Sid: Remember a movie a few years ago “One Flew over the Cuck Coo.” It was about a mental hospital well I have a guest that they could have written that script from. His name is Dr. Gary Whetstone he’s the Senior Pastor at Victory Christian Fellowship in Wilmington Delaware. And in 1971 I mean Gary was like the all American boy good grades, into sports and a freak accident an automobile accident and it stopped him from being involved in athletics, he got involved in motorcycle gangs and drugs, he’s full of fear, full of hatred and it ended up being institutionalized for the criminally insane. He was actually put into isolation but worse than that they felt that there was nothing they could do to help him so they were going to give him intense electric therapy which would reduce his mind permanently to a 3 year old. A day before this happens or 2 days before this happens a man comes to him in the hospital leads him to the Lord and after a few minutes Gary felt just totally different it was like his mind was sound what happened next Gary?

Gary: Sid this is an experience that most people when they hear it’s going to be a shock to them because my hair was down to the center of my back, my beard was down to almost hitting my stomach and I was so drugged because I lived in the Isolation Ward having beaten my head against the walls and literally eating out of the same pan that I went to the bathroom in you get an idea of the gross torment that I was in. And this man’s words that spoke to me I had no idea what was going to happen but something took place. My parents had signed a waiver that they had no legal recourse over the State of Delaware because of the experimental guinea pig that I was now a candidate for where they cut a hole in the cranium right through the bone of your head and they insert a probe and burn like…just like a hot curling iron would kill the flesh of the brain they were going to kill that spot on my brain the entire lobe of my brain was going to be killed electronically. And I was going to be reduced to a vegetable and I knew it and a man I’d never heard of before, never knew before came and met me in an isolated area. And he said to me “Gary the power of sin is going to kill you.” I thought sin was the procedure they were going to do on my mind. I thought sin was what the results were and I was going to physically die, I thought he was a representative of the hospital telling me they’re going to do sin on me and I’ll die. But he said something that I really can’t remember every word he said but I remember something that happened to me.   He said “But if you would receive Jesus.” And as soon as that word Jesus came out of his mouth I was broken like some-buddy just breaks his 2 x 4 in half and on the carpet just crying and crying and crying and all of a sudden I lifted up my head off the carpet and I said to this man “What did you do?” He said “What do you mean?” I said “My mind it’s normal.” He said “Well you got born again.” I said “What’s that?” He said “You got saved.” I said “What’s that?” He said “You don’t know what happened to you?” I said “I’d never heard of this before what did you do?” He said “I’m sorry my times up I have to leave.” (Laughing) And I said “You can’t leave you don’t know what happened I’m going to have a part of my brain killed you don’t know what’s going to happen to me.” He goes “I have another appointment I’m sorry thank you for the time.” I’m saying “Thank you for the time.” And the next thing you know the guard comes and puts the straight re-straights on my hands, my feet, my arms and he walks out and I’m lead right back to the isolation cell that was padded on all sides where I’d lose my life. And I’m telling you what happened Sid it was the most incredible fervor of intensity I’d ever lived because I beat my knuckles until they were bloody almost to the bone. And I had this little tiny window that I just could scream out of it and all I could remember saying “I’m sane now!” Of course in a mental hospital being said you’re sane you know is a pretty normal thing and I’m screaming “I’m sane, I’m sane.” So finally after I’d say several hours…

Sid: It’s like the prisoner saying “I’m not guilty.”

Gary: Exactly it’s the jail house talk, it’s the mental hospital declaration “I don’t belong here I’m normal!” Finally the attendant comes over and I’m ready for this procedure and the next day and this guy says “I’m sorry what do you want?” I said “I’ve got to meet with the physiatrist he’s got to know I’m sane!” So after several hours they lead me back out of that isolation area and I was bound in my hands and my feet and they led me through these corridors into the physiatrist office. And for some reason which I don’t understand they took the restraints off of my hands and my feet and I sat there across the desk from this man and of course the guards were outside and he said to me “What is the condition that you want to communicate? And I said this is what happened to me “A man came in I received this word Jesus and He came in.” He said “This Jesus came in?” And I said “Yeah.” And I said “When He came in I could think normal.” And he said to me “And this Jesus makes you think normal.” And I said “Yeah you got it.” And he said “Do you hear Him talk?” And I said “Yeah, that’s right I can hear Him talk and because I hear Him talk I know I’m sane.” And he sits back in his chair and he says “Gary I’m sorry this is a further development of this intense multi-personality disorder schizophrenia disorder and the deep psychotic state that you’re in living with aberrations of God being your sanity. And all of a sudden I looked up at him and I realized Sid that he didn’t believe me so what did I do but I lunged over the desk and bam I punched that guy in the face and I started beating him and beating him he didn’t believe me. And then at that point he hit the panic button and all of the sudden I get drugged back out by the whole group of people. And you’ve got to understand Sid he didn’t believe that I was sane. But what happened…

Sid: You must have been desperate I mean talk about you’re about really to have what we would call a lobotomy which means you’ll be a vegetable the rest of your life and God’s made you normal so what did you do?

Gary: Well they took me out of that room obviously dragging me kicking and screaming and they take the shackles off of me because I’m guided by a hallway into an isolation cell or my padded room they called it. And all of the sudden there’s a guard looking on one side of the this hallway in a little window that you can take a picture of all of the glass and all of the steel in it and the other door with all of the glass and all of the steel in it and I’ve got Property of State Hospital shirt, Property of State Hospital pants, socks on and that’s it and I here this voice saying to me “Run!” I’m thinking “Run?” Now this is a different voice I’m used to hearing voices because I was you know (Laughing) you know…

Sid: It goes with the territory.

Gary: You know you don’t get locked up in an isolated cell because you’re normal.

Sid: Okay you hear this voice saying “Run.” But you’ve got guards all around you and actually what do you do?

Gary: I’m thinking “Where do I run?” And I just hear this word “Run!” So I looked and there was a door where I remembered when I came out that had a chain on it double dead bolts and it had a crash bar where the chain and the pad lock was and the chain was undone and both the deadlocks were opened and I busted through the door and I ran across the Mental Hospital’s grounds and I realized it’s snowing outside I’m cold, I’m wet.

Sid: You don’t even have shoes on!

Gary: I have no shoes on I didn’t even know cold wet existed I mean I’d been living in an isolation padded cell with a sentence of death on my life and now I go back in my mind when the State Police brought me in I remember seeing an area where people I guess were more trusted mental patients were and I found a door that I could get into to and I ran in that door. And I screamed out “I’m on the run!” So all of the sudden you can get the picture of this is where “One Who Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest takes place. And here are these men going “Run, run, run and I remember the cries going out “Run!” And I said “I need a coat I’ve got to have shoes.” So they throw this huge coat over me and these size…they had to be size 14 shoes I put them on my feet and I say “How, where do I go?” And they say “There that way.” So I’m running out of this mental hospital and I see the guard shack up ahead and I say “Oh my God they’re going to think I’m escaping from the mental hospital.” So I tuck my beard inside the coat, I tuck my hair inside, I try to bow my heard down and I walked up to the guard shack and I wave and I said “I’m leaving now.” They said “Fine.” And the man unlocked the gate so I could walk out of the mental hospital grounds free.”

Sid: How, how did that happen?

Gary: I don’t know what was in that guards mind but that man for some reason it had to have been a miracle from God opened the gate believing that I must have been one of the workers in the hospital.

Sid: But you had the patients garb on!

Gary: Oh, I had everything on I had the white pants that said “Property of the State Hospital.” The only thing I can think of that God had to have blinded his eyes and I’m telling you when I got on the other-side of that road or the other-side of that gate I stepped onto that road and I started running. And one of the most incredible things took place when I was running and I mean I was not running slowly I was running with everything in me to escape and get down the road because I mean they’re going to take my life. I ran literally through a car…

Sid: Through a car?

Gary: This is…listen to me this is a little strange but that’s my life anyway. There was a car that I know ran into me but the next thing I knew it didn’t hit me. I looked at myself I’m on the side of the road and I looked over and the cars off the other side of the road and I think “What was that?”

Sid: Gary Gary hold that thought we’re out of time Mishpochah it gets even better come back tomorrow.

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