Sid: My guest is Pastor Kynan Bridges and I’m releasing his brand new book “Supernatural Favor.” I am so excited that the timing… Kynan the timing of this book; the timing of releasing the 3 CD series called “Favor Revolution.” It couldn’t be better; I mean people; healings are exploding because the favor is on the people that sit under your teaching. Tell me some of the healings that have exploded.

Kynan: One lady she had gout and we do a prayer call every morning and literally on the call I began to call out gout being healed and she was instantly healed of gout. Another time we had a healing meeting and there was a girl who had 3 lumps on her breast. She comes into the meeting and I was about to lay hands on her and the Lord says “Do not lay hands on her.” He says I want you to declare My healing and My favor over her life” and I began to declare it. You know that all 3 lumps on her breasts were dissolved instantly in the service. Another lady had terminal cancer; they gave her 6 months to live; we’d been praying for her and we began to declare over her life; she just recently went back to the doctor not a trace of cancer in her blood she’s completely healed in Yeshua’s Name.

Sid: Tell me a little bit about what grace means to you tied in with supernatural favor.

Kynan: Well grace is it’s a very powerful word. We see it in the Old Testament we see it a lot in the New Testament. In the New Testament grace is always; almost always translated caris or charis that’s the word we get Charisma from and it means not only God’s goodness and His mercy but it deals with God’s enabling power. The grace of God enables us to do what we cannot do on our own. You know I talk about our ministry; I told about my family and how we’ve experienced a turnaround in our ministry. There was a turnaround when I thought that man “I can’t do this Lord; this is too difficult this is too difficult pastoring.” But when I began to yield to the grace of God or the supernatural empowerment of God it takes the burden off of me. Jesus says “Take upon me Yeshua My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” So the grace of God is the supernatural power of God; and what happens in our church for example as people sit under this teaching they go out and they begin to do the greater works of Jesus. They begin to minister with power and authority, they begin to see the manifestation of God’s goodness in their lives. I tell people this is so key, when favor’s on you and grace is on you it’s kind of like my favorite basketball player Michael Jordan. He can just kind of glade in the air; I’ve never seen anything like it. And what happens is you’ll still face oppositions but they’ll be so much grace on your life that you will overcome them with ease, there’s not toiling in the work anymore. There’s power available for you to overcome.

Sid: Talking about one of the neatest examples of this supernatural grace and the power and the favor is that man that was a musician and a writer and he was laid off and he couldn’t find a job. He sat under your teaching and what happened?

Kynan: Well he’s going through a lot of the time problems in his marriage, problems in his family and he literally gets hold of the teaching. He lives in a different state and he got hold of the teaching and some of our materials read through them in like 2 days or 3 days. Do you know that immediately after he’s done a record company contacts him and said “We’ve been looking for you we saw something that you did online and this has to go out to the nations.” And they asked him “Whatever you want we’ll do it. Do you want a royalty, how much and whatever you want we’ll do it?”   And I’m telling you Sid people that are catching this prophetic message are seeing total turnaround. Another lady was going through problems in her marriage and she got the understanding about how our words release the favor of God. And how our words literally create an atmosphere for God to move on our behalf. And so she started speaking life over her marriage; she had been divorced for years; her husband moved back in with her and now he is talking about her church and he’s praising her church for giving her this kind of understanding and her marriage is being restored supernaturally. But it all begins with us understanding that God has favored us. That the favor… all of the favor that we need is in Yeshua. And if we’ll plug into Him; if we’ll love Him and if we’ll put our faith and trust in Him and if we’ll speak the favor over our lives and over our circumstances we too will walk under the same favor that Abraham and that Yeshua walked under.

Sid: Now you talk about it and I have to say God has so fined tuned your teaching on favor. You teach at a level that I have not heard before. Tell me about the word expectation, how important is that?

Kynan: Expectation is very important. You know expectation it is the catalyst for everything that we are able to experience and receive in our life. I tell people that the atmosphere or the attitude of expectation is the atmosphere for the miraculous. Literally what you expect you literally attract to yourself, it’s a spiritual law. For example some people may listen to a teaching like this and say “Ah phooey” and they experience phooey in their lives because they’re literally expecting it. But those that expect more always experience more.

Sid: Yeah, but what you say to someone that they had their expectation up for years and nothing happened and now they figure “I’m not going to hurt myself anymore I’m done with this expectation.” What would you say?

Kynan: Well I would tell them to do what David did and Samuel. The Philistines came and they pillaged their territory and the camp and they were talking of stoning David. And David was in a very bad situation. Now he’d been going through a lot but the Bible said “He encouraged himself in the Lord.” And I tell people all the time “You got to learn to talk to yourself; yeah people may think you’re crazy, they may think that you’re listening to music without headphones. But sometimes you have to talk to yourself and encourage yourself in the Lord. And I want to encourage someone out there that’s listing right now. You need to be encouraged you need to know that God loves you. You need to know that God has a great plan for your life and He’s not given up on you so don’t you give up on yourself. Speak life over your situation; when I wake up out of the bed every day I expect the favor of God to manifest and I kid you not Sid. Something good happens to me every day.

Sid: Well you know when people listen to your teaching and when they read your book where they had no hope a supernatural hope starts developing. Have people told you that?

Kynan: Yes, all the time. We get people that have had chronic illnesses in their body. In fact one guy he was literally dying. He had a brain condition when he was dying and he had been to all the healing ministers all the conferences and he began to sit under the teaching. And all of a sudden hope began to come back. His joy began to come back. He began to expect from God and in less than 12 months his condition was turned around. He’s alive and well; his family is blessed; his children are blessed. And that’s the power of supernatural expectation. The Bible says “We are saved by hope, but hope that is seen is not hope.” See hope is invisible to the natural eye but it is real and the more we hope the more we begin to anticipate. The more that we begin to anticipate it’s like an electrical charge; we’re plugging into the source and the power is generating. So hope then Sid is literally the catalytic converter of the supernatural. It’s what converts all of our dreams, all of our anticipations into manifestations. So without hope, without expectation there will never be manifestation. We have to hope in God. David said “Why so cast down oh my soul, hope in God for I will yet praise Him.” That means I will praise Him even though things around me look crazy. Sid, I’m a living testimony; nobody would have thought that I would be where I am today. Nobody would have thought that I would have authored books and done ministry. That was not in my future as far as I was concerned, but God had another thing in mind. And when I got hold of the word of God and I begin to speak the word consistently whether I felt it or not and I began to declare the word of God over my life it begin to release the favor and power of God over my life. And when it did things began to turnaround.

Sid: Well is it time for a turnaround in your life? Is it time to be supernaturally injected with supernatural hope? Is it time that your expectation will be like it was when you were a brand new believer. Is it time that you get at the right place at the right time.

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