SID: I knew you would come back because I want to see what God told Kynan in Heaven. Tell me.

KYNAN: One day we were in a prayer meeting and I was caught up in the praise and the prayer, and all of a sudden, I closed my eyes and instantly I was in the courtyard of Heaven, the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life. There were beautiful pillars and gold and pearl on the floor, and adjacent from the courtyard was the Throne Room. Now I didn’t see Jesus in this experience, but I saw angels that were there. And all of a sudden, oil began to flow from the throne and saturate the floor of the courtyard. And I heard the voice of the Lord speak out of the throne and say, “I am purifying my church.” And when he said that, instantly I was back in my body. And I began to search that out. I really studied that. And what I discovered was there were two aspects to that vision. First of all, the Lord is releasing an anointing for healing and deliverance that the world has never seen before. In fact, I believe we’re entering into the greatest time of the church that has ever been previous. If you think of the best miracles, the most miraculous displays that you’ve ever heard of from all of the great generals, it will pale in comparison to the season that we’re entering into. The second thing was that the Lord told me that there’s an anointing being released that is literally going to restore the foundations of the Body of Christ. So this deals with identity. What is going to happen is that the church is going to realize who he is, who she is, and when that happens, people are literally going to be set free instantly. I want you to imagine something. Imagine someone who’s been demonized for 20 years and they come into a service, and in five minutes that person is instantly and permanently set free. We’re going to see this commonly all throughout the church, all over the world.

SID: You use a term. You say, the church has an identity crisis. What do you mean by that?

KYNAN: Yes. In fact, the church has not understood, not only who she is, but what she has. You know, there was something the Lord showed me recently. In Genesis 22:17, God made a specific promise to Abraham that most people never read in the Bible. And in Genesis 22:17, he talks about, “Surely blessing I will bless you and multiply your seed.” We know about that. But he gives a specific promise. He says, “Your seed will possess the gates of his enemies.” Now notice that it’s written in the singular in Hebrew. It’s not just talking about Isaac. It’s not just talking about Jacob. He’s talking about Yeshua. It’s a messianic prophecy in the Old Testament, which was fulfilled in Matthew 16. Jesus comes to Peter in Cesarea Philippi and says, “Who do men say that I am?” That’s an identity question. Who do men say that I am? He says, “Surely you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” And he tells Peter, “Flesh and blood didn’t reveal this to you, but my Father, and I say unto you that thou art Peter.” See, once Peter got the revelation of who Yeshua was, Jesus gave him the revelation of who he was. And he says, “Upon this rock I will build my church,” or ecclesia, “and,” watch this, “the gates will not prevail against thee. And whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven. Whatever you loose upon the earth shall be loosed in Heaven.” That’s called Kingdom authority. Now what happens is the church doesn’t understand that it’s not only for a few people in the church to do deliverance or spiritual warfare, but it is a messianic prophecy fulfilled in Messiah that gives us as our birthright the power, authority and dominion to close any gate of the enemy in our lives, to possess any gate of the kingdom of darkness, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, whether it’s over a city or a nation. And I’m telling you, Sid, I feel the anointing even while I’m talking.

SID: Me, too.

KYNAN: There is a great revival coming and it’s going to be mothers, it’s going to be children and children’s ministry that are going to set the captives free just like the Book of Acts.

SID: Okay. Someone walked up to you one day and said, “Kynan, who do you think you are?”

KYNAN: That’s a very interesting story. I’m in school and a friend of mine calls me over the phone and he says, “Can I come see you?” Now that wasn’t odd. What was odd was what I felt when he was talking. I felt something was off here. And when he arrived to my apartment, I had another friend that was visiting me, and I told him to pray. And my friend came in, and something was very dark and just malevolent about this experience. And all of a sudden he starts to manifest. And if you’ve ever seen the Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland,” his grimace literally turned into that physically. It was the most scary thing I’ve ever seen. And it came within about an inch of my face and said, “Who do you think you are? I can tear you apart.” Now I didn’t know much about deliverance or spiritual warfare, but all I knew to say was, I am a child of God. I take authority of this spirit controlling you in the name of Yeshua. He fell to the ground, boom, and in a matter of minutes he was set free. But I learned something. Satan’s power is in identity crisis, is in a deception to tell us that we’re something that we’re not, that we don’t have what we already have. And if he can do that, he can keep people in bondage. But once people know who they are, Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and truth will make you free.” Until the Body of Christ realizes the truth about who we are and whose we are, we will allow Satan to inhabit territory in our lives he has no permission to inhabit.

SID: Now there are a lot of Christians that are fearful of the devil.


SID: Talk to them right now.

KYNAN: You know, you may be listening today, and by the way, somebody is being healed instantly right now of high blood pressure. Someone is dealing with pain in their back right now, you’re being healed. But I want to tell you something. You don’t have fear the enemy. In fact, if you’ll believe the Word of God the enemy will fear you. I’m telling you that from today on, you will never live in bondage again and you’re going to be set free by the power of God. I feel the anointing going right where you are to liberate you so that God will use you as a deliverer.

SID: Kynan, when we come back, I’m going to have Kynan pray for you. He had a vision of an angel. I promise you when you capture this vision, it will be worth everything that money could buy because it’s who you really are. I’ll be back in a minute.

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