Sid: How can you be red hot for the Messiah unless you’re walking in divine health? Oh I take it back you can be red hot for the Messiah but how much more when you say “I was sick and now I’m whole I just had a miracle, and I have to tell everyone everywhere that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. What He’s done for me He’s going to do for you.” And that’s the exactly what my guest wants to tell everyone everywhere. Her name is Anita Hill and she works with Pastor Henry Wright and she’s a Pastor on staff at the Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia and she specialized in identifying the spiritual roots of specific diseases. Most fascinating study that I’ve ever heard of; she has found and Henry Wright has found that there are specific doors and once you’re found them you can be healed. And she should know in the book that we’re making available this week “A More Excellent Way.” Anita is mentioned in this book, because they list 17 diseases she had so much more, she had psychiatric diseases, schizophrenia, cationic episodes, multiple personalities 14 of them, she was anorexic she had bulimia, she had panic disorders, she had a rare kidney disease. She was legally blind in both eyes, her kidney’s totally failed, she had immune disorder; she had multiple chemical sensitivity. I just don’t want… all of her hair fell out, she could only eat beets. I mean a human shouldn’t have to live that way. And she was a nice atheist minding her own business trying to get healed with medicine, trying to get healed in the New Age and nothing could help her. She reached such despair she wanted to commit suicide and she found out from her Jewish roommate who had horrible diseases also that her roommate had accepted Jesus. She had been healed Anita had a glimmer of hope. She got herself healed and now she’s doing the same for others. Anita, I want you to take me through what occurs with one person that comes in to see you tells me what goes on with person and describe the person to start.

Anita: Okay I was thinking about several different things, that I’ve dealt with here but I want to take the case of a young girl who had scoliosis and she came with her father and mother. She was pretty devastated as a young girl with this imbalanced in her spine. The first thing we did was take them, the whole family that was here and there was a brother too, through a week long ministry session teaching them the word of God and dealing with general issues in their life. And we always start with bitterness and we dealt with this child around any bitterness issues she had towards anyone in her life, and any early traumas that might have been there that might have made her susceptible to disease because she also had some depressive things going on in her family life. We looked at occultism that was in the family line in the generation and dealt with any envy and jealousy which would be the rottenness of the bones rejection, unloving spirits and any addictive spirits and fear.

Sid: Excuse me what do you mean by an unloving spirit?

Anita: An unloving spirit you can tell when someone has an unloving spirit when they can’t believe God’s word about who they are in Him. He says “We’re fearfully and wonderfully made.” These people will talk about themselves as if they’re not worthy to even be in the world.

Sid: It’s deep rejection I imagine someone where the parents contemplated an abortion and somehow that rejection hit them right there in the womb.

Anita: Right it’s like we start dealing with even at conception, even at conception the parents probably didn’t want a child or whatever had already rejected a thought of a child but they had one. What happens when the child is in the womb that rejection comes through or maybe the mother has a lot of fear during that pregnancy or under a lot of stress? It gets into that spirit of that child and you have children born who have all kinds of problems. This child had scoliosis and after we had done the basis ministry I asked her father and her mother to repent to her for bringing all of the generational curses that had been there in the generations of that family. And they began to repent to her and her brothers and sisters that were there.

Sid: What happens if you don’t know all of the generational curses?

Anita: Well usually most people know if there’s anger in the family, they know their father was angry, they’re angry and they have perpetrated this anger against their children. Or they’re depressed all the time which is a spirit a spirit of depression, or there’s lying or there’s been spirit of lust pornography in the family. It’s amazing how transparent these families can be in exposing in what they know to be sin. And with the children they expose what they feel comfortable exposing and the child forgives them. And in the midst of that there’s such a breaking of boundaries between parents and children it’s one of the most beautiful things I have seen children forgiving their parents for their anger and their rage and so forth. Then after that I will lay hands on but if the parents are there and I don’t minister to children without the parents anyway, the parents lay their hands on the child too. And then we begin to ask God for His healing and I have in this one case the girl’s spine straightened totally.

Sid: How long did it take for her spine to straighten?

Anita: Oh, it was a matter of less than a minute.

Sid: Really?

Anita: We had done the ground work, we had done the ground work. We had dealt with that spirit of scoliosis and that imbalance that was in that spine coming from some propriate ception and the emotional cortex of the brain. That gets a little involved for this conversation. But then we spoke God’s creative miracles in to straighten that spine and that there be no neurological misfiring and where one muscle stiffens and the other remains normal and then there’s that pull. Then the normal part of the muscle becomes weak we spoke strength and balance in. And in the name of Jesus it was removed and pastor had that same experience God’s word is true.

Sid: Obviously you understand the roots of disease. What about addictions have you got some research on that?

Anita: Well, we know that in addictions that there’s a great need to be loved and that people go to others things because they haven’t been perfectly loved. And we have to unravel again the early traumas. We do something here called the Father’s Love, where people have never… 90% of the people that come here have never heard their father say they love them. And these are Christians and their coming out of Christian homes. And so at the very beginning of our classes here we teach on the Father’s Love. Because what happens is they separate themselves from Father God because their own father was so imperfect in their life and never loved them and that was to be their example of God’s love. So we try to speak to these people and let them know that God is not the same as their earthly father and they’re able to before they even get into the classes are beginning to accept God’s love for them. And how much better can they then accept God’s word and that’s what cuts a lot of people off from God’s word is because they haven’t had this relationship with a father who should have been the priest of that home.

Sid: Do you think it’s possible for someone to be so deceived that they don’t know that they’ve separated themselves from experiencing God’s love?

Anita: That’s very possible because a lot of times you know people just go to church, they go to church and you know hope for the best in their life and rely on the doctors. We don’t have any problem with medicine like you were saying before you need to keep yourself alive until you get yourself straight with God and to get His blessing. But separation from the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit from yourself and others will cause disease to come flooding into your life because all of the things that are so important for one’s life relationship, love, being accepted and so forth if those things are not there we’re in fear.

Sid: Anita we’re out of time.

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