SID: So John, from your knowledge of, back there, what are the, what’s the strongest weapon we have against the devil?

JOHN: I believe the Word of God is the strongest weapon you can ever have on this planet. You have to learn how to appropriate it. You have to know how to use it. You have to know how to apply it. I think a lot of believers, they’re not learning how to bring up targets in the enemy’s camp. My intimacy with God brings me, gives me authority and the enemy recognizes that you are a child of God and he knows the authority God has given you.

SID: Can anyone have the same authority you have?

JOHN: God is no respecter of persons.

SID: What should someone do if they’re sleeping at night and all of a sudden they feel an oppression, they feel something in the room and that’s not good? What would you do?

JOHN: You know, I had an incident not too long ago. The devil showed up in my room. I mean, the devil himself showed up in my room and cold like an ice box, and it woke me up. I knew there was something there that wasn’t pleasant. And he tells me, and I hear him, and I hear him like an audible. He said, “If you turn on the light I will leave.” And I hear the Holy Spirit deep down inside of me telling me, “If you turn on the light you have no faith.” And I live by myself [unintelligible]. I got up. I got me some water. I said, “I’ll see you in the morning. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. I bind you and I command you to leave, and you got 30 seconds to go.”

SID: But you see, he knows his authority. I want you to know your authority. The devil trembles when a believer knows the Word of God and the authority behind it, and the name of Jesus. You told me when you were in the dark side that you used to do something called astral projection.

JOHN: Yes.

SID: You go to neighborhoods. What would be doing in those neighborhoods?

JOHN: I would ask, my mission was to astral project, leave my body. I was so good at it that I would even go during the day in neighborhoods that were day time, and the ones that were night time I would go back and forth, and I would throw curses, and I would bring new principality from one region to another so there could be patterns and cycles to happen in the spirit realm so those people won’t grow and they won’t meet Jesus. So that, but they had amazing believers that knew how to pray in the spirit, that would stop me from going into their neighborhood and executing the plan of the enemy.

SID: You’re telling me that these believers could, you could not do anything. You couldn’t put curses on them?

JOHN: I couldn’t even lift a finger.

SID: Now how important is praying in the spirit, praying in unknown languages?

JOHN: The spirit, praying in the spirit is like if you don’t, if your body doesn’t have water you would die. If the believer today is not praying in the spirit you would die spiritually.

SID: You were telling me about these cycles and patterns. What do you mean by that?

JOHN: Repeat. A lot of believers today don’t know how to cut the rope. I lot of believers today, they’re free for six months then they go back to the bondage for eight months. They cut the rope and then they go back again because it’s like the enemy knows how to put entrapment on the believer and then the believer…and then today I have a righteous anger, Sid, that the church is preaching people happy, but they’re not preaching people free.

SID: Boy, that’s a mouthful.

JOHN: I don’t want to go to church to be happy. I can be happy at home. I want to go to church and have you teach me how to fight the enemy, teach me how to be free, teach me how to save my marriage, teach me how to get my children out of drugs, how to beat the devil like no tomorrow. And I believe, and that’s what God has called me to unmask the devil in the towns that we’re in and not because of me, is because who lives in me is greater than he that lives in the world.

SID: I believe, that’s for sure. I believe that when John prays for you right now and I am amazed, I am learning so much so quickly. You think I would know by now. I am learning my authority over sickness, my authority over the demons. And I want you to pray that spirits of infirmity, of sickness will come off of people, and I’m going to tell you something. You’ve been going to the doctor for years and years, and years, and they’re treating the symptoms and it’s not even getting better. You have high blood pressure and they just give you more medicine. You know what I’m talking about. You just get rid of that spirit of infirmity and watch everything work. Pray that right now.

JOHN: Father, in the name of Jesus, right now, I bind the strong man over the airways in the name of Jesus. I bind the gatekeeper. I bind any reinforcement. I shut down the second and first [unintelligible] with the blood of Jesus Christ. I paralyze every devil, every hell, every demon. I paralyze infirmity of sickness right now. Father, I separate one from another. I change their languages, confuse them. I send civil war to the enemy’s camp to let them destroy each other. Loose the person right now. Loose the person in the name of Jesus. I bring healing. I speak healing into your life right now. I speak restoration. I speak restitution upon your life. I put the devil under your feet and keep him there. Father, in Jesus’ name I cage up every demon, my God, in the name of Jesus. I put the blood of Jesus in those demon boxes and let them be tormented night and day, and I close this prayer right now. Father, I come against retaliation. I come against retribution. I come against any [unintelligible] the spirit in the unmatchable name of Jesus.

SID: Okay. Let every man be a liar, but God’s Word, I tell you, God’s Word is true. And God’s Word says, by his stripes, by his wounds, by his blood you were healed. Now be free. The truth will set you free.

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