Sid: Well all this week I have been sharing my testimony. Why? Because God is about ready to pour out His Spirit on Jewish people like never before in history. God has destined Gentile Christians to share the gospel with Jewish people.

If you can understand my life you can understand the average Jewish American person. They will relate to one or more members of my family as you read my life’s story and how my entire house came to believe in Jesus.

On yesterday’s broadcast I told you I left my wife, my daughter, and my job at Merrill Lynch. I went searching for happiness; big world out there when you don’t know what you’re searching for. Things rather than getting progressively better they were getting progressively worse. I was a sales manager of an investment house, and one of my salesmen came to me on day and he said “Sid I have a friend who took a supernatural course and as a result he knows things about people. He had no psychic ability beforehand, and after taking this course he can tell you things about people.” I thought “Ah! If I have this ability it would give me the edge to make a million dollars. If I make a million dollars I’ll be happy.”

Well that was a lie but… I believe lies, you don’t believe truth you believe lies. So I went to investigate his friend. His friend said “Give me the name of someone that I don’t know and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with that person.” So I gave him the name of a person that I knew had committed suicide and shot himself in the head, or he tried to commit suicide. This is what the man said, I just gave the individual’s name, that’s all he knew. The individual was in another city, this guy was in New Jersey the individual was in Washington DC. There’s no way he could have known this. He said “Sid I see this individual and I see a light heading toward this individual’s head. I see this light going into his head, I see it shattering. Could he have been shot in the head with a bullet?”

I knew somehow that this man tapped into the supernatural and I wanted to be able to do what this man did, so I took this course. It was a crazy course, but they offered me my money back if it didn’t work. I was convinced it was going to work. So I stayed for that whole week, it couldn’t have been too bad of a course because there were Catholic nuns there, and ministers there, and Christians with big crosses so it had to be good, so I thought.

So they taught me how to meditate, they taught me through mental exercises how to lower my brain waves, sort of like what you do in sleep or in hypnosis. When you get in this real passive state you invite an imaginary friend they called it a counselor into your head. Then this counselor will answer your questions. Well, I did this and I just thought I was making the whole thing up, and so at the end of the class to get my money back I had to take the test. If I failed the test they’d give me my money back, if I passed the test wonderful I’d make my million and be happy. I mean that was my logic.

So I took the test and they had a little file card, I remember this. They had someone’s name on the side and they had what was wrong with them on the other side. So I had a file card and the person next to me had one. We looked at each other, so this person said to me someone’s name. I closed my eyes and I said “Counselor what’s wrong with this person?” I saw a stick figure of a woman and an “X” over one of her breast and I remember blurting out “Could she have cancer of the left breast?” The guy looked at me and said “That’s exactly what she has!”

I knew I had tapped into this and I was so excited so that I could make my million dollars so I could be happy. I found out I got more than I bargained for, this power started increasing. What do I mean by that? Instead of asking questions I would just think thoughts and things would start… for instance, I remember one day I thought “Well I don’t want to be a sales manager in this investment house, I want to be in business for myself.” It seemed like hours later someone comes to my office that I had only met once or twice. They said they had just purchased a large office building and they had extra space if I ever wanted to go into business for myself; they’ll give me free rent, free secretary, free telephone. I thought “This power really is sensational.” Of course I didn’t know that this businessman, who I barely knew, he had a power of his own, he was one of these born again Christians. God had spoken to him and told him to offer me this free space. I thought it was my power but there was a greater power moving in on me and I didn’t even realize it.

I went to their office and I made havoc out of their office, and I mean literally. They had Bible studies there, they had this one business partner had come in, I remember he spent a year in Israel with his entire family. So I said “What did you do?” He said “Oh I worked on a kibbutz.” I said “Oh did you make much money?” He said “No, I did it for free.” I said “You’re a Gentile, why did you work in Israel for a year, hard work on a kibbutz for free?” He said “Because I love the Jewish people.” I thought “What kind of nut is this. I mean the other guy, they both have big leather Bibles on their desks, I mean how can they make any money with these big leather Bibles on their desks?”

So they would invite me to their prayer meetings and I remember saying some of the stupidest things. They kept their cool, but one day I remember one of the business partners came into my office and he said “Sid I’ve just pretty much reached my limit with you. Do you know that you are involved in spiritual adultery?” I said “Come again [laughing], what are you talking about?” He said “Do you know that you are involved in spiritual adultery?” I said “No I’m not.” He said “Look in your own Bible.” He opened the Torah and went to the book of Deuteronomy the 18th chapter starting at the 10th verse, 10-12, and he read it to me. Remember I was involved in the New Age. This is what God told Moses and He actually uses the word an abomination.

There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire. (That’s sacrificing children, today we have a squeaky clean word for that it’s called abortion.) ,  or one who practices witchcraft (Watch television today and who is the big news on TV? Things about wizards, movies about New Age, movies about channeling, you can’t turn on television these days without hearing references to these things, Harry Potter.), or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer (Remember these are all abominations God says.), or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead (That’s channeling by the way. Now this is what happens to these people God says:). For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you.

I said “Wait a second now! I don’t believe the Bible was from God.” Remember I came from a good traditional Jewish background, but I wasn’t sure the Bible was from God. So I thought “I’m not going to do this, I don’t think God is saying this is bad, I’m not going to stop using my mind power.” So I had this tug of war going on inside of me and I thought “Well on the 1% chance that this is God I am going to stop using this power and see what happens.” I’ll tell you something I got the shock of my life because remember that counselor that I invited into my head to answer all of my questions? He started cursing me, especially when I said “Instead of doing this mind stuff I’ll start reading the Bible, find out a little bit about my Jewish background, read a little bit of the New Testament.” This counselor got so angry with me started cursing, I mean it really scared me. It scared to the point I just got in a car and started driving one day. I remember I went to a bookstore just a secular big bookstore. I went to the biggest area in the bookstore where they had the New Age books, and I remember seeing a book it was called “The Bible, the Jew, and the Supernatural” by McCandlish Phillips, “Perfect for me!” I’m starting to read the Bible, I’m Jewish, and I’m interested in the Bible, but they made a mistake this book should not have been in the New Age/Occult section it should have been in the Christian section. The point that is made is different than what my Christian friends had told me. My Christian friends had told me “It was an abomination for a Jew to be involved in any of these things, for anyone to be involved in any of these things” and it was true. But this book had a new wrinkle, the new wrinkle was we Jews have a covenant from God, Gentiles don’t we have a covenant from God. Therefore, for a Jewish person to be involved in the New Age is greater consequence in sin than even for a Gentile.

So I started reading this book and it had one Jew after another that was involved in the New Age that lost their mind or lost their life. I remember getting to one particular one, he happened to be my hero, a Jewish man by the name of Brian Epstein, he was the manager of the Beatles. At the time the book was written the Beatles were at their all-time height. They even said they were more popular than Jesus Christ. Do you remember that? They all went to the Himalayas including the Jew, Brian Epstein. But only one died at that point the Jew, Brian Epstein. Who had everything I thought would have been happiness and he was dead for doing things as bad what I was doing. I’m thinking “Could I be in violation with God? Could I be in league with the devil?” I remember I used to be able to open a dictionary ask myself a question and just point at random and get a specific answer. So I went to the dictionary and instead of one word I started getting a message. The message I got, one word after another, it was “Refrain from using this sinful book.” I’ll tell you that really put the fear of God in me, but the thing that was even worse is what happened next. What happened next is I got involved in something called Astral Projection, that is where you spirit leaves your body. If you have ever seen Rod Serling movies where you know science-fiction… I tell you I had a plot it was anything he ever imagined. My times up today.

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