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Sid: Listen Mishpochah in the Bible blessings appear 496 times; in the Bible curses appear 173 times. In other words God is much more interested in imparting blessings to you than those curses. Now those curses aren’t even coming from God they’re coming from sins of ancestry called generational curses that are passed on. And someone somewhere has got to say “Enough!” But most believers the word of God says “We are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” And the knowledge is God’s word. I am so grateful that Lori Strong’s new book “Take Up the Sword of the Spirit” is the most simplistic approach I’ve ever seen having to do with crushing curses with the word of God. She states what the curse is; states then and she lists 20 of the big curses that people have that are dealing with their whole life. And then she says this is what God really meant; this is the blessing and she shows the scriptures for these. And then she writes out a prayer to break and destroy these curses that might have to do with lack of faith and trust and fear of man and lack of communications; lack of affection; adultery; divorce; parent-child relationships; making bad choices; addictions; poverty; sickness; anger. And then she gives for encouragement examples of people that have done this and how their life has been turned around. And Lori on yesterday’s broadcast I’m going to get a lot of people upset if I don’t ask you that private thing that you felt the Lord wanted you to share because it would bless so many people having to do with divorce I believe.

Lori: Yes, before I was saved I was married to a different man than I am today and I should even go before that even; my parents were married for 27 years and then got divorced. I always thought “There’s no way that they could get divorced after they’d been married for a certain amount of time I thought that there’s a safety-net there.” Now they were not believers and they got divorced. And I got married and 5 years later I got divorced and had a child out of that marriage and then didn’t get saved until several years after that. And I thank God for the husband that I have today but for so long there was so much shame attached to me getting divorced. And even my husband today had kind of a problem with that at first because he was already saved when he met me and he had gone to his Pastor and said “How can I marry her she’s divorced and the Bible says you know that if I married a divorced woman it’s like I’m committing adultery.” And he shared that it was okay because I wasn’t saved at the time that I got divorced. And I had so much shame attached to that and realized that that when I realized about breaking generational cures that I needed to pray over my daughter because there was a lineage that was in her blood line of this generational curse. Not only from my parents but even prior to that my grandparents were divorced and so I had 3 generations of divorced hanging over my daughter and I needed to pray over her. And I continue to pray over her but that one prayer that says “Lord I thank You that her her marriage will be one that is of unity and of good communication and of love and affection and will be one that would honor God only. And I’ve prayed that so I know her marriage when she does get old enough to get married and God brings the person for her that her marriage will be as solid as a rock because I have broken that curse. Now if I didn’t take authority over that not only would I still probably be in so much shame and pride of not sharing that with your listeners but my daughter would not be released from that curse.

Sid: Lori, these are very real areas that we are talking about and as we spoke a lot with Moms and Dads that are in prison. And the curses are so obvious that where you have 2-3 generations in prison or 2-3 generations of single parent. Or 2-3 generations of drugs or 2-3 generations of poverty. But you talk about an area that again that people would not even realize is a curse. And I’d like to discuss this on this broadcast “Making bad choices.”

Lori: Yes, well you know and a lot of people wouldn’t identify that as being a curse because every day most of us make some you know maybe one or two bad choices and we may or may not repent. And I believe that it’s good to repent all the time and say “Lord, forgive me if I’ve done anything today to offend anybody or made any choices that I didn’t consult you first.” And I think that’s the key, we can break the curse not only through the prayer and the scripture that God talks about making wise choices. But we can also walk in wisdom by asking for direction from the Holy Spirit every day; every choice we make; every decision we make from the littlest to the biggest. If we begin by asking the Holy Spirit to direct our paths as the word says He will then our choices will turn from bad to wise choices I believe.

Sid: Give me examples of someone breaking a curse in that area.

Lori: Well, here we go again it’s something personal in my life. My Dad was a gambler before he met my Mom and he lost a lot of money and when they got married he was about $15,000 in debt and…

Sid: What a way to start a marriage.

Lori:   I know and realize that’s like 30 – 40 years ago.

Sid: Oy.

Lori: Oh yeah, just imagine how much debt that is at 40 years or more ago. And your right that is not the way you want to start a marriage. Besides it also instills a lack of trust because he didn’t tell her until after actually they were married. And so it was one of those you know “I’m not revealing everything to you until after we tie the knot.” And so it started off with that much debt and in that lack of responsibility and making bad choices really must have been a curse from my Dad because it just went through every area of his life. It wasn’t just gambling but he didn’t manage money well at all. He would not pay bills and he would just make really bad choices regarding finances. And that not only affected our family but it really affected their marriage which ultimately ended in divorce like I said previously. And that’s the reason why they…one of the reasons why they got divorced is because he made a very poor choice in terms of finances. And it really would have affected my mother if she had stayed in the marriage. And I think it did any way. And so making those bad choices you know like I said many people do it every day but if we let the Lord direct us we wouldn’t be doing it any more. And so that curse was broken in my family because not only did the gambling pass down to my brother but I was not about to have that in my family, in my immediate family. And so we prayed over that and broke it in our family and so again it has led me and my children and my husband to always lean on God’s understanding and not our own. To pray and ask the Lord for wisdom. Because wisdom is one of the most written about things in proverbs. I mean God has written so much about wisdom in Proverbs and if you read that book then you will understand what God says about wisdom and how value it is. He would never had written all of that or had that written in His word if He didn’t want us to take hold of that wisdom and use it for our benefit and His glory.

Sid: Lori, let me read a few testimonies that have just taken the principals of your book and these simplistic prayers and covered every base on what’s happened in their life.

Mark: Prayed God’s word over the curse of fear of man in his life that was instilled since childhood from his Dad. Since then he can publicly speak in front of people. And his relationships are not filled with the need to control others. Before he prayed he had a tremendous fear of speaking in front of people.

Alisa: Alisa had constant arguing in her family including violence and rage. She prayed God’s word and now has peace in her home with her children. And in addition the criminal behavior that was in the family lineage has ended with her. Her brother and sister are both saved and her Mom has recently rededicated her life to the Lord.

Linda: Linda was raised with disrespect to her parents; she has prayed to break the curse to her children and has seen that there is a way to have respect and honor from your children the way God promises.

Natalie: Had the generational curse of pleasing man and not God and she prayed the prayers and God’s word and now she has been able to speak her mind and not worry about what others think of her. She is a God pleaser not a man pleaser.

Tenisha: Tenisha was raised in a home with mental illness and drug addiction as a curse in her family. She prayed God’s word and is free from drugs and mental illness. She’s involved in church doing great.

Paul: Paul grew up with poverty and lack all of his childhood; after praying God’s word he’s gone from poverty and lack to trusting God and seeing God meet all of his needs and his whole family’s needs. They have 5 children and they do not lack anything.

Sid: This has got to really excite you Lori.

Lori: Um hm.

Sid: When you hear these testimonies and I know you work a lot with those in prison but as you and I have been discussing you don’t have to be in a prison with bars to be in prison.

Lori: That’s correct and most of those testimonies actually are people that are not in prison.

Sid: Oh.

Lori: And so that is even more of a testimony; I mean again we minister to a lot of people in prison and there are testimonies there. But most of those testimonies you read are people just like any listener who’s listening right now and you and I just walking the streets and working everyday and doing the quote unquote normal things going to church but they got a hold of the word of God in a way that so many people can do but they haven’t yet. And that’s my heart is that people would get a hold of the word in a way that it’s so powerful. It is a two edged sword; it does divide bone and marrow; it does divide curses and blessings. And we can use the word so mightily to break not only break curses but divide the enemy and God. And I truly believe that’s what God want us to use His word for.

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