SID: So Dr. Anderson, as a medical student, as a practicing atheist goes to Heaven. Tell me as a doctor, what you saw, what you experienced in Heaven.

REGGIE: Well I turned and saw my friends who were healthy and well. I saw Jesus and I felt his presence, and he spoke to me into the deepest part of my soul, and he told me things that I would experience later in life. He promised that if I would stop running from him that all of these things would come.

SID: Tell me basically what he told you.

REGGIE: He says, “You’re going marry this young lady, Karen. You’re going to have four children. You’re going to practice medicine in Tennessee as a rural doctor.” And all of these things have come true 33 years later.

SID: Thirty-three years later. Okay. What about your friends? What about that young man in the woods saying, “God, how could you do this!”

REGGIE: Well that experience with Jesus radically changed my entire spiritual DNA. I woke up not really understanding what was going on at that time. But I woke up a totally different man, totally converted into Christianity. And as soon as I got back to civilization I bought a postcard, and I wrote on that postcard to Karen, who would not even go out with me, “I became a Christian. I had a dream. Jesus came to me. We’re going to get married.”

SID: Okay. So you become a doctor. But you told me also you got the distinct impression the why’s of your friends’ death.

REGGIE: Well I felt like God knew before their death why that was going to happen and that he had them in his arms even before they died, just like he has all of us in his plan even before we die.

SID: Are you afraid of death?

REGGIE: Not at all.

SID: How many people have you been with just before they died, would you say?

REGGIE: Hundreds.

SID: Hundreds. Because God gave him a gift when he came back from Heaven. All of his senses are so tuned into Heaven, he can smell Heaven, he can see Heaven, he can feel Heaven. He can tell the exact moment someone’s spirit leaves their body. But the supernatural began to overtake him in his medical practice. For instance, explain to me what parting the veil means.

REGGIE: Sure. The first time that it happened, I had just become a Christian and I was in medical school still. And the job of the medical student was to stand vigil at the bed of a dying patient and to retrieve the attending [physician] whenever it happened. So I was in this room in the VA hospital in Birmingham. And it was in the middle of the night, dark, sterile hospital room, and this man, I knew he was a Christian because his family had been in earlier and been praying with him. And soon as he took his last breath, it was as if this door had opened on a spring day and a kind of citrus and lilac smell entered the room, as if God had come into the room to take this man’s soul. It lit up the hospital.

SID: What do you mean, it lit up? I don’t understand.

REGGIE: Well you could just feel a warmth. You could see the lights had, instead of being dark, it was lit up just like this studio.

SID: Now did you see a specific light?

REGGIE: It was a glow and it was up into the right.

SID: Yeah, but how do you know it wasn’t one of your medical machines?

REGGIE: We had shut them off to make it quiet.

SID: Now what impact did that have on you?

REGGIE: Well it made me think back to my dream and it made me realize that the reality of where we are going is more real than where we are. That what we are experiencing here on Earth is a dream compared to that reality of where we are going to be.

SID: I mean, he’s been with hundreds, now, just before they die. He knows the exact second they leave. By the way, when a Christian dies, you were telling me about the expression on their face. What have you noticed?

REGGIE: They always get the gaze of glory. They look up into the right and they start to get this glow, and they’re smiling. They’re, believers that leave this planet to go to Heaven, it’s a joyous experience.

SID: Tell me about Irene.

REGGIE: She was an elderly lady who had dementia, but she recognized me that night, and she was dying of a heart attack. But she had made it clear that she did not want to be resuscitated. And so, but she asked me one thing before we were going up to her room. She asked me to stay with her that night. She wanted to have an escort because she was going to meet Jesus that night.

SID: She actually used the word “escort”.


SID: Okay. Tell me about it.

REGGIE: Well I was sitting there with her and her heart started to fade, and her breath started to be somewhat labored. I look at that, it’s called change soaked breathing, but it’s almost as if somebody is being born in birthed into another world. It’s just like a woman going into labor and her breathing changes. And the veil parted. The room again opened up and the sense of—

SID: Now when you say, “the veil parted,” I mean, be more graphic with me.

REGGIE: Well it’s a very thin space between where we are now and where we’re going to be. And that thin space, I think of it as a veil. I mean, it’s, I think of eternity really as not something we run toward as much as eternity walks right alongside us and it’s just one breath away. And once we take our last breath here, it’s our first breath in Heaven.

SID: I think Dr. Anderson is taking away the breath of some of you that are watching right now. We’re going to be right back and find out how the supernatural started increasing more in Dr. Anderson’s life.

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