Sid: If you’re not red hot now you’re in big trouble, BIG TROUBLE but I have good news, before this broadcast is over you can be red hot for the Messiah. I’m talking about my trip to Israel I was there over Passover. I was there… what is now being called the Passover War.  What is called the Passover Massacre when innocent men, women, and children trying to observe a Passover, a Pesach Seder, with their family and their friends. A madman comes in with a bomb, a suicide bomber, and destroys these people. I mean you probably saw the same pictures I saw on television. There was literally, although a lot of TV it was so gross maybe you didn’t see it, but on Israeli TV I saw literally a pool of blood. It was like the whole floor was drenched in blood. You know it’s not just a bomb it’s a bomb with metal in it so that as many people as possible can be killed and maimed, and murdered.

You know I just don’t get this if there is any proof there is a devil and that’s God’s word is true is what’s going on in Israel. You see the PLO targets civilians, and I do say the PLO they have proven the terrorist bombers are all directed through the PLO, but Israel they target the terrorist. You see the difference? Targeting civilians versus targeting terrorists, now it is true innocent men, women, and children get harmed when Israel goes after the terrorist but that’s by accident that’s not on purpose.

It’s such a difference it’s sort of like the United States of America when they were going after the terrorists in Afghanistan. They weren’t going after the Afghanis’ they were going after the terrorists. Now unfortunately some people from Afghanistan got hurt, but the United States of America did not go after those innocent people.

The PLO literally targeted, that’s the word, targeted civilians. Israel targets terrorists. Why won’t the world understand?

You know I read in the newspaper, the Washington Post had an article that there was a meeting of the Arab nations because they don’t like the reputation that they’re terrorists, that Islam is a terrorist group. They want everyone to believe that Islam is a peace loving religion. You know what they decided at this meeting? That terrorism and suicide bombing is wrong unless it involves Israel.

Why does the devil want to destroy Israel? Why does the world turn against Israel? Why does the press not see the distinction between targeting civilians versus targeting terrorists? All of this is explained in the Bible, it’s all very very clear.

Let me tell you about a poignant moment in Israel. We were on our way from Haifa to Jerusalem and we pulled off the road to get some gas. When we pulled off the road a teenage female attendant was pumping the gas for us and when she came I didn’t know whether she spoke English, or Hebrew. But I just rolled down the window and I wanted to tell her that there was hope. I said “Yeshua haMashiach” which is Hebrew for Jesus is the Messiah. I looked for a reaction and this it what she said “Yeshua, Jesus, God, nothing can help us.” I wish you had seen the expression on this… She’s a teenager, she’s beautiful she had every thing to live for! There is no hope. It’s a hopeless generation. I wonder why so many Israelis are smoking, the young kids are smoking, chain smokers. Don’t they know the same data the same research we have here in the United States, or is they just think that they are in a hopeless situation. What an environment for revival.

I believe we’re going to see one of the greatest revivals of Jews and Arabs the world has ever seen. A lot of people say “Sid I’ve read in scripture Psalm 122:6 we’re commanded, God commands us to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper that love thee.” The word prosper in the Hebrew doesn’t mean what it means here in the west, it doesn’t mean necessarily dollars, it means something that dollars can’t buy. It means a good marriage, it means a good relationship parents with children, it means good health, it means peace with God, it means peace with man, it’s the most wonderful word.  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper.” The best definition in English is “They shall have heart peace that love thee.”

So the question is posed to me “What does it mean to pray for the peace of Jerusalem?” I know that God tells us the only city in the entire world throughout all of history God says to pray for, and it’s so important to God that He says “I’ll give you what the world can’t offer if you’ll do this: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem thou shall have heart peace that love thee.”

So what does pray for the peace of Jerusalem mean? Does it mean sending Colin Powell, and Zenni and having peace agreements trying to orchestrate peace, and trying to win Nobel Peace Prizes as Clinton tried to do? What does it mean? No! No! I mean give me a break the objective of Islam is to have all of Israel and a little partition, a little piece of Israel isn’t going to satisfy. It’ll start out they want Israel piece by piece but I’ll tell you one thing whoever is involved in diving the land of Israel I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Why? Because God says it’s His land. God says in Joel the 3rd chapter there will be a judgment of the nations in reference to one thing and one thing only, it’s not go be just homosexuality, it’s not just going to be abortion, it’s not just going to be pornography we have, it’s not just going to be just the lust we have in this country, it’s not just going to be the New Age and all the New Age type movies that have just come out; the Harry Potter’s, or the things on witchcraft that you see on the television.

Yes there’s judgment on all of those things but if there is judgment on all of these things we would have had it by now. But God says “There’ll be one issue that nations will be judged on in the last days” and He specifically says through His spokesman the prophet Joel “That for dividing (or you might use the word partitioning) My land.” Whose land is that? It’s God’s land. Who did God say is going to have that land unconditionally forever? That’s a long time as the song goes “Forever is a long long time.” Unconditionally forever He says “Nations will be judged in the last days because they partitioned, or divided, My land which I gave.” In the 105th Psalm He says this “Unconditionally forever to the children of Abraham, Isaac,” not Ishmael. I might add that God loves the Arabs but  He gave it to Isaac not Ishmael and Jacob unconditionally forever. Get it straight your life… the prosperity of this nation that we have always known is totally dependent on this.

So what is praying for the peace of Jerusalem? There’s praying that makes sense in praying that’s just religious. Religious is “Oh Lord cause peace!” Well wait a second the only way there’ll be peace is for the Messiah to return and orchestrate peace on earth. But before the Messiah returns each human can have peace in their heart. Each human can have intimacy with God and there’s no other name given unto men in which we must be saved but the name Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.

So what is praying for the peace of Jerusalem so that you can get what God promises heart peace which is what the world is going to be clamoring for even here in the United States of America? Pray that Jews and Arabs come to know the Messiah. Pray that we might be one so that the world will believe.

If you will pray that at this set time to favor Zion… who knows Esther if you have not been called to the kingdom for such as a time as this. This is the most exciting time of all the people throughout all of eternity God selected His best to be alive at the wrap up. You and I are called but “To whom much is given much is required.”

The first thing I want you to do is I want you to learn the facts about God’s plan for Israel, the prophecies involving the nation Israel.

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