Sid: My guest by way of telephone is John Carver I’m speaking to him from his headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. And for 30 years God commissioned John to accumulate the best data, video, cassettes of those that have moved in the miraculous. Because as I understand it John the Lord said that we have a generation that knows nothing about the miracle working power of God.  Tell me exactly what God commissioned you to do.

John: After my first trip to Arizona God guiding me there not knowing what I was going to find or what I was going to be involved with I was at Miracle Valley for the second time.

Sid: Now for those that are not familiar with Miracle Valley what is that?

John: Miracle Valley was a Bible School and headquarters of AA Allen Ministries from 1958 until 1970, well it went on a couple of years after AA’s death in 1970.  Another organization had taken it over and they needed room for their expansion program. So they were eliminating the materials of AA Allen; and it was like a warehouse in some places it was like 2 stories high books and things and Bible Studies were stacked as high as the ceiling 14, 15, 16 feet high and as a warehouse would be very high. So my first visit I went there I got 2 of everything and I thought well these are the tools that I’m going to need in order to become the evangelist that God wanted me to be with signs, wonders and miracles.  After I got home with all of that the Spirit of God let me go back again which to me was insane but if you’ve been serving God for awhile He doesn’t always ask you to do the things that seem right. So I went back out again and on my way out of there the second time my car broke down I’m in the middle of the desert and I’m saying “What am I doing here anyway this is crazy?” And I was kind of angry and I just kind of yelled it out you know I’m in the middle of the desert and nobody can hear me and I just say “What in the world am I doing here anyway?” And the Spirit of God spoke to me and said “You’re here because there’s a generation that knows nothing about the miracle working power of God and AA Allen documented his ministry.  Well that just scared me to death and I jumped out of the car and kind of stood there and looked at it a little bit and kept thinking the car wasn’t speaking to me that’s for sure.  But it was just mind boggling and so all the way home 2600 miles that’s all I kept turning over over in my head was that there’s a generation that knows nothing about the miracle working power of God. And when I looked around and I talked to ministers who I wanted to learn from they really didn’t know the mechanics of these things. May have had God use them but they didn’t know the workings of it, I wanted to know the workings of it I wanted to understand the depth of how God’s power worked.

Sid: Why did you want to understand this?

John: I don’t know now in hindsight I can understand that because he just didn’t want me to go out there and be a minister in signs wonders and miracles he wanted someone to train people of which AA Allen was commissioned to do. He did it to a degree but he didn’t take it to the level that it could have been. And that’s what needs to be done and a lot of preachers never perpetuate their ministry. Oral Roberts made a statement one time that most ministries that have a healing ministry or deliverance would pass away after the person passes away. But he said a ministry like ours would also do that if we hadn’t done something other and that was to create a Holy Spirit research Center which he has there. And it’s pretty unique but at the same token most ministers that God used in the miraculous had very little to show for their ministry in order to pass on to another generation.

Sid: Now you have quite an archive set up tell me about that.

John: That’s correct well unknowing I mean I didn’t know that I was going to go in the direction that I’m in. So I just started getting this material of Allen and Allen had anybody and everybody that was in the healing movement would send him literature their magazines and all of that.  So I actually was able to get a pretty good size library from AA Allen’s library actually of magazines of every description from the various healing ministers that communicated with one another.  I mean Oral Roberts Ministry was there, Jack Coe’s and you name them TL Osborn the Who’s Who and not so popular people were in there. And so people that later on came down the line 10 or 15 years later their materials were there in the beginning stages of their ministry. And that developed into getting more and more materials in order to understand the mechanics of the gifts of the Spirit and even though there were books written about and certainly people teaching on it there never really that demonstrated. Paul made this statement that “I didn’t come with enticing man’s words wisdom I’ve come to demonstration.” I was looking for the demonstration; we’ve heard a whole lot of people teach about it but not really demonstrating I wanted to see that….

Sid: Tell me why you put together these 3 videos that we’re making available called “The ABC’s of God.”

John: Well here again another visitation from the Holy Spirit how can I equip the body of Christ being I felt like that was what God was kind of leading. And if we go to Ephesians the fourth chapter it talks about the 5 fold ministry are just there to equip the saints for the working of the ministry. And I thought “Boy we kind of got this all backwards if most of the saints are helping the 5 fold ministry to do the work of the ministry.  And I thought “Well something’s strange here so I really began to look at this and as the Spirit of God dealt with me He just gave them.  The only thing I can contribute everything to God I’m not that smart God literally gave me all this information. And as I looked at the materials that I had it just seemed simple that the beginnings of anything we call it the ABC’s. And so Allen, Branham and Coe just kind of fit it.  Each one of their ministry will represent a facet of the miracle ministry that God wants to get to His church.

Sid: Now many of our listeners are not familiar with them even by name.

John: Okay.

Sid: Briefly tells us in just a minute for each something for Allen, something about Branham and something about Coe.

John: AA Allen came on the scene about 1950 in the Voice of Healing Ministry. Brannon likewise came in 1946 – 1947 met up with Gordon Lindsey he was a promoter of the Vice of Healing men.  He kind of put the business part together for them.  He was the organizer I call of victory. He organized these men that otherwise would not then able to the job that God called them to do. And then Coe was part of the voice of healing all three of these men were part of the Voice of Healing Ministry under Gordon Lindsey as the President and a couple of other people. Actually all of those men in some capacity service on the board of the Voice of Healing Ministry they were elders or they were executive partners in this. So each person had a unique ministry that would show a facet of God’s power.

Sid: Tell me the uniqueness for each one and perhaps a miracle that you’ve seen on a video for each one.

John: Okay well I’ve had the privilege of interviewing scores of people who have been in their meetings. Now I was only in AA Allen meeting one time before he past so I saw some wonders that you don’t see today too much but it was something phenomenal.  AA Allen had what I call the working of miracles and if you would see on the video how he would literally move people’s body parts in order to actual the working of miracles. I mean he would put people’s legs in place and pray and pull and do this and do things that’s pretty hard to explain on the phone.  But he had it…

Sid: How did he even know to do this?

John: Well here again this is where we don’t really understand the mechanics of revelation gifts. Discerning of spirits, the working of word of knowledge, the word of wisdom and Allen was he was probably more unique than any of them he’s actually my favorite…

Sid: I don’t know Branham’s my favorite but go ahead.

John: He was just…because he had so many facets of these other men’s ministries. I mean Branham was more of a word of knowledge he would give you what happened to you tit for tat you know 3 days ago.

Sid: I mean I’ve watched these videos and he’d walk up to a total stranger…

John: Right.

Sid: And he would tell that person what was going on in their life which would cause their faith to just sky rocket and then they’d be healed.

John: That’s the point every ministers responsibility everybody that I’ve ever talked to that’s been in the Voice of Ministry ministered who ministered around these lines it’s like God gave you the gift but He gives you the responsibility to get the people’s faith to a place where they can believe. And I’ve heard this so many times.  And Branham’s ministry that word of knowledge told people something that nobody else knew but them and it built such faith the their heart that the miracle took place. Of course Branham also had that gift of miracles to where no disease would stand in front of him even cancer they had a phenomenal ministry phenomenal.  And then  Coe which was they called Jack Coe the man of Dallas he had such a powerful faith that it just went beyond anybody’s understanding and they criticized him for it greatly because the considered him rough but he only did the things that God told him to do. And I mean he was just bend somebody over or put his knee in their back and pull them back and bring healing. He would pull people out of wheelchairs, take their crutches away and break them and just run with them. And just an endearing faith a bold faith and he’d preach a very simple message just a message of encouragement, of faith stories out of the gospels 90% of the time. And just build people’s faith to a point. There’s one film that we have that’s not on this particular one but it talks about he says “The presence of the Lord is here to heal and we’re not going to preach we’re going call a prayer line and we’re just going to lay hands on people.  And these men were sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit I think that’s the best answer I could possible give.

Sid:  Are there many mysteries on the face of the earth at the level these 3 men were at?

John: Today?  No Sir.

Sid: Why?

John: They won’t pay the price.

Sid: Well maybe on tomorrow’s broadcast we can talk about what paying the price means.  Mishpochah there’s some of you that are hungering and thirsting and praying to God, God I want that miracle ministry. We’ll find out what the price is….

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