So…

Sid: So were out of time…

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