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Sid: Now I was given a book, oh several months ago and I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  There two facts in this book while one I’ll read to you this is the first fact about this book “This is the best kept secret in 500 years one is that do to be exposed now.” The second fact that I saw that just blew me out of the water that there are well this is actual quote here you know Netanyahu the former primer of Israel Netanyahu’s father said in the Jerusalem Post “There were 60 million Sephardic Jews in the diaspora.” That’s 60 million scattered throughout the whole world that’s a lot of Sephardic Jews! Now my guest is an expert on this he is a Sephardic Jew his name is Dr. Dell Sanchez.  I’ll be interviewing him this week on his book “The Last Exodus” and for starters Dell what is Sephardic, what does that word mean?

Dell: Sephardic is a word that emanates from the word S’pharad which is Hebrew for Spain.

Sid: So Spanish Jews. Many of our listeners are not aware Jewish people are divided into lots of categories but one category is that there are Sephardic Jews.

Dell: Yes.

Sid: That means Jews Hispanic type Jew, Spanish Jews, and then there are Ashkenazi Jews; these are Jews from Poland and Europe. And a lot is spoken about the Ashkenazi Jews which I happen to be from my heritage. But there is not much spoken and yet it’s too me the history is so fascinating of Sephardic Jews.  Now I have to ask you a question because otherwise will have people right in and complain, the question is “What is the best kept secret in 500 years?”

Dell: (Laughing) The best kept secret is that my forefathers in the process of the Spanish inquisition and the expulsion from Spain transferring the inquisition to Mexico and Latin America. That despite the tortures and burnings at the stake and confiscations and genocide, we have been multiplying we’re still alive and well and we’re coming out of the double ash heap of oblivion Sid.  That’s the best kept secret that they could not exterminate us all.

Sid: Well I know but I’m going to tell you what I was shocked over and being a Jewish believer in the Messiah for close to 30 years, I have never ever heard anyone ever say this of the shocking really torture that went on to Jews in Mexico and other places in North America.

Dell: Oh yes, yes, yes.

Sid: I mean how come we never heard about the inquisition in Mexico City? I heard about the Spanish inquisition but I never heard of something like that so close to America.

Dell: Well they hid the secret so well both in Mexico as well as in Spain. My wife and I have traveled to Spain and across Mexico not as extensively as we’d like to but the secret has been held and kept so well as to what the inquisition did; the nominal Spaniard today as well as the Mexican all the more.  A little bit is know about the inquisition that came against the Sephardic Jew that is our forefathers of Spanish descent and the Iberian Peninsula such as Portugal, the Canary Islands and all of that neck of the woods.  But they hid the secrets Sid so terribly well therefore because of the pressure on my people our people had to go underground unless they exterminate them as well.

Sid: Well the thing that so fascinating also is the list you’ve compiled of Spanish names and these are people that actually have Jewish heritage and many of them don’t even know that they have it, is that correct?

Dell: That’s correct and I’m an example.  Well I didn’t know why I would use certain terms that I would use from my parents and my grandparents and my great grandparents, and I was always criticized that that was not Castilian, that was not proper Spanish. Well it was never intended to be proper Spanish because it was not ladino or le décimo which is the language of Sephardim of Spain, the Jews of Spain.

Sid: Now how many Spanish names have you accumulated that have Jewish heritage?

Dell: Oh my Lord easily, easily about 6,000 commonly known, commonly accepted Sephardic Jewish names.

Sid: I’m looking at some of these and some of these don’t look Jewish at all!

Dell: Oh, I didn’t think so either (Laughing). In fact I was just in Tel Aviv during Passover, in Israel that is and I met a fellow his name is Labe Frank. And after his reading my book “The Last Exodus” he said “Wait a minute I just discovered based on your facts that I come from a name really that was really Franko and it was changed to Frank, Franko is Sephardic.

Sid: Tell me some of the terms that were not proper Spanish that turned out to be Jewish.

Dell: Oh my goodness.

Sid: Just one or two.

Dell: Well one or two of them or three we used to say for instance el troque instead of la troca, me topé you know la troca means the truck.  Okay me topé meaning I bumped into something, that’s Sephardic okay.  Anfina instead of así basically meaning like that in this fashion. And I mean a host of terms that we thought you know we thought we were being very secretive when I was being born and reared in a predominately Hispanic community called the barrio.  By the way in Spain you had barrios in Poland and Eastern Europe they had ghettos. Our people have been pushed into barrios, in Spain wound up in barrios and Mexico, wound up in barrios in the southwestern United States.

Sid: Did the inquisition actually get in southwest America from Mexico or not?

Dell: I want to say this with a forgiven spirit, I believe it got in through another camouflaged source namely the Spanish missions.  And I know that this is shocking but when my wife and I were in a major I believe this countries biggest genealogical center and libraries, but frankly (Laughing) in Salt Lake City, Utah. And I had a theory as to why the missions were established throughout Latin America and Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and San Antonio, Texas.  And when I began to find documented in ancient books in Spanish la quejas, the complaints, my theory came to light and it was documented there of the atrocities and the ugly things that were done to my people in the early beginnings of the Spanish Missions.

Sid: Now let me switch gears for a second, the Netanyahu’s father estimated there is 60 million Sephardic Jews scattered throughout the world. The Jerusalem Post actually reported they thought there were approximately 20 million Sephardic Jews scattered throughout the world. What do you think?

Dell: I think it’s really up into the millions I really do. I don’t know that it would be up to….

Sid: Do you realize what would happen in the Middle East if a tithe of those Hispanic Jews went back to Israel?

Dell: They are going back to Israel God is opening doors for Aliyah, yes.  Yes, God is opening doors in fact my wife and I Sid will be guest of none other of the premier of the University in the Negev, that’s the Ben Gurion University and Research Institute.

Sid: Why are you guests?

Dell: We’re guests because they liked what they were seeing in our character and our history, in our investigations and our proclamations to Sephardim. To our Latino Hispanic Brethren across the America that are coming that something it’s a Spirit of God that’s stirring a new awakening that’s going to cause a major revival.

Sid: Dell let me stop you because we haven’t talked for more than a few minutes on the phone ever and I want to tell you what God is showing me.  And this was before I got a hold of your book I believe God put this book in my hands. God told me, I can’t say an audible voice, but in my heart of hearts with every fiber of my being I believe the next move of God’s Spirit on Jewish people, it has been on Russian Jews and it’s going to continue in a very big way, but the next big move of Jews world why will be Hispanic Jews. I can’t give you a logical explanation in my head, however with the information that you’re giving me the number the millions of Hispanic Jews can you picture what’s going to happen when…and I think in terms of black Christians when they turn their life over to God. I mean there’s something about the way a black Christian can put their whole being into worship. But I’ve been seeing some Hispanic Jews worship lately and I’ll tell you something they’re going to give the black Christians a run for the money! (Laughing)

Dell: Yes let me tell you one thing that our Hispanic Latino brethren do not have, they have no fear.  We have no fear we overcome fear because of the atrocities of the past 400, 500, 600 years it’s in our DNA Sid, fear is abolished. I mean we don’t fear terrorism my wife and I have been there in a kibbutz next to the Gaza Strip above in Egypt when they were bombing and automatic gunfire and tanks rolling and helicopters over head.  My wife slept every night peacefully like a baby while I was interceding doing my part not in fear but in alertedness,  my wife would just sleep through it all.

Sid: And not only that I think some of the greatest people involved in medicine and philosophy and science and astronomy and music and the arts come from the Sephardic background.

Dell: Well and let me tell you I’m glad that you say that because actually it was…

Sid: And it’s hard for the me to say it since I’m Ashkenazi!

Dell: (Laughing) We’re partnering together for the purposes…

Sid: Well we’re part of that one new man (Laughing).

Dell: But truly it was a Jews that were from Spain that led Spain to the golden age.  They were gifted in sciences, and humanities, and the arts, in music, in finance, in business you name it, I mean they had only been there x thousand years since the days of King Solomon they knew what they were doing.

Sid: Solomon?  Are you sure since Solomon?

Dell: Let me tell you, yes I am sure because the ….

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought we’re out of time we’ll pick up there on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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