SID: Hello. Welcome. I say welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest has prayed for and equipped hundreds of thousands of believers in the Messiah, of leaders worldwide and these move in miracles and healing. Then they prayed for others. There’s no telling how many have been equipped to be normal. Now you may say, that’s not normal at my place. Well then you’re not normal. Let’s face it, when I say normal, I mean normal as defined by the Bible and I tell you that this man wants to equip you right now to be normal. So Randy, you’re five years old and you find out about your first miracle. Tell me about it.

RANDY: It was my grandmother, my mother’s mother, and she was illiterate and a simple woman, but she had just be saved, hadn’t been Christian very long. And she has a big goiter and she hears the audible voice of God tell her that, “If you will go into the other bedroom, which is about 10 feet away, and pray, I’ll heal you.” So she just simply steps into the bedroom and begins praying, and she said, “It felt like a hot hand went down my throat and it instantly vanished.” And that was my first story of healing. It made me interested in healing ever since.

SID: I’m sure. I am fascinated about her daughter, your mother.


SID: Tell me about the time your mother went to Heaven.

RANDY: I was six years old.

RANDY: God was working fast with you, five, six.

RANDY: I was six, my brother was four.

SID: I mean, when I was six, I didn’t know my left hand from my right hand. You have a mother going to Heaven, a grandmother that has a goiter disappear. You are a blessed man. Go ahead.

RANDY: Well she told me this, and every time she’d tried to talk about it she’d start crying. I think it was over 40 years before she could talk without just literally breaking up and weeping because she had would feel those feelings again. And I was six, my brother was four, my sister was three. And when she was walking out of the house she felt caught up in like this vortex of power. She fell out. I had entered as a sophomore in college, two men that saw her, she didn’t have a pulse. She’s clammy, there’s no breath. They thought she had died. She was in Heaven. And when her spirit came back, she was kind of rough as it left her, and went into this beautiful place. And then my dad, I just talked to him recently, they’re in their 80s now, and my dad was saying, it so scared him because he said, “My mother would walk through the house for almost two weeks after that happened and she would mutter, ‘It’s so beautiful, it’s so peaceful. I don’t want to stay here. I want to go back.'” And she was trying to find somewhere to go to church. Every night of the week she would say, “I just want to get back into that place.” And finally he I walked into the kitchen and she said, “Honey, you can’t leave me here with these three kids. You got to snap out of this.” But it was so impacting. So that story so impacted me that when I was a sophomore in college, I went back and interviewed the people who had seen it happen to her, and interviewed her again. And one of the things I have as memory for me is her telling that story.

SID: What a wonderful memory. But at 16, you backslid. You rededicate your life to the Lord and then you’re in a horrific accident. Tell me about it.

RANDY: Yeah. I was 18. I had been backslid for 11 months and four days before I was rededicated. I was rededicated, and I was in a terrible accident, and I was almost killed. I had a lot of major injuries. My second best friend was killed sitting next to me. And it was horrendous. They said I had been in the hospital 49 to 77 days. I had three specialists, one for my spine, one for internal, because I was paralyzed and my intestines weren’t working. I had a 50-milligram Demerol every three hours I was taking and I had three places the size of a quarter of my hairline was crushed, and most of my forehead had lots of fractures, concussions. A specialist come in and set my jaw and I said, do it again, do it again. He said, “I don’t understand it. I came here to set your jaw and it’s set.” And then the church prayed for me one night

SID: What affect did it have on you that he said, “You have a broken jaw, here’s the X-rays. Broken. It’s set.” What affect did it have on you?

RANDY: Well that one, I didn’t know. Actually, I wasn’t putting two and two together yet because that was pretty early on and my eyes were just now coming unswollen. But then when they were going to have to send me to a large hospital to see if they can do something about the paralysis and the digestive system, my church prayed for me. And then the next day I wasn’t paralyzed. Then I put two and two together with the other one. And then when I wasn’t supposed to move, I was in severe pain. I couldn’t even have a pillow. They needed three nurses to move me. They [immobilize] your knees, your hips and your shoulders so you don’t move your spine.

SID: Why didn’t they want to move you?

RANDY: I had so much damage to my spine, they thought I could become paraplegic or have Charley horses the rest of my life if I moved wrong. And so I woke up one morning and I didn’t have any pain. And I had, it wasn’t a voice, it was an internal voice that said, “I’ve healed you. Get up and walk.”

SID: Wait a second. They said you could be paraplegic for the rest of your life.

RANDY: If I even, I couldn’t even have a pillow. I read the New Testament with mirrors in my glasses.

SID: Why would you follow this voice when you knew the repercussion, Randy?

RANDY: Because my jaw set itself and intestines were working, and the pain was gone.

SID: So—

RANDY: I thought I was healed.

SID: You actually got up.

RANDY: I got up, let down the rail of the bed and stepped out, and walked, created a lot of commotion at the hospital because I wasn’t supposed to get up.

SID: Well I noticed you’re walking just fine now.


SID: Now what he’s going to tell us next is what made him a leader in teaching people and praying for people to have an impartation to do anything he can do better. Don’t go away.

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