Sid: My guest by way of telephone Perry Stone, President and Founder of Voice of Evangelism in Cleveland, Tennessee. We’re discussing his latest book which has information jammed packed on the end of days that few have ever seen. And if any one should understand this it’s got to be God’s children. Because what were discussing earlier in the week Daniel says that “In the last days these mysteries will be cleared up.” And the name of the book is “Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls Searching for the Time of Messiah’s Return.” Now Perry you’ve got so many interesting thing it’s hard to decide where to go today but one of the more fascinating things to me was the scriptures talk about the last days and it compares it to the days of Noah.

Perry: Right.

Sid: Are there some things that were in the days of Noah that are about ready to happen today; explain.

Perry: One of the most intriguing things I researched for this. Enoch was the 7th from Adam and Enoch was as you know was the one that was translated alive to heaven. However Enoch had a son; and the Bible says this “Enoch was 65 years of age and then he began to walk with God after he begat Methuselah.” And I thought, what happened something must have happened when Enoch was 65 years of age that triggered his walk with God. And when you do some research through early church history you come up with this; that there’s a tradition that says Enoch at age 65 was caught up in the heaven where God began to reveal to him the mysteries of heaven. But God also showed him and revealed to him and reminded him of Adam’s prophecy that “The world would be destroyed with water.” And He said “This is going to happen soon.” And so here’s what happened Enoch named his son Methuselah, now Met u seleh means his death; because meth means death in Hebrew. It means his death initiates or his death will bring. And so when people saw Methuselah and Methuselah began to grow they new that his name meant when he dies something is going to happen. Now the odd thing is this, Methuselah just kept right on living; he was 200 years of age, he was 500, 800, 900, he lived 960 years of age. Now what is bazaar is this if you study the genealogy of Genesis and we bring this out in our book; you can calculate that Methuselah literally died the year that the flood came. Now when God said to Noah “The ark is ready, the animals are in it yet 7 more days I will cause it to rain on the earth. Jewish Rabbis teach that thats when Methuselah died. And a normal mourning at a Jewish funeral is 7 days in length. And so what God did is God said to Noah, I’m not going to allow your great, great grandfather Methuselah to die here and to his body to float with the unbelievers. We’re going to give him a decent burial and for 7 days they buried him and mourned for him and then Noah went into the ark and the door was shut. Now the point is that Methuselah’s name just his name alone and his presence was a reminder of the people in Noah’s day of the flood is coming. And yet they just kept on ignoring it as though it was never going to happen. So what God does for us today as it was in the days of Noah so will it be in the time of the coming of son of man. Noah, Methuselah’s name implied water was coming. Now in the New Testament God said “In the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. And the outpouring of the Spirit is compared to water both in the old and the New Testament. And Jesus said “Out of your belly shall flow river’s of living water.” Joel 2 talks about the early rain and the latter rain. So as God is pouring out His Spirit and Sid He is doing it all over the world; this is a sign that we should pay attention that we are in the season’s of the kind of Noah and that the coming of Christ the Messiah is about to take place. So that’s one of the…

Sid: But just as in the days of Noah as you bring out in your book I have to you know it took so long for Methuselah you know Methuselah life was so long that people kind of thought we’ll maybe it’s just a fairy tale. And isn’t that what the Bible says they’ll say about Jesus.

Perry: In the book of 2nd Peter it says that there will be scoffers saying “Where is the promise of His coming?” Now notice this, they didn’t say where’s His coming? But where’s the promise? And you know sometimes when you talk about the promise of the rapture or the promise of the return you have people even in the Christian church that mock that. They mock the promise, not that He’s going to show up one day but they mock the promise. And so you know it’s stirs my spirit when people act like who are believers now who act like “Well there’s nothing to this, or the world’s going to go on like it always did.” Because it reminds me of the Methuselah factor. He kept living, as long as he lived they had this confidence that everything was going to be alright. But he suddenly died and it happened so quick and so fast and the 7 days of mourning took place and at the end of those 7 days guess what happened. The fountains of the deep were open and the flood come. And that’s the way that it’ll be at the coming of the Lord, they knew not until the day the flood came. And Lot’s day, they did not know until the time that the destruction came. So it’s actually going to happen that fast. And I think sometimes that people get a little bit I don’t know what the word is self confident or in themselves saying “Well, before all this happens God’s going to give me some big warning or some big sign that I’m going to know that’s what is going to happen. But there’s really no indication of that that we have a series of signs and indicators and that they begin to accommodate together that’s our indicator that things are wrapping up.

Sid: Well, in chapter 8 of your book “Ten Signs of the Time of the End.” Is this the end of the World? I think this might be a good way to wind up this week but just before we get there Perry, how do you know all of these things? I mean you have so much information jam packed in this book that it’s not just information that’s out there but it’s revelation information plus information that’s out there that you…how do you have so much?

Perry: This is what I believe, I believe that Daniel said that “Knowledge will be increased” and it includes prophetic knowledge. And as we get close to time of the end God’s going to open up things that have been there all along. There’s nothing we wrote about that hasn’t been there all along; it’s a matter of seeing it and putting it together. And once people…and it’s all done through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit shows you things to come the scripture says. So the real key to understanding any of these things is definitely the work of the Spirit of God.

Sid: Let’s go over these 10 signs of the time of the end.

Perry: Okay, theres a series of..oh how much time are we going to have I don’t even know if we’re going to go through all of them.

Sid: No we don’t but we can start.

Perry: (Laughing) Okay, #1 is the destructive weapons in the wrong hands and that’s one of the signs of the last days. #2 is the increase of deadly plaques and viruses Matthew 24 and 7 especially if you look at the word pestilence in the Greek and see what that particular word means. #3 Jesus warned of false christ and false prophets; Matthew 24 verse 24. So there’s a rise in religious fanaticism and even a rise in false religions. We have Revelation chapter 6 and verse 10 and we have all of these scriptures of course in the book in their fulness; would be the cry out of the innocent blood. When the innocent blood begins to cry out and it reaches the ears of God that is when of course that throughout the scripture that judgment was always released on the earth.

Sid: How much more time could we have in the United States though as a nation?

Perry:   It’s frightening; if a person really looks at it from a scriptural standpoint point of view you realize that it’s God. God has to be just being merciful because of His people who are here. Kind of like in the days of Lot and Noah you know preserving something temporarily because God’s people are here.

Sid: But murdering all of those innocent babies!

Perry: Unbelievably, and see eventually what happens is the cry of the blood according to scripture reaches up to God and the earth doesn’t contain it anymore. And I had a theory based on just some research that that’s why there is so many massive earthquakes taking place. That creation as Paul said is in travail groaning in travail right now because of what is happening to with the shedding of innocent blood.

Perry: The 5th would be the swift spread of the gospel message. Now you know that we know this verse “The gospel is preached in all of the world as a witness into all nations. Now this is important that people know that it does not say that every person will hear the gospel. It only is preached in the nations and then the end will come. Now you know we talk about the end of the world; there’s actually 3 different Greek words used for the word world. And when it talks about the gospel being preached in all of the world it’s very strange here because that particular Greek word was a word dealing with the civilized world or the Roman Empire. Now some people take that to mean well, that must have been fulfilled back then; but that’s not the conintation of what is actually being said here. But the gospel being preached and then the end coming. Remember that in the time of the apostles that the gospel went around the known Roman Empire and then what happened? Jerusalem was destroyed in ’70 AD and the temple was destroyed and the people were scattered. Likewise in the last days there will be another spreading of the gospel around the known world, the nations of the world and then the end would come. And what end it that? Well, then the church age comes to a completion and then we come into the great tribulation which is mentioned later on there in Matthew 24. So the spreading of the gospel without a doubt is a key; a major key into understanding the times in which we’re living in.

Sid: And with satellite TV; wow.

Perry: Oh, absolutely! And the internet; I mean look at the internet.

Sid: Your right; the internet is the biggy.

Perry: They maybe even bigger than satellite because more people could get a computer you know and log on to internet in places we Morocco, Africa, Brazil and it’s just pretty incredible what’s happening there. And I think that it’s going to continue to increase.

Sid: Perry, we’re out of time and as far as I’m concerned the most important points we haven’t even raised…

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