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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Henry Wright. I have been on a search to understand why yes in my meetings a half a dozen people in this country, a couple 100 people at a meeting in other countries get healed. But why is it that everyone isn’t healed, especially believers, especially because God promises healing, especially because Jesus came to die for our sins? So one of the men that has as far as I’m concerned some of the best answers I’ve seen as to why people aren’t healed but even better than that is how they can get their healing. And I have to tell you I have pages and pages and pages of people that have been healed. I’ve talked to people first hand that have either read his book or been to his seminars that have been healed. And Henry the key that God showed you again we can’t get away from it is, it is a righteousness issue with believers that if they don’t deal with their sin areas it doesn’t matter how highly anointed the man or woman of God are. As a matter of fact they might even get healed but they won’t keep it. Would you say that that’s the bottom line of what God’s showing you?

Henry: The bottom line is that 80% of all disease is the byproduct of a lack of true spirituality in a person’s life.

Sid: Now let’s talk about something that is plaguing too many people, let’s talk about diabetes. Tell me about that.

Henry: Oh, you have Diabetes I and you have Diabetes II.

Sid: I don’t know the difference.

Henry: Well I’ll help you (Laughing). Diabetes I is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system is attacking the pancreatic tissue. Diabetes II is an anxiety disorder involving an incorrect amount of insulin that should be in the body. And that’s an anxiety disorder. Diabetes I… let’s talk about autoimmune just for a moment because I deal with autoimmune diseases there aren’t many that I don’t deal with. And let’s help you understand autoimmune. Autoimmune means the body is attacking the body.

Sid: Hm.

Henry: Specifically the immune system instead of attacking cancers and cancer cells and viruses and bacteria and destroying them and they ignore them. And they’ve decided part of the body tissue is the real enemy of this person’s life and they go and begin to eat tissue. They begin to eat cells or they congregate producing what’s called nonbacterial inflammation. Any time you have the body attack attacking the body it’s in direct relationship to a person attacking themselves in how they feel about themselves with self-bitterness, self-rejection, guilt and shame and the body is responding. “So as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” And so the body is responding to the spirituality. We don’t have a right to hate ourselves because God has accepted us. That’s the first principal in defeating the immune system, accepting who you are in the Father through Yeshua. That is first principal in defeating all autoimmune diseases.

Sid: Okay give me example.

Henry: Well an example is in diabetes we have found what causes the self-rejection in about 80% of all cases begins in childhood coming out of rejection from a father. That would be nurturing, love, or sometimes our fathers have put performance on us. In other words, our value to our daddy’s is how well we do and how well we’ve done and there’s no allowance made for weakness or failure. No allowance for any kind of weakness or failure.

Sid: And I can see how this would be generational because one father teaches that’s the action to the child that who then acts out what he’s been taught as his role model.

Henry: Yeah.

Sid: And somewhere somehow it’s got to break.

Henry: Well it does…

Sid: Now I see diabetes very strong in the African American community have you got a theory there?

Henry: Well not only is diabetes very strong but so is asthma which is the fear of abandonment.

Sid: Hm.

Henry: In fact I did an article last year for a newspaper in Denver called “The Sins of the Black Man That Make Him Sick.” It’s a terrible subject but it’s very accurate in understanding that in certain cultures the father has not been there for the wife or for the children. Forty-two percent of every black family in America does not have a husband or a father at home. So we have many issues dealing with the diseases coming out of the failure of a father to nurture to be there in love. In fact 85 to 90% of every human being in America; you can walk into any church in America that you want to go to and I challenge every pastor do your own survey on Sunday morning ask this question: “How many of you growing up as children do not remember hearing your father say to you “I love you?” And I guarantee 85 to 90% of your audience will raise their hand if their honest. That’s the depth of disease right there.

Sid: Okay what should the first thing, what should they do if they say “That’s me?”

Henry: The first thing we must do is recognize that we do not feel loved because of our rejection from our earthly father. The antidote of this is this, God is our true Father. We were restored to our true Father through Yeshua’s obedience at the cross. Now God is the Father of all spirits and that is who I am I am a son of God by faith a spirit being. And I made my peace with my true Father. The beginning of all healing of all autoimmune diseases is reconciliation of God the Father and accepting yourself in Him once and for all. That releases the self-death, that releases the self-accusation and allows the immune system to stop attacking the body. And we found that happening in case after case when that person finally accepts God’s love and who they are in it.

Sid: Now let’s talk about an area that I want to get specific and that’s the whole cardiovascular heart attacks, but let’s get real basic. Something so many people have and they take medication for it it’s called high cholesterol.

Henry: Well high cholesterol…

Sid: Is that just because we’re eating wrong as many people tell us?

Henry: No actually you know if you have a predisposition to high cholesterol you probably need to watch what you eat but that’s not the cause for high cholesterol. High cholesterol is actually I don’t want to be technical but I have to. In individuals who get high… what’s it called congestive heart failure or high cholesterol in the interior lining of the cardiovascular system there are fissures that develop cracks if you will that in which the cholesterol with is necessary in proper amounts in our cardiovascular system begins to fall into it and form a plaque. That fissuring is rooted in self-rejection; anytime that you have a degeneration of the body that would be degenerative disc disease, that would be the degeneration of any body tissue you have self-rejection and self-bitterness without exception.

Sid: Okay, let’s assume that’s you what do you do about it?

Henry: First of all we don’t have a right to be bitter at ourselves because of the cross…

Sid: So when we’re talking about forgiveness there’s not only forgiveness of someone that has hurt you but there’s something about forgiveness for self-rejection.

Henry: Oh, absolutely we keep a record of wrongs against ourself it comes in the form of accusation, it comes in the form of shame, it comes in the form of grief, it comes in the form of guilt…

Sid: So could there be a religious self-rejection I don’t pray enough, I don’t read the Bible enough I’m not a good person.

Henry: Yes obviously that contributes to it because that’s again self-rejection. That could come from religious spirit, that could also come as a fear of God an ungodly fear of God. Now the fear of God is reverential respect. God does not want us to be afraid of Him He wants us to respect who He is. You get into a definition of fear. But many people devalue themselves frequently and compare themselves to others. But the Bible says this is Psalm 139 that “The hand of God is upon us we are fearfully and wonderfully made and the hand of God is upon us; and from the foundation of the world before our body parts were in continuous fashion from the dust of the earth God knew us.” We’re not an accident and in our generation by the Spirit of God He has plucked us up and made us sons and daughters and we must accept that once and for all. And when we don’t me negate God’s love in a form of rejection of God in ourselves that opens the door up to much disease and that’s a very big issue.

Sid: So what does someone do say “Ah I’ve come to grips I’ve done this ‘Oh God against You and You alone I’ve sinned, please forgive me in Jesus name’” and it’s finished?

Henry: Well pretty much it comes by revelation; I mean we’ve got to have some Rhema going here somewhere in our lives. If we open our hearts to truth and we take it into our hearts the Holy Spirit is there to confirm it and bare witness. But if we don’t recognize these pathways of which the enemy is taking us well how can we be free. And many people, most people I don’t care who they are don’t recognize the subtilty of Satan’s devices and disease at this level.

Sid: Very quick arthritis cause?

Henry: Arthritis?

Sid: Cause doorway.

Henry: Is basically coming out of bitterness against others, unless it’s osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, which is bitterness against oneself. So simple arthritis is looking out having unforgiveness. When you find the other one it’s looking in itself bitterness.

Sid: How about something so ridiculous which I don’t understand is this duress syndrome; what’s the cause?

Henry: Our success with God working with us for the past 5 years with duress syndrome has 100% success worldwide.

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time you’re going to have to read his book.

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