SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I mean, that’s normal. Let me tell you another thing that is normal. I had a One New Man Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Bill Morford came to that One New Man Conference. And tell us what happened. What happened to you, Bill?

BILL: Well that was awesome because one evening, whoever had the service, called out and said, “God is putting gold teeth in mouths right now.” And I didn’t think much about it. So I participated. I raised my hand because my dentist had told me just a few weeks earlier that there was a tooth that would need a gold crown. And when he finished he asked for, he said, “Be sure to have someone check your mouth.” And he repeated that. And so Luanne, my wife, came and said, “Let me look.” And she looked in and there was a gold tooth. So we had others.

SID: Did you ever go back to that dentist who said you needed a gold crown?

BILL: I didn’t have to. I went home.

SID: We had it on Internet and it was also on television when we had our One New Man Conference, and here’s the amazing thing. His dentist just happened to be watching. So what did she say when she saw the X-ray, she saw your gold tooth?

BILL: She said she had to look in my mouth to see just how it was, and she told me that no lab on earth could make a gold crown like that.

SID: You know, as amazing as that is, there’s something else that happened that was amazing to Bill. Bill went to Israel in 1984, which changed the whole paradigm. Everything of his understanding and his focus, and he went on a 20-year quest to recapture the Jewish roots of the entire Bible, to recapture what those idioms mean. What’s an idiom, by the way?

BILL: Well an idiom, we use in English a lot, is, it’s raining cats and dogs.

SID: But see, there were idioms at the time that the scriptures were written, and they all understood it, so it didn’t have to be explained in the scriptures. And he recaptured the power of the Bible. What do you mean by the power of the translation of the Bible?

BILL: Because both the Hebrew and the Greek are very expressive languages, and they have commands, they use different moods and they don’t get translated properly. I don’t know why the scholars…

SID: Give me an example of something would affirm was not translated properly and then it was, and what difference it made.

BILL: All right. I told you my favorite is the Aaronic Blessing, where we’re all told, “May the Lord bless you and keep you.”

SID: I pray that everyday over the radio.

BILL: “May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance to you and give you peace.” But let me tell you what the Hebrew really says. It’s the “Lord WILL bless you and He WILL keep you. The Lord will make His face to shine upon you and He will be gracious to you. The Lord WILL lift His countenance to you and He will establish you in shalom.”

SID: I love it. You see the difference? May the Lord bless you. The Lord WILL bless you. I say that to you right now. You think you’re just watching a television show. No, you’re not. The Spirit of God says to you, “The Lord WILL bless you.” Bill, what happened to you in ’84, in Israel?

BILL: Stepping off the plane, I just felt, I’m home. I didn’t know why. And I saw Hebrew street signs, different things in Hebrew and I just knew that I had to do digging. And of course, we went to all the Christian sites and it was just blessed all over. It just gave me a hunger to find what Israelites should all know about the power of God and about the ground where Jesus walked.

SID: He studied Greek under a great Greek scholar. But then God opened up a door where, was he a conservative rabbi?

BILL: He still is.

SID: A conservative, traditional rabbi taught him Hebrew. But he was not just an ordinary rabbi. Who was his grandfather?

BILL: Eliezer Ben Yehuda.

SID: And what did Eliezer Ben Yehuda do?

BILL: He wrote a 16-volume dictionary that really introduced Hebrew, reintroduced it as the spoken language of Israel.

SID: He literally fulfilled Bible prophecy because the Bible says that Jews would be scattered to the four corners of the earth, and in a moment, Israel would become a nation, and the Jews would be maintained as a distinct people and come back to their homeland. But when they came back to the homeland, each one spoke the language from the country they went to. So this rabbi was the grandfather, this rabbi was the one that God picked to reintroduce spoken Hebrew into Israel, and his grandson taught you. It’s so amazing what he taught you about Hebrew. But let’s whet their appetite in Greek, because you studied Greek. Twenty years he worked on studying the Hebrew, studying the Greek, understanding what the idioms really meant, understanding what the Jewish roots are, understanding the messianic prophecies. When the Bible says, in the New Testament, “sickness”, what does the Greek say?

BILL: Well there is a Greek word for “sickness”, but there’s also a Greek word that means “evil” that has traditionally been translated “sickness.”

SID: So I believe “sickness” is evil. Now that means that when you are sick, don’t pamper yourself. Get rid of the evil. Don’t go away. Wait until you hear some of the revelation from the ancient Greek and the ancient Hebrew that Bill has found out. It’s going to change a lot of your thinking. We’ll be right back.

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