SID: So Thurman is teaching a much unusual healing class. He guarantees the people will be healed. But we won’t get into that yet. He finishes a class and he gets a phone call no person should ever get. Your wife and daughter were just in an automobile accident and they’re both dead. Your granddaughter and her girlfriend are fighting for their life. You’d better get to the hospital right away. Take it from there, Thurman.

THURMAN: Well the very first thing I did in that healing class, something everybody needs to know that you have to believe that everything works together for good and that God is in total control. And so by being in total control, even though I lost my wife and my daughter, the first thing I did before that class of people is I got down on my knees and I began to pray and worship the Lord. I praised the Lord and worshiped probably for 20 minutes, 15 or 20 minutes. And then I got up and went home and got my son, and we walked over to Cook’s Medical Center. And they told us that my wife and daughter were already deceased, they were killed in the car wreck, and that my granddaughter and the other little girl were critical, critical, and they probably are not going to make it, especially my granddaughter.

SID: Tell me what was wrong with your granddaughter and what the doctors explained to you.

THURMAN: When I got there, her head, first of all, was twice its size and blood was running out of her nose, her ears, her mouth, everywhere there was an opening in her body, eyes, there was blood running out. Her skull was crushed in five places. Her brain stem was completely severed. And when they told me that I said, “Doc,” I said, “does that mean the brain is just free floating in the head?” He said, “Yes.” He said, “The eyes are jerked out of the brain. The brain stem is severed, skull is crushed.” He said, “Every organ in her body is damaged.” And he said, “Her right knee is crushed and her left leg is broken right below her knee and right above her ankle.” And he said, “It’s impossible for her to live, absolutely impossible.”

SID: When they said that to you, what was the first thing that came out of your mouth when they said that to you?

THURMAN: The Word of God, John 15:7, and it says, it has a qualifier, it says, “If,” now that’s a big word, “If my words remain in you and if you remain in me then you can ask me anything you want to and I will do it for you.” So I reminded the Lord, I said, “Lord, you know my heart better than anybody.” And I said, “Lord, you know I have served you and loved you, and praised you, and worshiped you. You know I’ve spent hours every day in your Word and so I know these promises belong to me. I’m your son.” And so I began to quote the scriptures, and I said, “Lord, I want her face to be healed. I want her face to be made, put together. I don’t want a scab to form. I don’t want her to grow up with scars on her face. You said I could ask for anything, so I want her face to be beautiful and smooth with no scars. I want you to put her brain stem back together, put her skull back together, reconnect her eyes to her brain and then fix everything in her body.” And I said, “I’ll not let a doctor do a single thing to her. I would totally trust you.” And I did. And of course He began to heal her.

SID: Now when talked to the doctors, at that point, did you have the chutzpah, the nerve, to say, I guarantee?

THURMAN: Yes I did.

SID: Can you picture going to, one of the doctors was Jewish.

THURMAN: Yes he was.

SID: How can you guarantee that, she’s on a breathing machine. They want to take her off because she’s pretty much finished. What did you say?

THURMAN: Well I told them, I said, “You know, I guarantee you when you disconnect her, she’s not going to die.” And of course, Dr. Davis, a beautiful lady doctor, probably 35, 40 years old, she said, “Sir, you’re the only man I have ever seen in my life that absolutely refuses to accept reality.” She said, “You know,” she said, “you know when we unplug her she’s going to decease.” I said, “Honey, there’s not a chance she’s going to die.”

SID: Wait a second. Can you imagine having that type of faith, that tenacious type of faith? I believe that that is normal, that the whole world would be normal. So they take her off the breathing machine and what happens?

THURMAN: In fact, I guaranteed them that she would breathe over the machine on her own when they unplugged her. And so there was a whole room full of doctors and nurses, and so they started unplugging her. And as they unplugged her, she started breathing two points above the machine on her own.

SID: You know, so all these conditions, we actually interviewed Thurman when his granddaughter was four years of age. Would you like to see her today, the one the doctors said, you can’t live, it’s finished. Let’s take a look at her.

[begin video]

SID: You know, I’ve got to see little Kaitlin. Kaitlin, would you come here to your granddad. That’s a big step.

THURMAN: Come on. Come on, sugar. Praise the Lord. What a God we serve.

SID: Kaitlin, are you still ticklish. If I was to go right here, would that tickle you?

[end video]

SID: Now she really is still ticklish. But how old is she today and did you tell me you bought her a horse?


SID: I wonder what that Jewish doctor has to say about that.

THURMAN: Well I’ll tell you exactly what he said. When I took her back for a check-up and he saw her walking, he picked her up and went in his office, and put her up on a stand and started checking her. And I said, “Dr. Marks,” I said, “what do you think about my Jesus now?” He said, “Sir, all I got to say to you is somebody a whole lot bigger than me put this little girl back together.”

SID: Now she is absolutely beautiful today. How old is she now?

THURMAN: Seventeen.

SID: Seventeen years of age. I want him to tell about one of the most outrageous healings I’ve ever heard of when we come back, and then pray for you. We’ll be right back.

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