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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dave Roberson I’m speaking to him from his headquarters at Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dave I’m just going to scrape my agenda for a moment you have got to tell our Mishpochah about what just happened in Brazil you just got back tell me about it.

Dave: Now Sid I was in 2 cities one was Campo Grande and the other was Sao Paulo a city of maybe 17 million. We was having preachers conferences where the preachers would come and would take them another step into God’s power or some was receiving the Holy Spirit; and about a 1000 was filled with the Holy Spirit in the 2 weeks and maybe 300 miracles took place.

Sid: Tell about 2 outstanding miracles.

Dave: One was a woman who when the power of God came through the crowd was blind. I was going on with the service and she just come up and stood there and just wept and wept and so I looked down. She went to somebody that spoke Portuguese/English. She couldn’t see anything except shadows and she’s reading the wall behind me the print on it and she broke down and I broke down. The second miracle was the last night, of the second I just love to talk about. The second one the meeting was over everyone had been filled and the power of God had moved and healed and I thought that I was just seconds away from turning the mike over the host. The compassion of God fell on me for a man that one night sat on the front row and then a couple of nights the second row. And I noticed these crutches and something like the gift of faith came on me when God kind of trades your faith for His.

Sid: I love that and I’ll make that exchange any day of the week (Laughing).

Dave: It was coupled together with the compassion that I hadn’t felt before. So I just…

Sid: Excuse me you you feel compassion I know you your saying you haven’t felt that degree before?

Dave: Not like that it was kind of like mixed with the gift of faith or something.

Sid: Hm.

Dave: And in the compassion I felt when God washed me all around the words fail, after a month seeking just worshipping day and night He touched me with His finger in my spirit. When He did I knew He had touched me with His love and for the first time. I was able to see people for just seconds it seems like through His eyes. And Sid I wept for 9 hours straight until all of my tear ducts were dried out. He changed… He changed the way I pray for people forever. And this seemed to be coupled together with that.

Sid: So what happened to this individual?

Dave: As in the way I talk you know it, I had a translator I said “Boy come over here.” And he worked his way up on his crutches, worked his way into the aisle and an usher came up behind him. So I reached over and I pried one crutch lose from underneath his arm and the usher reached up and supported him he held him up from behind by the back of his arms. Then I took the other crutch, and all of a sudden compassion and the next thing I knew my arms was around him and I was weeping and weeping and waves of glory, waves of God’s presence was pouring over me. And when that subsided a little bit I stepped back about 7 or 8 feet and the usher took a hold of him and was holding him up and I said “Come here boy,” I said “Come here walk in Jesus name.” And he shifted all of his weight over on his left leg because when I looked down from his knees, down his legs was withered and turned in, he was born that way. So he shifted all of his weight to that foot and he through his right foot out like gravity to take step. And then he shifted all of his weight onto the right leg and through his left leg out using gravity to swing it forward. And then for the third time he shifted it back to his left leg to throw his right leg out and when he did Sid the power of God hit that leg and it shot straight out and straightened out and then his left leg…

Sid: Now let me visualize this for a little bit the leg was like withered?

Dave: It was turned in and small and withered up. He was born that way couldn’t really use it.

Sid: Hmm okay go ahead.

Dave: That leg bent and then shot straight out and then the left leg followed the next thing I knew he was jumping way up and down in the air and bouncing out toward the middle of the platform in front. And 2000 people was on their feet screaming and Sid the waves of His presence and love just so strong all I could do is just weep and turn around and hand my friend the Evangelist Denaro the microphone and I just walked into the backroom and wept and wept. That is the kind of power that we was teaching them there the preachers there that they could walk in and the kind of power any believer “These signs will follow them that believe can have.” Any was God was really moving with signs and wonders backing it up.

Sid: You know Dave.

Dave: Yes.

Sid: I’m reminded of a man that came was a young man at the time he came to my ministry and he said “God told me I need a blessing you’ve got a Jewish ministry the only thing that I can give you is my prayer can I have the key to your office and pray every night.” And I said “Gladly, I’ll give you 2 keys to my office to come in and pray every night. And this fellow felt that his calling in life was to be a businessman and intercessor pray for others. When he was a brand new believer he got some audio cassettes from an evangelist by the name by the name of Dave Roberson. Dave you shared your testimony of what happened to you at age 30 and then how you went work 8 hours a day which was praying in the Spirit. And so he said “Well, I can do that” and he emulated what you did. But over the years he kept getting pushed to be an evangelist but he wasn’t a good speaker but he decided I’ve got to do it. Today he has tent meetings in Latin America thousands of people come into these tent meetings and they have the miracles. The point that I want to make to you Dave is in the natural this man had no ability what so ever, you never would have picked him to be a star evangelist he wanted to be in the background he wanted to be just an intercessor. But he did he started doing what you did he started praying 8 hours a day and it totally transformed his destiny.

Dave: If I was God I wouldn’t have chosen me to do what I do. You know probably the very fact that he was so unwilling to qualify if the natural or to take the glory probably was one of the signature keys that enabled God to get through to him. And Sid you’ll just have to hang in with me I don’t know this presence that’s coming on me now I’m just about ready to cry again.

Sid: Dave he found one key, one key that’s all he just found one key from your testimony and that key was to pray in tongues many hours every day and he did it. And he didn’t feel anything I’ve got to ask you many are not familiar with your testimony but when you were 30 years of age you really a legalistic Christian and God gave you an amazing vision tell me about that.

Dave: Sid I had a hunger for God Sid like you said captured in legalism I was looking for more things to give up for God if that was what He wanted. You know jewelry you know dress a certain way whatever He wanted I was willing to pay the price. He knew how hungry I was and thank goodness He judged me by my hungry I was and thank goodness he judged me by my heart. One morning thinking I was going to see the bedroom like usual but this time an anointing woke me up, and when I opened my eyes it was of a meeting, it was a vision of a meeting and I was sitting in the crowd about 3 or 4 rows back on the left. I knew that it was my meeting and a front man was fronting and leading worship. And there was people in wheelchairs and the glory was so strong and His presence you could cut it with a knife it was amazing. I knew it was my meeting so the worship was just about over and so the man that was emceeing the meeting and I knew that it was my meeting and I was getting ready to stand up. And he says “Now our evangelist” he looks at me for a moment and then looks at the curtain and a young woman she was a blond and came out from behind the curtain and began to minister. And wondered why that God would give her such a ministry and only thing that she could think up was that one of the men must have failed that was the wording. Suddenly when she said that the whole crowd disappeared and I was the only person standing there. So how could I miss it, you know it was me? And so I went home and when I woke up in the vision I remember leaving the meeting something and I came back to myself and I was laying in bed there and I was waiting for Rosalie my wife to wake up and when she did I said “Rosalie I can’t live this way anymore, I said you sleep under a tree dressed in gunny sacks, eat beans the rest of my life” I said. I can’t live this way anymore” and she was all for it. I give 2 weeks notice at the mill I worked at, 2 weeks later I found myself full time. I didn’t know what to do with myself I knew a little bit about praying in tongues but legally I didn’t even know if you could legally do it anytime that you wanted. I wasn’t sure of anything all; I knew was that I had all of this time on my hands now.

Sid: Dave, we’re out of time will pick up on tomorrows broadcast but Mishpochah he found that the only way he could pray long periods of time was in unknown tongues. Many people have heard his testimony and read his book and it’s given them the faith to push into a new area. There are so many things God does for us when we pray in unknown tongues and most charismatic Christians say “Well I have my sign, I prayed in tongues and they never do it.” But do it for a few minutes if they only knew what they only knew what they were missing.

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