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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Reihard Bonnke and unbelievable… a widow brought her dead husband, who had been dead for 3 days. I mean he literally was in the mortuary, the doctor said he was dead. In the mortuary they injected chemicals in his veins because that’s the way they do this in Africa. Had he been alive the chemicals would have killed him but of course he was dead. Dead for 3 days but his wife had faith. Now he was a pastor and his wife brought him to a Reinhard Bonnke meeting, Reinhard didn’t even know he was there, but he was down in the basement and he came back to life. Needless to say he has impacted everyone in that city as a result… I imagine everyone in the city knows about that Reinhard.

Reinhard: Yes not just the city he’s getting invitations whether it’s from Australia, or it’s from Holland, whether it’s from Britain, from America, from everywhere I mean he is becoming a world traveller.

Sid: Okay now we left off yesterday he was in the… right by the gates of hell he could see what was going on, he saw the torment, but what happened next?

Reinhard: Well he was unable to help anyone, he couldn’t even try to help anyone in hell, but it shocked him to hear that one man screamed at him out of hell saying that he had been a pastor that he had stolen money from the church, but he wanted to give it back. He said suddenly his angel, that was the mighty angel next to him turned his back to him, and that moment great fear gripped him, Daniel Ekechukwu. Great fear he said it was a horrible fear and the angel said to him “If your record was to come to an end today you would have to join these people in hell.”

Sid: Now this man was a pastor! What do you mean?

Reinhard: Well he asked the… he said “I protested saying ‘I’m a pastor, I am a born again Christian, I am washed in the blood of Jesus.’” But the angel said to him have you not read Matthew 5 where Jesus said “That your sins are only forgiven if you also forgive those who have sinned against you?” He said the angel also said to him “That God has decided not to close His record that moment, but the prayer of the rich man, Luke chapter 16, will be answered and that he would be the one that would be sent back from death to earth to go and warn this generation. This would be the last warning for this generation to repent and to be saved so that they do not come to that place of torment.

Sid: So this is like a sign for us.

Reinhard: It is, it is a very serious sign. Daniel keeps on saying… I was co-ministering with him at my crusade now in Elasha, in Nigeria where he gave his testimony.  I also co-ministered with him when I was in Vienna in Austria. He keeps on saying “People heaven is real and hell is REAL! Hell is REAL! And we serve a holy God you better better cleanup your life and forgive those who have sinned against you because if you don’t your own forgiveness is invalid!” I think it is a mighty strong message that needs to be spread across the whole world. We’ve got to live a holy life, we’ve got to live a clean life and those who are not saved URGENTLY need to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Sid: Now of course we know Reinhard that no one knows when their end will come. I just heard about a 22 year old electrician went to work in the morning and got hit with electricity and dead. Didn’t have a clue, so no one knows when their end is going to come. So everyone has to be ready at this second because that is all they have. However, in your spirit with what God has shown you, with what you have just heard that has happened to Daniel, do you believe he is coming back soon?

Reinhard: Well I believe that this is one last sign from God. All these last 2000 years since the parable was spoken nobody came back to earth saying “That God had decided that the prayer of the rich man in hell be answered and I am the one sent. With that message repent and believe the gospel, clean up your own lives.” If that is not a sign that Jesus is coming soon I don’t know for what we are waiting.

Sid: Alright there’s someone listening right now that says “Reinhard I know I’m supposed to forgive I understand that, but you don’t know I was sexually abused as a child, I can’t forgive that person.” What would you say to them?

Reinhard: Well if we can’t forgive others we have no forgiveness ourselves, and we hurt both parties. We hurt ourselves by not forgiving the other because hate is a terrible thing. It is like a cancer eating in one’s own life. We harm and hurt ourselves and we also prevent that the other person who has done such an evil thing would ever find forgiveness and salvation. I think we need to read Matthew 5:22 and the following. Then just go on our knees and say “Lord I forgive my husband who treated me like a beast. Or I forgive those who have sexually molested me. I forgive them because I also received forgiveness from You and life and light and peace will come, healing will come, even physical healing will come, mental healing will come.” You know when we do that it just widens the channel for the goodness and the mercy of God to flow into our own direction and our own forgiveness by the blood of Jesus becomes valid.

Sid: Reinhard I want you to pray for myself and everyone that is listening right now for a supernatural hunger to preach the gospel. Hunger for souls that we can’t walk by people without telling them the Good News.

Reinhard: I gladly do so. I pray right away. Heavenly Father I thank you for this privilege to speak to so many people who love You, who know You, and some who don’t know You. I pray oh Lord that you may just put a flame of fire upon all Your children like on the day of Pentecost. That will burn in their bones that we may carry the burden of the heart of the Lord within us. The very burden He carried that took Him to the cross our blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ. Let just a fraction of that burden of the Lord come into our own hearts that we have a burden for the lost. That we speak up and never shut up when it comes to speak the gospel to others who know it. I thank you Lord that You will confirm every testimony that You will confirm Your word with salvation and healing flowing in rich measure. I pray Lord for each and everyone within the reach of my voice that You may just help us to stand up and to run the race preaching the gospel to those who don’t know it. I ask it in the name of Jesus – Amen.

Sid: Amen.

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