Sid: My guest Randy Clark is red hot for the Messiah; Randy you take so much pleasure in equipping believers in becoming normal as defined by the Bible. And that is do the same thing that Jesus did. And tell me about a great miracle that you have witnessed with your eyes from someone that just read your material or went with you on one of your trips.

Randy: Yeah Sid I had a young man in his 30’s who was in Brazil with me and he had never prayed for anybody in his life; that’s why he came on the trip. He wanted to this to be an opportunity to be released and equipped. So it’s his first night; the first prayer that he’s ever prayed for someone to be healed. And he prayed “God bring me an easy one a headache or a belly ache you know it’s my first time.

Sid: (Laughing)

Randy: And a guy rolled up to him 25 years old paraplegic. And during the interview the guy interviewed him and found out that he is a police officer. He had been shot through the stomach and the bullet had severed his spine and he’s a paraplegic. He said “I had so little faith for that but as I prayed and I interviewed him.” As according to the way we pray after you pray I’ll stop and interview and see what God’s doing and nothing is happening; he said “I had no faith at all but I remember you said Randy (you know Randy said that I don’t expect you to heal anybody but I do expect you to love them.) And he said “I felt if I quite praying after this short time this man would not feel loved or values.” So he continues to pray and he’s about to fall asleep because he’d been up for 2 days straight the guy praying and all of a sudden the guy jumps out of the wheelchair; turns around soaks his shoulder in the front of his shirt with tear and walks off. And that was one of the greatest healings I’ve ever seen; you know most of the greatest healings I’ve ever seen were like that including a woman that prayed for a guy that was blind with nothing but white scar tissue for eyes from a muriatic acid spill; she prayed for 5 hours and nothing happened. And 3 days later after she got home he woke up with brand new eyes. And the pastor called me I was a thousand kilometers away and told me about this greatest miracle that happened in their city.

Sid: Do you have any sense by the Holy Spirit whether we’re about ready to see a major outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit in physical healings?

Randy: I do; I think that this next great time of outpouring or revival is going to really involve a lot of supernatural healing and miracles; because that the mercy of God revealed. And that’s the way that Jesus revealed it according to Isaiah 61:1; That the Messiah when He came He either had these miracles. And of course He identified with that passage from Isaiah 61:35. And I believe that that is what’s going to happen as we get closer to His 2nd Coming.

Sid: But even though there’s going to be let’s call it this grace and gifting that’s going to come on us if people are not trained they will not be as affective even with a gift from God. Because I know for myself it took me years because I didn’t have a mentor in the supernatural. It took me years, that were wasted years if I had had someone that what you know come right along side of me. And the truth is you can’t come right along side Randy perhaps but you can have Randy come right along you with his materials. His Essential Guide to healing;” his Manuel on Healing and Deliverance thousands of pastors have been equipped. And with the anointing that’s coming on planet earth when you get this equipping you will speed your walk in the Lord as far as gifting as to what to do with the gifts. Twenty years and you better do it because I believe Jesus is coming back soon. Why, He told me that in a dream. Randy you told me that words of knowledge were starting to come upon you on the Thursday broadcast. What is God showing you?

Randy: Well, I believe that there is someone He’s going to heal has something wrong with their right side. And I don’t know if it’s rib area or it something an organ underneath the rib cage on the right side. And also a woman by the name of Margaret that has something wrong with her. I actually think that Margret’s got some issue dealing with cancer that God’s going to heal her. We’ve see a lot of people get healed with cancer who are in their terminal 4th stage cancer. And the power of God would come and they actually would begin to sweat and feel this power going through their body. And one of us with so much power a woman 28 with terminal she began to just shake. So I believe there’s cancer being healed on a woman named Margaret and also a thing on the right side. And then I think there’s someone that’s got something wrong with tailbone area and it’s somethings not in place there and there’ another person having problems in the groin on the left side. And a woman that’s 32 that has fibromyalgia; that God’s wanting to come on you right now. And a guy named John and John has something wrong with your skin. We’ve seen a guy 2 guys down in Brazil get healed of severe you get these white spotches   in my mind just then.

Sid: Psoriasis.

Randy:   Psoriasis, yes it’s a genetic thing. So we speak to the genetic DNA code and command it to change. And for your skin to come into line with God’s pattern and that this break in the genetic code would be rewritten according to the purposes of God. And God we command the cancer to die, we bless Margaret; we speak to that tailbone to go into place and for the pain in that right side to leave in the Name of Jesus and that rib area in Jesus Name. And for the ankle on the left foot on the outside of that left ankle in Jesus Name. And I also believe that there’s people listening you have something wrong; you have chronic pain or you have lost of range of motion due to an accident. Or I knew you had surgery and they put metal or Teflon or something else and replace it. And God right now is coming on your body and there’s a healing flowing in your body. And I’m going to ask you to try to so; just do what you can’t do. That makes sense to me because I’m seeing so many people try to do what they could not do and found out that what is impossible is not possible because of God’s touch. So Lord, we pray and bless them in Jesus Name and pray for others that’s listening that I don’t even have to have the condition. But I want to tell you what’s happened right now you’re feeling heat come on your body. And your feeling the presence of God come on your body; just soak that in. Thank God for it in Jesus Name we bless that anointing and command pain to leave and healing to manifest for the mercy of God to me revealed and the glory of God to be revealed. And for the honor of the Name of Jesus and the Father to come in Jesus Name.

Sid: …Your book “The Essence Guide to Healing” what’s the feedback you’re getting on this book?

Randy: People that have listened to it my professor at the seminary he uses it now in his class he requires it; so we’re seeing a lot of God response from it. Lot’s of people have told us that “When I read this is the clearest teaching I’ve ever got that made the supernatural more natural and more easier to understand.

Sid: And then tell me how many people you know of approximately that have gone through your manual.

Randy: Well, I don’t know exactly how many people have gone through it because I know one church of 30,000 requires all of their new members to go through it. We’ve had over 30,000 of those manuals sold several years ago.

Sid: So church leaders all over the world are reading this manual and it’s a manual to equipment you on how to move in deliverance; and healing and understand hands on everything. What’s the feedback their giving you on these manual?

Randy: Well some of the apostolic leaders over seas have 100’s to 1000’s churches have told me it’s the best manual that they’ve ever seen.

Sid: And then we have your “Quick Reference Guide” and the reference guide goes right into your Bible so people know exactly how to pray; how to pray for the sick; how to pray for deliverance.   It’s all there; what feedback do you get on that?

Randy: Well, we can’t keep those in stock. They just fly and one Baptist pastor he went home after being to one of our having gone to one of our schools on “Healing and Impartation” and he had never seen anybody manifest demons and the first Sunday back someone fell out on the floor at his Baptist Church. He didn’t know what to do but he remembered he had that card and he went and got it and walk down with the that card and ministered to her and she got free.

Sid: ….How many years have you been in the healing ministry?

Randy: Well, I’ve been praying for the sick since I got called at ’70 but I began to really praying regularly 1984.

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