Sid: My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him from his home in Palisade, Colorado Michael Champagne. Michael was raised in a good Baptist church, but he got into mythology which then branched him into astral projection and séances. Actually as you put it you were a missionary in the streets to recruit as many young people into Satanism. How successful were you?

Michael: Pretty successful I started a not a coven but I started an organization called “The Black Rose Society” while I was in New Orleans or California which was every type of occultism that was imaginable it was… that was our byline was you know “If you have a special ability or a power or an in inkling if you have one come we’ll accept you no matter how weird you might be.” And you know we had in New Orleans we had about 100 people and growing and in California we had about 75 and growing.

Sid: Now were Christians your main target once… I mean did you put hexes on Christians and did you go after Christians and try to destroy their faith?

Michael: Yeah but Christians were kind of like like a 7 point buck in the hunting world. It was like the prize it wasn’t necessarily the target it was like if you got one you did good.

Sid: What was the target?

Michael: The target was young teenagers from about 14 to 17 that they came from about usually from rejected homes and they’re usually manic-depressive and they had all kinds of problems. And we would just take them and we’d treat them just like a family would we would take care of them if they were sick we would nurture them back to health. And in the mean time we were…

Sid: Where did you get the money?

Michael: Huh?

Sid: Where did you get the money to do all of this?

Michael: Oh panhandling stealing.

Sid: Why didn’t Satan just give you the money?

Michael: That’s how Satan told us to get the money.

Sid: Huh okay you got involved by going to a ministry called “The Dream Center” that has a lot of young people in Los Angeles.

Michael: Hmm hm.

Sid: And you were staying there and the leaders knew that you had Tarot Cards on you why did you have them on you?

Michael: Because I always had them on me.

Sid: Why?

Michael: Because they were kind of like I drew… that was my bait I had Tarot Cards and these little kids would come and sit next to me and I’d give them a free reading. And they’re like “This stuff is really cool.” Then I would tell them to meet me at a certain place at a certain time and I’d tell you more.

Sid: Okay the leader said for you to get rid of these cards what did you do?

Michael: Well without a hesitation for some reason I decided okay.

Sid: Why?

Michael: I don’t know.

Sid: Okay.

Michael: So we went to the front yard of this discipleship home and we decided to burn them. So we doused them with lighter fluid and we light them on fire and they wouldn’t burn. And so we had to take them like 2 at a time and burn them and when they burned the flames that were coming off of the cards were like black and purple and it was like demonic hissing coming from the side of the card.

Sid: Now did anyone else see this and see this besides you?

Michael: My leader saw the flames but didn’t hear the hissing.

Sid: Now you told me that you could actually hear screams coming out of the flames.

Michael: Yeah.

Sid: I mean were they like they were suffering was it that kind of scream.

Michael: No it was more like angry.

Sid: Huh. So when all of this is going on you know what’s going on in the spirit world.

Michael: Right.

Sid: You must have been in the middle of a war one side God one side the devil pulling at both sides what did you do?

Michael: It was pretty spectacular I just looked down at the cards with a full realization for the first time in years I just stomped on them; I dropped on my knees and at that moment I was… I gave my services to God. I said “Here I am use me whatever I don’t have a life anymore I’ve already killed it.” And the sky split open where I was sitting at and nobody… everybody felt it because there was like 5 people out there with me but nobody saw it but the whole yard filled up with angels.

Sid: When you were in Satanism had you seen angels?

Michael: I’d seen them but it was only like glances. See when I was in Satanism I could see God’s servants but they were only like shadows almost like a mist. The only thing I saw clearly were demonic things. But here for the first time was like probably 20 – 30 you know 10 foot angels surrounding me with swords like protecting me.

Sid: Well I was just going to ask you were you fearful but with all of those around you how could you be fearful. So what happened next?

Michael: I stood up and that was like the end of my Satanism that was it you know just. Like Paul to Saul in one fair swoop God took all the evil and brushed it away.

Sid: Out of curiosity you came from a Baptist background did you know anything about being baptized in the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues?

Michael: That’s a great question because after the fact I figured okay I’ll just…I know that there’s a God and I know that I’m supposed to serve Him I’ll just go content on living a Baptist lifestyle. I didn’t want to have anything to do with spirit do you understand? I just came from an awful experience in retrospect.

Sid: Oh it was almost like the devil was getting you coming and going when you were in Satanism. Then when you became a Christian you were afraid of the authentic because you had seen the counterfeit.

Michael: Right. And I didn’t want anything to do with it and then one day I was… because I decided to stay at the discipleship home and learn more. You know I saw 30 guys in a small house that were happy content and singing praises to God and I’m thinking “This is not like real.” I went there and one day some kids from ORU, Oral Roberts University, were there and we were all sitting in the front yard. And like for 3 days they would be liked praying in tongues and I could feel fire boiling up inside of me but I didn’t know what was going on so I didn’t open my mouth. And one time I told Todd I said “Todd can you help me I don’t know what’s going on?” And Todd just looked at me and he said “You’re just resisting the Holy Spirit.” And the last day right before the kids left my big prophet friend of mine laid his hands on me and he said “God wants you to receive the Holy Spirit.” And distinctively I said “Okay” and I got baptized in the Holy Spirit and a felt like a lightning bolt shot through my body and did a de-cleaning. I fell over and I spoke in tongues for the first time and I couldn’t stop speaking in tongues for like 3 hours it was all I could do.

Sid: Now you know what it’s like to be filled with the demonic and you know what it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit as best you can what’s the difference?

Michael: Ah being filled with the demonic is like it’s a sickening feeling almost like you don’t eat enough and that’s what it feels like you get a hollow pit in your stomach; you still have a power radiating out of you.

Sid: But you went into the demonic for the power.

Michael: Right I did and you had the power but it almost felt like you were in a famine like he was taking more out of you then he was just putting in you.

Sid: And how about being filled with the Holy Spirit?

Michael: Well that was the greatest experience of my life it was the biggest high I’ve ever had; it was like I got shot with like a million volts of like pure energy. I didn’t get tired, I didn’t need to eat if the Spirit was on me really strong. I could… I still had the power I felt the power but it was pure, you know what I mean. It wasn’t tainted I felt satisfied instead of I was like getting sucked dry.

Sid: I understand what you’re saying. Now you saw lots of healings in the demonic do you see healings in being filled with the Holy Spirit of God are they better what’s the difference?

Michael: I’m I do, as a matter of fact I went through a healing about 3 years ago just to fine tune everything, but you know when you’re working the supernatural you always feel like hanging on-ers things that stick to you off of other people so I got a deep cleaning from that. I always suggest this to new Christians, if you ever have a gift and you know it’s from God, to make it the most pure it can be just give it back to Him and tell Him to purify it and He’ll give it back to you. So that’s what I did and when I would lay hands on people that was one of the gifts that I had along with word of wisdom, and word of knowledge, and discerning of spirits was the ability to heal. So when I heal people… the first time I healed somebody I didn’t even know it I just laid hands on somebody and then they came back to me. I wasn’t even like even laying hands on him or praying for him, I was patting this guy on the back and he came back like 10 minutes later cause I was at a church and he said “I’m just going to tell you this I could barely move my back for like 6 months because of a car wreck you touched me and I’m completely healed. And the only thing I knew how to do was… praise God so I didn’t try to do anything but the difference was of the two types of healing was when I healed somebody through God’s power there was you know there was no taking back I wasn’t like taking something so they could be hooked I was giving them something. And with demonic power I was healing them just so they would come back to me not to God.

Sid: So one was almost power for yourself the other was power for getting people saved and turning them on to God.

Michael: Right.

Sid: Now you move in discerning of spirits can you see evil spirits on people?

Michael: I can’t see them physically I’ll feel them but yeah it depends on what’s going on around me because you know God has… God doesn’t like people to get stuck in a formula this is what I discovered over years of…

Sid: Michael we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow broadcast.

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