Sid: And if anyone’s lukewarm listen this week you won’t be lukewarm too long.  I have in the studio John McTernan. John is a retired Treasury Agent spent 26 years Treasury cofounder of “Cops for Christ,” but none of the above is why I have him in here. God has supernaturally given him insight into the last days and keys that I literally have not heard developed by anyone else.  John let’s go back to when God first showed you there was a direct correlation between sin and warning judgments.

John: Sid we go back to October of 1987 and that’s when it all started. It didn’t start with Israel right away it started actually with homosexuality and there was a huge homosexual march on Washington in October of 1987. And the following week the stock market destabilized and we had the big crash of ’87.

Sid: Yes but how did you correlate the two were connected?

John: Well, the Lord literally put it together for me. I had watched the March on TV and I didn’t think of praying, I didn’t think that the Lord would judge us, I didn’t think that God would be offended. Then when the stock market crashed I was watching TV again and the news announcer’s voice was literally quivering in fear that would this be the start of another depression.  And the Lord I had this like this vision in my mind of the previous week and the March on Washington and the Lord I heard His voice inside Sid just as strong as could be saying “That this crash was within relation to that March and that the United States is open to judgment for Him and I didn’t fear Him.”  That’s what He said “I didn’t fear Him.” That I didn’t fear Him I…

Sid: What did that mean you didn’t fear Him?

John: Well because I didn’t intercede when I saw what happened for the nation I didn’t fear the Lord.  I didn’t pray and intercede I didn’t understand that His holiness could be offended.  So I did I repented right then and there I got down on my knees I repented and I said “Lord I realize that I didn’t have a true fear of You as the scriptures talk about I didn’t understand Your holiness.” And from that day to this the Lord’s opened up my eyes Sid to virtually every disaster major disaster we’ve had since 1987 has been on homosexual related event, and abortion related event, or touching the Apple of God’s Eye Israel.

Sid: Okay I have in my hand your brand new book “Israel the Blessing or the Curse.” With all of the sins going on in America why are you zeroing in on the sins in reference to the sins in reference to Israel and the Jewish people?  Why are you picking that one category; you’ve written books before on all of the categories why go in on Israel on this moment?

John: Because Sid Israel is special to the heart of God.  God has a everlasting covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that covenant is dear to Him and that we…I believe that Israel exists today not because of the IDF the Jewish military might or intellect or anything it exists because of that everlasting covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  And that covenant is dear to God and whatever is dear to the Lord is dear to me also.

Sid: You’re not Jewish.

John: No I’m not.

Sid: But you have a great love for the Jewish people how did that develop?

John: Well Sid (Hah) it starts from my birth I was born in the Bronx, New York in an Irish and Jewish ghetto.  I grew up with Jewish people and ten we moved out to Long Island to a neighborhood that was 50% Jewish. Our school was closed on Jewish holidays and I would go to the kosher restaurants and I just grew up with Jewish people just normal to me.  But I was an atheist and I was led to the Lord by a Jewish street evangelist in 1974.  He was out in the street preaching and I stopped and listened, isn’t that amazing? He was talking about the authority of God’s word with the nation of Israel. And I had never read one verse in the Bible maybe I opened it. I remember as a kid we had a Bible and I opened it and looked at the pictures and that was it. And he preached the gospel and I remember praying and saying “Lord this man says if I confess sin and prayed to receive Your Son that You would reveal Yourself to me; I don’t even believe that You exist.”

Sid: (Laughing)

John: That’s what I said that was my prayer, that was an honest prayer and that was what it was and I was totally honest. And I said but I’m going to confess Christ as this man said and this was Jewish street evangelist and Sid it was like a light switch went off going from darkness to light when I made that prayer was like an explosion inside. And from that day to this I’ve been walking with the Lord.

Sid: Now what you’re doing right now especially this book “Israel the Blessing or the Curse.” I believe it’s so important for Christians and non-Christians alike I mean our whole destiny is as a nation, our whole life our whole way of the most blessed country in the world is at state based on the principals you outline in this book.  Give me some examples as you put in the book of disasters that occurred to the United States of America because of touching Apple of God’s eye Israel.

John: Well Sid there’s so many to touch upon but we’ll start with some of the best known ones and I got the documentation right here Sid.  I brought it so you could see it as I go along you can see it.

Sid: Yes I see it.

John: This is the documentation that is in the book if the reader…in my book the last chapter is all of the documentation so any reader can go to a public library. And you noticed most of them are in the New York Times and they can verify what’s in there.  This is the start of the Madrid Peace Process October 30th 1991.

Sid: Alright for those that aren’t familiar what is the Madrid Peace Process?

John: After the Gulf War in 1991 President Bush we’ll say President Bush Senior wanted to have a universal peace in the Middle East. And he personally with the power of the United States initiated what we know now as the Madrid Peace Process and it’s really a code word for Israel to give up covenant land for peace. And right here front page New York Times is the initiation of the Madrid peace process by President Bush in Madrid, Spain.  Right here Sid I’ve got excerpts from his speech and highlighted the part that says Israel’s going to have to make territorial concessions.  On that same day front page New York Times is a headline about a storm and it’s you know there’s always storms but that’s no big deal.

Sid: We have a big country.

John: Yeah right but this storm was not like any other storm and this the next day Sid and you can see headlines still at peace process and then the headlines of the storm you can see both front page almost together on the New York Times.

Sid: I can see.

John: Now what happens Sid this storm became known to us as what we call today the perfect storm and there it is.

Sid: Because there was a book and a movie.

John: A book and a movie because it was a freakish storm.  The wind pattern in the United States is from west to east. This storm came a thousand miles east to west at the exact time that the Madrid Peace Process it was a…the newspapers reported it as a furious storm it did probably about a billion dollars worth of damage to the coast. I’m showing you a picture hear from that same article. And here is President Bush’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine devastated by the perfect storm by the President of the United States.

Sid: That’s an unusual coincidence his personal residence.

John: Right, right.

Sid: Was devastated.

John: While he was initiating the Madrid Peace Process touching the land of Israel.  Saying that Israel had to make territorial concessions for peace his own was being devastated by a freakish storm that came from a thousand miles the wrong way. I witness reports said 30 foot waves rose up in front of the home and flooded it with seawater. Now that’s when it started Sid as we touched Israel the Madrid Peace Process these disasters have hit specific….I use the word bullying that’s my terminology for this as we bullied Israel over the covenant land and disaster of this nature have hit us that very day.

Sid: You even see tie-ins with September 11th tragedy.

John: Yes.

Sid: And as a matter of fact you go into all of these you pointed out but it’s not just this…if you just shared this one thing that would raise an eyebrow but you have a whole book of these what the world would call coincidences but you can’t call it coincidences.  You touch Israel – Disaster; you touch Israel – Disaster.  What’s the spiritual under pinning of this why is this going on?

John: It’s because of that covenant Sid and see God is moving prophetically in the world to bring the conclusion to His plan. And Israel, the plan of salvation Israel is part of it big part of it. In fact Israel is the heart of the plan because when the Lord returns He’s returning to Jerusalem. And we are interfering now by trying to literally take East Jerusalem from Israeli control, Judea and Samaria from Israel control we are interfering with God’s prophetic plan for Israel and God won’t tolerate it.  He has been warning us now as you can see I got a book full of these examples.  In the very day Sid there isn’t a 24 hour difference between these judgments they were the same day. And if necessary God will break the power of the United States to get us out of Israel and stop interfering with His prophetic plan.

Sid: Help me out on this John I have wondered being an American being loving this country but seeing the blatant and that’s the only word I can come up with the blatant sin of this country I don’t have to mention it all but homosexuality, the abortion, the pornography, Hollywood excreta.  You know seeing the New Age all of these things but yet the serious judgment has been held back by God.  Why?

John: Sid there are millions of people in the United States that love the Lord and they love Israel and I believe for that remnant that has been crying out to the Lord that He’s stayed judgment. He’s been warning and warning and warning.

Sid: Okay what if we turn our back on Israel as a nation would that be the thing that shake the balance of what’s going on and disaster would come?

John: Sid according to God’s word He would have to judge us. My prayer is that He would have mercy in judgment. You can not stay a judgment when we interfere with his everlasting covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  You can’t Sid, you can’t you can’t. Well the only thing that we can do is to ask the Lord to have mercy in the judgment.

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