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Sid: Sid Roth with Something More I have Shane Wall and I know that you’re on pins and needles to find out his mother dies unexpectedly. He is needless to say devastated he prays for her he feels electricity going through his hands and she doesn’t survive she’s dead.  And so he goes off by himself and he hears God’s voice this is not what I would have expected God to say but what did He say?

Shane: He said “I heard you but this is not what I want to do.”

Sid: And I mean He’s being God?

Shane: Yes exactly Sovereign Lord exactly “This isn’t what I want to do.” And so then the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me that “This is the time for your mother to leave.” So I knew that and sadly enough for me because I’m her son.

Sid: Do you think she knew that?

Shane: I really believe she knew that Sid.

Sid: Is that why she didn’t get the medical help you told me about.

Shane: That’s why she would not get it I believe she wanted to die at home, I think she wanted to go to heaven from her own bed and she knew that the time was near.

Sid: Yeah who would want to go to heaven from a hospital bed? (Laughing)

Shane: I know exactly you know so she was favored with that choice.

Sid: What would you be today if back then you thought, and the devil egged you on…

Shane: Right.

Sid: God took my Mother.

Shane: I know.

Sid: I don’t think you’d be where you are today in God.

Shane: I know I would not have received what God said as the understanding. So that was my understanding sometimes when people die we wonder why as you said earlier “They were so young and they were such a good Christian why did they get this disease, why did they die?” When we hear from God whatever He says is the understanding so we hold on…

Sid:  The problem is we don’t hear from God to get this understanding.

Shane: Exactly and we have to give God “In all of thy ways acknowledge Him.” And our ways sometimes are to get discouraged that’s not the way, to get angry, to get frustrated with God that’s not the way. “In all of our ways acknowledge Him” we don’t acknowledge God. Most times when people going when they’re going through something like that they go to God they’re out of their frustration and they’re expecting God to answer them right at that particular moment. Sometimes….

Sid: You find that God has His timing?

Shane: You better believe it.

Sid: (Laughing)

Shane: He does and He waits for a particular time to tell us. My time was after I tried to raise my mother from the dead I had the faith, I knew that it would just happen but God didn’t tell me to do that I did that because this is my momma and she just died totally unexpectedly I want her back.  God said “I heard you.” And Sid the Holy Spirit said to me “What you felt that glory that you felt was God hearing you.”

Sid: Hm.

Shane: I said “Wow!” Because I was wondering afterwards I know I felt the glory of God like I usually feel when miracles are about to happen in the service where I’m ministering. That was God hearing you, “I heard you that is not what I want to do.”

Sid: And when He showed you that He heard you you translated that as “My mom’s healed.” But He had to give you this understanding as to what even that was.

Shane: Exactly and He did that’s why we have to get our understanding from God or else we will lean as the word of God tells us “not to lean unto thy own understanding.” And that’s what a lot of people do instead of going to God and getting His understanding we take our understanding to God and we want Him to cosign on it (Chuckling) but it didn’t work that way.

Sid: Okay Shane Wall went on a passion a passionate search for understanding. I mean it’s nice to know that this is available but how do you access it when you want to. And I think that I’ve never heard a message on this before. Give me your definition on understanding.

Shane: Understanding Sid is revealed insight. Now knowledge is information, wisdom is information with experience, but understanding is revealed insight only God can reveal true understanding to us that’s why it is supernatural. Because you can’t get understanding, the understanding from God, you can’t get that on a human level. You can’t get it in human atmosphere conditions you have to get it directly from God. The way to get understanding whatever God says is the understanding. So you get the understanding by simply believing whatever God says.  So when God says something and you believe that when He said “This is not what I wanted to do.” I believed that. In other words your mother being raised from the dead is not My will.   And I always say “Not my will Lord but Thy will be done, so I believe Lord that this was her time she belongs to You, she really doesn’t belong to me she was my mother but she belongs to You.”

Sid: Look at the destruction that could have occurred if he thought “What kind of God took my mother?”

Shane: Right.

Sid: Look at what he’s gained every circumstance in his life. Now how does this activate the gifting better you said it actives the gifting better?

Shane: It really does Sid when you get understanding when you highly value the word of God whatever God speaks to you as being the understanding. Because what a lot of people like to do they like to think about what God says. God has already put all of the…

Sid: They’re processing everything rather than just taking it from what God said.

Shane: Exactly and when you do that you’re doing what the word of God says not to do
“Lean not to your own understanding.”

Sid: Right, right.

Shane: So when God speaks and we lean to our own understanding we’re thinking about it. God has already put all of the thought into what He has said He does not need our thoughts at all. So when we value God’s word as the understanding the gifts of the Spirit are only attuned to God, to His Spirit to what He is saying. So now you’re not thinking about your flesh because they’re 3 voices. Our own voice, the voice of a devil and of course the voice of the Holy Spirit.  And so when we are so used to just waiting on God for His word so we can get the understanding we value it.  I’m going to get the understanding because Proverbs 4:7 says “In all thy getting get understanding.” The gifts of the Spirit become more accurate. Accurate just means true, it is true, it is truth I’m not prophesying out of the issues of an individual’s heart I’m giving you exactly what God is saying because I have a habit of understanding.  I live my life just getting understanding from God.

Sid: I believe Jesus is about ready to return.

Shane: Thank You Lord.

Sid: Where we are in history everything going on in the world and I’m not a doom and gloom man I’m a glory man.

Shane: Amen.

Sid: And God’s glory is going to cover this earth.

Shane: Yes.

Sid: And that’s my focus right at this moment until…from this moment until I go there or He comes here.

Shane: Amen.

Sid: But we are if we can’t have this information I don’t see how even a Christian is going to survive.

Shane: You’re right because we’ve got to hear from God. And whenever we hear from ourselves, whenever we try to figure it out on our own it just causes more headache it causes more heartache because now we want God to do our bidding instead of us doing His bidding.

Sid: We got it backwards.

Shane: We do we say and many people say Sid and I’m just waiting on God when they don’t hear God saying “No, I’m waiting on you I’ve given you My word you’re not acting on what I told you you  heard what I said and and you’re waiting on another part.” You know it’s like playing checkers, I can’t more twice once you’ve moved it’s my move, once I move it’s your move God has moved. What did He say? “Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open.” Once I move then it’s your turn to move and that is God’s understanding that’s what He said and we have to do what He said or else we’ll never get the understanding because again what He says is understanding.

Sid: How do you personally pray for understanding?

Shane: I ask…

Sid: Give me an example actually do it right now.

Shane: Most definitely what I do I’m going through a situation at my job and so I say “Father what do You want to do about this situation.” Jesus taught us in Matthew He said “Before you even pray Your Father knows what needs you have therefore go to Him. Our Father which aren’t in heaven” so He already knows He already knows.” So I say “Father this is what’s going on at my job how do You want me to handle this it’s not right you know it’s not right because it doesn’t line up with Your word.” Do I have a part to play in this or are you going to work it out some other way?  He speaks to me I have the understanding and I act accordingly.  “I all of my ways I acknowledge Him.” Why? To get the understanding He directs my path.  Many times Sid my path is sit there shut up don’t say a thing I’m working on it on the other side.

Sid: Hm.

Shane: That’s the understanding so I sit there as an obedient son and I take everything that’s coming against me and I just simply wait for God to deliver. And he will because I’m His son he loves me so He’s definitely going to hear me and He’s going to act according to His word.

Sid: Now I see that you’re a God gifted teacher…. if someone were to read your book, Understanding. Someone were to listen to the CD’s that come with the package, or someone was to sit under your teaching, can they really do what you’re doing?

Shane: They can and I’m going to tell you this, God has gifted so many people Sid and that is why they watch, and that is why they listen they want to know “What can I do?” Understanding Sid is tailor fit for every individual….When God created you He created you around purpose to fulfill the purpose so when you get the understanding you will literally be able to fit t he understanding to your purpose and your will fulfill your purpose in the earth guaranteed.  Why?  Because you’re getting it straight from God.

Sid: Now as you’ve had such a passion for understanding and you’ve researched it and God has done things in your life as a result you came up with keys.

Shane: Hm.

Sid: Tell me tell me one key.

Shane: One of the keys is…well I want to lead up because this was remarkable to me Sid. Of course we know that Jesus told Peter He asked you know “Who does man say that I am.” And some say thou John the Baptist, some say Elijah but who do you say. Peter said “Thou art the Christ the Son of the Living God.” Jesus said “Flesh and blood hasn’t revealed that to you but My Father revealed it to you.” And then He said “I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Sid I searched throughout the Bible because I know that God has no respecter of person “I want the keys I’m Your son just like Peter.”

Sid: Right.

Shane: Your son, I want the keys. The Holy Spirit said to me “Get a Bible a chronological Bible and from that point in scripture where Jesus told Peter I will give you the keys He said I want you to find every time that Jesus said something directly to Peter or referring to Peter from that moment onward than you’ll find a key. I was blown away.

Sid: Hm.

Shane: As you said “I searched the scriptures there are 10 incidents where Jesus “Hallelujah I feel the Holy Spirit here.” Where Jesus Himself gave Peter a key through something He said. And one of the times was when Jesus was saying you know “I have to go and the Son of man is going to killed.” And of course Peter at that point was like “No, no, no, no and Jesus said to him “Get thee behind me Satan you are not savoring the things of God you are not paying attention to the things of God but you’re savoring the things of man.” Key Number 1 savoring those things that be of God. And when you savoring them, you’re paying attention to them you are valuing them that is one of the keys. And so with the 10 keys that I found you’re able to bind on earth what is bound in heaven and in the original language when I searched it it literally bound, literally means illegal. Loosed means legal.

Sid: Hm.

Shane: So whatever is illegal in heaven (Glory to God) you can declare it legal on earth. Whatever is legal in heaven you can declare it legal on the earth.  You have the keys.  Here the go in Acts here is Peter going up with John and they see the man begging look on us. So he looks to receive money. What does Peter say “Silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I thee.  What did he have? The keys that Jesus gave him “In the name of Jesus Christ rise up and walk.” He had the…when you have the keys the man was lame.  Are there lame people in heaven? No, it’s illegal whatever is illegal in heaven you have the keys it’s illegal on earth. When we declare it because we have the keys of the kingdom of heaven it has to work the word of God is clear.  And these keys are detailed in the word of God.  And once we get those keys it is a life as you see the keys it’s a mentality, it is a life that we have to live before God so that He Himself will honor who we are because we’re doing what?  We’re taking what He said as the understanding and we’re living a life of understanding.

Sid: In the times we’re living in they can be the best of times or they can be the worst of times if you have understanding no matter what happened they will be the best of times. An understanding from God!

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