Sid: Sid Roth here with Lisa Bevere. You should have heard the conversation during the commercial break that we were having. Lisa is involved in going to countries like Cambodia, Thailand, India with hidden mikes rescuing people caught in the sex trafficking. But it all started in 2007 you’re reading an article what happened?

Lisa: You know I was reading this article and it began to talk about the horrors of sex trafficking. It began to talk about these young girls being sold into sex slavery and even young boys. I sat there and I thought “How did this happen and I not know about it; how did this go on in my world?” And right then and there Sid I prayed and I said “God if I have any voice, if I have any influence, if I have any strength that can be spent to stop this I’m your girl!” A lot of Christian’s we see things and we cry about it and we think it’s sad but we never make that consecration and so we don’t know when God brings something across our path that’s actually His open door. Two weeks later after I prayed that prayer I got a phone call from Life Outreach. They said “Listen it has come to our attention that there is sex trafficking going on in Thailand and Cambodia and India; can we send you, can we send you and can you go into the brothels; could you get the stories out; could you take hidden cameras; can you take hidden mikes; can we begin to do something constructive in this incredible area of destruction?” And I said “I am your girl.”

Sid: Now I have ask you the question that I asked you during the break.

Lisa: Yeah.

Sid: Before you started studying the lioness; before God gave you the supernatural revelation if that had happen could you have ever seen yourself walking in and going at night into these countries like Cambodia, and Thailand and India and talking to the lowest people in the strata of society? I mean this is a dangerous thing Lisa.

Lisa: I would never had seen myself doing that. Can I tell you something my life was so fearful but God had to give me a vision He couldn’t even… He couldn’t point to my own life to give me strength He had to point to the lioness. And I think people love looking at lions and lionesses because they understand that their power is unquestionable which makes their beauty and majesty and their magnificence undeniable. And so I had to actually lift my eyes outside of myself look at the lioness and begin to learn.

Sid: Okay wait a second thought you’re Lisa Bevere you’re on television you’re married to a bestselling author that’s you. What about the housewife that’s listening right now that’s scared out of her wits to even have a microphone in front of her mouth?

Lisa: You know what I’d have to say to you what God said to me when I was terrified of everything Sid this is what God said to me. He said “Your children will inherit one of 2 things either My promises or your fears.” He said “If you face off with your fears you will position your children well, but if you will allow your fears to continue to run your life.” And I have to be honest with you my fears made me think that I could protect my children by being scared, “I’m going to protect my kids, I’m going to hide my kids!” No that’s not how I protect my kids, my obedience protected my children. And I’m on the other-side with 4 adult boys and 3 magnificent grandchildren and I look at my children and they are going to be braver than I ever was. But I had to face off with my fears and “God has not given you a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind.”

Sid: Okay I want to take you to the streets of Cambodia; I want to take you being there late at night… I mean in the crime district. I still can’t comprehend you doing this Lisa.

Lisa: You know if John had seen where I went he probably would have forbid me to ever do it again.

Sid: (Laughing)

Lisa: It was (Laughing) it was incredibly dangerous we would often have to switch 2 or 3 vehicles to be able to get back to our hotels so that they weren’t tracking us. There was the Russian Mafia, there was the Japanese Mafia, there was all sorts of things. But there comes a time when you understand that obedience protects you. I knew that God had dropped these women in my heart and I knew that I had a position of influence and voice not from my own behalf but because of theirs. And then you have to be like Esther and say “If I die, I die,” but I’m going to do something that rescues other people because my life and my influence is not given me to spend on my behalf.

Sid: Okay, I’m taking you to Cambodia you’re going to approach these young girls that have been in sex trafficking that were sold into it perhaps by their parents. What’s the first thing that you say to one of these woman late at night that you walk up to them?

Lisa: Well, first and foremost it’s interesting you don’t come up to them and say “Why are you doing this?” Because most of them I understood why they were doing it. I would come to them and I would tell them that God had a plan for them, that He had a dream for their lives, that they were trapped in a nightmare that they could escape. And it was so interesting one of the young girls looked at me and said “I’m not like you I’m not strong inside I’m broken.” And I said “I know that, but you know what I’m only strong inside because of the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is inside of me.” It was amazing everywhere that I would go they were actually watching me and I would just put my arms around them and talk to them we’d get their stories. One of the girls you know you try to be very brave for them because you don’t want to just look at them and cry you want to give them hope. And I remember it had been 3 or 4 days in and out of the brothels on the streets hearing of mothers that had sold their children you know the heart break. And one of these girls begins to tell me a story very similar to the ones I had already heard so many times Sid. She was crying and she leaned into my arms and I began to just cry as she was speaking to me through the interpreter and she lifted up her head and she put her hands on my face and Sid she wiped away my tears and she said “Nobody has ever cried for me before.” And I don’t know if people really understand that intercession, one of the definitions of interceding is to arise. It is to standup, it is to speak out for those that have no voice, it is to stand up for those that have no strength. It is to be hands and feet of Jesus to a world that has no hope. So it really, the reason I put together a curriculum was I wanted women to have their heart broken and then I wanted Jesus to reassemble it with strength. I wanted men to see what was going on and say “Oh my gosh I’m going to use my strength to protect other people not just to protect my family because what I tolerate for others will overtake my own if I don’t confront it.”

Sid: You talk about the word prowess.

Lisa: Yes.

Sid: Explain.

Lisa: Okay and that is one of my favorite words. It is when you discover basically what you were created to do and when you take what we were created to do and you hone that and you study that and you water that gift, and you create this dynamic that God breathed seed in your life to grow with such magnificence and strength that you can give that gifting that skill that talent on behalf of other people. So I learned, and it’s so funny because I never ever wanted to be a speaker. I never wanted to be a minister, I was great with John doing all of those things but I was wanting to be in the background and God said “No I gave you a voice and no if you remain silent right now relief and deliverance will come from another sector but you and your father’s household will come under judgment.” And I was like “Alright God whatever you want.” Too many people don’t understand that prowess is usually an area that God anoints in your life where you were formally weak and He shows Himself strong.

Sid: You know I find this so often wherever you are weak you’re weak because the world, the devil and people have made you weak there but that’s where your destiny lies. I mean you’d think it be the opposite “No I’m going to find something no having to do with being in the public I want to be like Lisa was, just behind the scenes.” But no that is where your greatest strength is going to come… What do you feel like… how many of these young girls have you rescued from sex trafficking Lisa? What does it make you feel like?

Lisa: I have to be honest with you we just met yesterday and I heard that over 330 girls have been rescued through our partnership, and to be honest with you it just awes me. But it also puts a little bit of fear in me Sid if what if I hadn’t, what if I hadn’t been obedient, what if I hadn’t prayed that prayer, what if I’d said “You know what that’s good for somebody else but I do not want to do that.” And we need to be a people who understand that everything in our life, every step of obedience actually usually means freedom for somebody else. And so I would say to every woman and every man and especially I have to be honest with you so many families get this for their young girls so much so that every single Halloween people have their kids dressed up like lions and lionesses when they go to the church Hallelujah night. So there is something that needs to be imparted in strength for these kind of things to happen. This is a generation of heroes but the enemy is trying to distract them from who they are.

Sid: Would you pray a prayer right now that the lioness inside of each person listening man, female, young, old would awaken?

Lisa: Absolutely. Heavenly Father right now I just speak to this people Father that are under the sound of my voice. I speak to the gift of God that is in your life that is dormant. I speak to that vision that has been in you since you were young. I speak an awakening to that vision. Father I thank You for a divine anointing. Father I thank You that You begin to breathe on the word of God so richly, so profoundly in their life that You begin to make this day for a turning point for them. Father I thank You that You give them eyes to see, ears to hear, a voice to speak, a heart to receive. Father I thank You that they will see up close what generations before only saw in a distance. I thank You that they’ll speak out loud that generations before only dared to whisper. Father I thank You that they will lay hold of this with their hands what we have only handled in prayer. I thank You that they are for signs and wonders and miracles and destiny. I thank You that they are not for death and destruction; Father I thank You that they awaken a lioness Father, fierce and free, wild and nurturing. Father I thank You that they are deadly to the plans of the enemy and I thank You that You’ll give them God breathed allegiances and alliances that they go from strength to strength in Jesus name.

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