Sid: This week I’ve been talking about what God has done in my life and I am one grateful Jewish man. A lot of people ask “Sid how did you get into radio?” Well I’d like to say I heard a word from God and I just did it but that would be a lie and then I wouldn’t even go to heaven. See I told you we had started a Messianic Jewish congregation and we had invited a man after a year or so to be the rabbi his name was Manny Brotman.

He had his own ministry, and so I was in the oil business at the time and I didn’t have to work much because God was supernaturally blessing my business and I volunteered my services at his office. I was sort of helping him with business things because that was my background.

One day a man from WCTN Radio in Potomac, Maryland came in said “Manny I’d like you to start radio show and Sid be involved in it.” We thought that was a good idea and I said “Wonderful Manny I’ll be the business manager and you be the on air personality.” He said “Fine” but he said “I want you to do one thing Sid I want you to be the announcer.” I said “No I don’t want to be the announcer.” He said “Well Sid you understand our ministry better than anyone else you must be the announcer.”

I did an awful job, I really did because I thought I could do it without having a script. So the next day I came back with a script and read and somehow got through it. So I was the announcer, but then a strange thing happened every time that Manny was supposed to do an interview something would happen. An emergency would occur and either I would do the interview or there’d be no show. I thought “Oh I can’t do this there’ll be all sorts of blank space, dead time I won’t know any questions to ask! This isn’t… I’m supposed to be on the business… Don’t they… Someone…” But I had to do it. I went in kicking and screaming. As a result I found out something amazing me. I found out God had gifted me for this. I found out when I didn’t have a question in my mind, a question would come out of my mouth, I really liked it.

That’s how I got into the radio ministry and the rest is history. I started out by interviewing just Jewish people that believed in Jesus and it was a lot of fun I really enjoyed it. But after a while I got bored, the same old same old. Remember the book I wrote? Remember the song I wrote? “There must be Something More.” Well I was getting bored and I figured if I was getting bored my listeners must have been getting bored. So I said “Okay Holy Spirit You show me who to interview. I don’t care whether they’re Jewish or not Jewish. I don’t care. All I want to do is interview people you want to interview.” So that’s how the Messianic Vision Radio Ministry evolved.

Then one day, a friend of mine from Canada called and they said “Sid we believe you should have a television show. We’re going to put $25,000 into a station in Canada. We’re giving them a check of $25,000 and we want you to do your shows there. So in affect you have a credit there.” That’s how we got into television.

The concept for television, our television show It’s Supernatural is so right. I mean let’s face it what is flooding the airways of secular television today? Shows about angels, shows about miracles, even watch a Larry King show and one day you’ll have New Age guru, the next day he’ll have a real Christian on. The world doesn’t know the difference between the counterfeit and the real thing, between the demonic and God. No one is giving God the credit in these miracles most of the people they just show them, but they don’t give God the credit, if they do they can’t be on they can’t get sponsors. So it’s a Catch-22 you can’t talk about Jesus you just talk about angels, maybe some good is better than no good. No! If you can’t talk about Yeshua, or Jesus, then why waste your time?

So we started It’s Supernatural Television, and the whole concept was for me to be a Larry King without suspenders, but with discernment and posture myself as an investigative reporter asking hard questions of people that have had genuine miracles, but the guests all happen to be Christians.

Then in the last 2 minutes I tell people what their heart is craving. Their heart if they’re Jewish it’s not craving to believe in Jesus, I guarantee you that they don’t want to believe in Jesus. If they’re Gentile it’s not craving to be born again, if they want to be born again they would born again, but it is craving for intimacy with the Creator. I don’t care if they’re a radical atheist. I tell you their heart is craving and crying, and shouting “Show me that I’m wrong I want to know that I’m wrong!” But we’re too radical to get a secular sponsor. I don’t want to talk much about money on television because we’re after unsaved people.

So what God has done is He has supernaturally opened doors on secular television outside of the United States. For instance, we are on in every little city in Ukraine. Then He’s opened up doors of Christian television. Praise God for Christian television because unsaved people do watch Christian television because they can’t see anything descent on secular television. Anything that’ll satisfy that void inside of them, there must be something more that same void I had I know about that void. I know there’s only one answer and it’s the King of the Jews, Jesus the Messiah, He is the answer.

So the last 2 minutes I look into the camera and I say “Do you want the same intimacy with God my guest has? Do you want to be able to reach into that invisible realm and know for yourself God loves you? Do you want to experience His love?” I tell people that there’s no other name given to men in which we must be saved but the name of Jesus.

Now I am proclaiming what I have been teaching. I believe that very shortly… I believe… I have been saying less than 2 years but I believe it’s going to be this year. We are going to get large enough sums of money in the ministry, people that love God enough to sacrificially give at this brief window of opportunity that we have in the United States of America. This financial prosperity we have, do you think it’s going to last forever? No it’s not!

But I tell you the night is coming and it’s coming very soon but while it’s daylight we must run with the message. Will you lift up my arms? Could you picture our television show on MTV? Could you picture reaching a generation of teenagers instead of what’s going… they’re literally destroying their body with this body piercing, they’re getting into necromancy and communicating with the dead, into all sorts of sexual perversion. Could you picture if they were just as radical for God?

I see the anointing of God increasing on our television show. It is state of the art secular quality and I’m believing that we will be very very soon in every city of the United States on secular television. On BET, on SyFy, on Family Channel, and someone’s just channel surfing. I wish you could read the letters of people in foreign countries that say “The power of God just came in and healed me. I’m writing, I never knew there was such miracles, I’m so intrigued by what you’re running.” They all say a prayer of salvation with me at the end. Will you be part of this team, or this family, or this army? It’s such a simple idea but it’s brilliant because it’s a God idea and it’s time has come.

So I’ve told you a bit… Oh! I didn’t even mention about the prophetic dreams I’ve had of books. In fact the book I’m offering this week is called “There Must Be Something More.” This was the first book I wrote it’s my testimony book it’s designed to give the Jewish people a special section by Dr. Michael Brown at the end to answer the hard questions that Jewish people are asking. I want you to read this book for yourself and then give it to the Jewish person that God has cross your path. This book came to me in a dream and God said I must write that. In fact in the dream he said I’m going to tie you up and I’m not going to untie you till you write this book.” I know there are people that are saved today as a result of this book. On the cover of the book is the original sheet music that I wrote when I was a nonbeliever and it’s the song “There Must Be Something More.” This is actually the original sheet music right on the cover of the book.

This is God’s time to reach Jewish people with the gospel and God has a method to reach Jewish people. The Jew requires a sign, the miraculous, you see it all tied together. If you go to the Jew first it opens up a supernatural door of evangelism to all people. What are you going to take to heaven with you? Your money? Your health? What are you going to take to heaven with you? You’re only going to take one thing to heaven with you, souls. That’s why Proverbs says “He who wins souls is wise.” Will you team up with me? There’s a short window of opportunity. We can change the destiny of America. I believe if enough young people are touched and radically saved that we’ll change the destiny of the United States of America.

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